Awesomenauts Wiki

Character balance/fixes[ | ]

  • New! The two stage power pills turbo renamed to power pills light
  • Power pills light now has its own icon
  • Power pills light price reduced from 135 Solar to 110 Solar

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Power pills turbo replaced with power pills light

Clunk[ | ]

  • NEW! Blue print container now increases damage of explode to 100 damage below 50% health instead of reducing death time (damage does not stack with Thermonuclear cleaner).
  • Blue print container price increased from 0 Solar to 145 Solar

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Jump height increased a bit
  • Renamed Raelynn’s jump to “Six million Solar” human jump.
  • Snipe, Iron rifle price reduced from 300 to 260
  • Snipe, Iron rifle damage increased from 14 to 15 damage
  • Snipe, Pump rifle damage increased from 7 to 10 damage

Major fixes and improvements[ | ]

  • Made several fixes to ranking calculations, hopefully fixing the issue that rankings were sometimes reset.
  • Added an option to the launcher to disable some of the multithreading in Awesomenauts (so that the game uses less CPU cores). Disabling this is not recommended, but we expect turning this off might fix the large number of framerate hickups that some users are getting.
  • Controllers now work in the Launcher (to make the game work better with Steam Big Picture mode).
  • The control scheme menu now works completely with controllers.

Minor fixes[ | ]

  • Several minor control scheme and HUD fixes.
  • Fixed empty unlocks under some circumstances.
  • Fixed counter on flying droid spawner on AI Station 404 after host migration.