Awesomenauts Wiki

Character balance/fixes:[ | ]

  • Lonestar: blind grenades combined in 1 upgrade
  • Lonestar: contact grenades now add a dot instead of detonating on contact
  • Lonestar: lifesteal grenades buffed
  • Lonestar: dynamite skills now starts with 2 sticks.
  • Lonestar: dynamite damage is now 20 per stick, instead of 25.
  • Lonestar: the two missile upgrades for main shot now have their own cooldown and can’t be fired at the same time
  • Lonestar: speed upgrade cost raised fro, 135 to 190
  • Derpl: nuke now uses ammo, Derpl can hold up to 5 nukes at the same time and nukes spawn 1 per minute.
  • Derpl: cooldown between nukes has been reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Derpl: fixed how he sometimes couldn’t jump upwards when colliding with a glass platform.
  • Derpl: removed tier 2 for the hollow point bullets upgrade, upgrade now adds 3 damage instead of 2.
  • Derpl: snare now works more reliable against jumping characters
  • Coco: speed up on blaze now matches the cooldown of the blaze skill.
  • Coco: base health reduced from 150 to 135.
  • Coco: Changed the price of Silver Coating level 3 to the same as level 1 and 2
  • Coco: knockback now works more reliably
  • Leon: all slash upgrades are now inherited by clones, but clone damage in general has been reduced by 50%.
  • Clunk: medical pump fixed to let detection area match the actual bite area.
  • Yuri: healing on the time bubble is no longer interruptible by stuns.
  • Yuri: slowing laser now slows for 35% instead of 30% for 0.25 seconds, instead of 0.1.
  • Voltar: drones are now always detonatable.
  • Voltar: drone unlocks are now set to the correct levels.
  • Voltar: now aims at cursor instead of slightly beneath it

General fixes: major fixes[ | ]

  • Fixes that under certain circumstances, one player would not see one other player at all
  • Fixed that anti-speedhack-code would accidentally trigger on some PCs that weren't cheating (if you are still getting this, please send us your logs!)
  • Fixed counter for Creepspawner in level AI Station
  • Fixed that in splitscreen, one player could control both player's shops
  • Fixed swapped Attack and Defend messages
  • Fixed that you couldn't scroll back up after going beyond 100 in the Leaderboards
  • Fixed that mouse could not reach bottom of view in 3 player splitscreen
  • Fixed that on some PCs, installer tried to run every time the game started
  • Fixed that assigning mousewheel didn't work with some skills

General fixes: minor fixes[ | ]

  • Solar boss checks a smaller area to start regenerating health, looks further to attack.
  • Fixed ‘Robotic Stead’ achievement, for first blood.
  • Fixed ‘Yoooo JOE!’ achievements, they now actually require online gameplay
  • Migrating host no longer gives bots 100% health.
  • Made cooldown timers more readable
  • Fixed missing Lonestar in How To Play screens in menu
  • Chat window now in front of end-game scorescreen, instead of behind it
  • No more ##PlayerNumer## in control config menu
  • Fixed interface disappearing for 1 frame during Froggy's Dash
  • Various improvements in the networking code to make it more robust against rare situations
  • Fixed infinite printing of same error on older Intel cards with out-of-date drivers
  • Fixed wrong info on which button to press to open shop in splitscreen
  • Small text is now drawn more smoothly on videocards that support shader model 3 and higher (all modern videocards support this)
  • Fixed that Yo Joe achievement could be gotten while playing offline
  • Fixed that in windowed mode, game would sometimes start partially outside screen
  • Fixed that icon in volume mixer in Windows 7 was gigantic
  • Fixed that in splitscreen, messages were shown double in game chat
  • A few general stats descriptions fixes
  • Various improvements to mouse and joystick support in menus
  • Various other minor fixes