Awesomenauts Wiki

New Playable Character: Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

Vinnie and Spike are notorious partners in crime and BFF's. Wanted on numerous planets including their homeplanet Okeanos where the largest crime syndicate Shisu has put a reward on their head for stealing the Kullinan koi, the biggest golden koi ever known to fish and worth 4.8 Billion Solar. Unfortunately the duo lost the koi somewhere in the Atlantic ocean on earth while fleeing from Interpool.


  • Spike dive - Dive through enemies and shoot spikes in a circle at the end.
  • Smoke screen - Leave a cloud of smoke behind to blind your enemies, while you escape.
  • Bubble gun - Shoot a burst of rapid piercing bubbles.
  • Blowfish - Spike gasps for air and floats upwards.

The following skin has been added to the game:

  • Vinnie & Spike - Cap'n Vinnie & Seadog Spike

New features[ | ]

  • Added controller support on Mac.
  • Added three player splitscreen support on Mac.
  • Sorona, Ribit IV and AI Station 404 have been given a cheerfull overhaul for Christmas!

Character balance/fixes[ | ]

Clunk[ | ]

  • Explode, Thermonuclear cleaner removed the ministun on both stages.

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Timerift, Higgs grenade height increased
  • Timerift, Damage upgrade now works across the whole height of Timerift.
  • Timerift, throw speed increased
  • Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)
  • Timerift, Damage will no longer be blocked by collision.
  • Protoblaster, increased base range by 2.
  • NEW! Protoblaster, replaced range upgrade by attack speed upgrade. 2 stages, +15%, 135 solar a piece.

Leon[ | ]

  • Slash, Clover of honor flavor text changed to reflect correct price
  • Leon bot, fixed a bug where Leon bot wouldn’t attack turrets.

Lonestar[ | ]

  • Throw dynamite, Rubber sleeves increased range

Voltar[ | ]

  • Suicide drones, Drone army text changed show correct amount of drones
  • Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)
  • NEW! Passives, replaced Piggybank with Solar krab burgers

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Acid spit, split spit will now only trigger on enemy Awesomenauts
  • Acid spit, split spit, it is now visualised whether a spit will be split if you walk over it.
  • Acid spit, duration reduced from 6 to 4 seconds.
  • Acid spit, cooldown increase from 7 to 8 seconds.
  • Weedlings, the maximum amount of weedlings you can carry with you is now 2 standard.
  • Weedlings, bag of seeds now adds a single weedling, cost has been reduced 220 > 150
  • Weedlings, Gnaw already holds a single weedling when he buys the upgrade or when he respawns.
  • Weedlings, health upgrades for Gnaw also increase weedling health, Power Pills Light adds 6 health per stage, Power Pills adds 8 health

Yuri[ | ]

  • Laser, Giant monocle price reduced from 280 Solar to 160 Solar

Derpl[ | ]

  • Siege mode, Derpl is immune for status effects when in siege mode.
  • Siege mode, nuke can now be detonated with a second press.

Coco[ | ]

  • Instant jump power decreased to create more control (instant jump is triggered when you tap the button)

Skølldir[ | ]

  • Earthquake, height of Small volcano increased, 2.5 > 3
  • Earthquake, movement speed increased by 25%
  • Earthquake, changed damage into non stacking damage over time, to make the amount of damage dealt more reliable.
  • Earthquake, doubled the damage, to compensate for the change mentioned above.

Major fixes[ | ]

  • Decreased processor usage significantly. This should improve framerate for those computers where the processor is the limiting factor. On other computers this will probably have little to no effect.

Minor fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a small issue where bots get stuck in the neutral area on Ribbit IV
  • Improved readability of Raelynn’s Snipe ability for colorblind players.