Awesomenauts Wiki

Major fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed that game would crash if a friend was invited into the Battle lobby screen.
  • Fixed that Vinnie & Spike’s Yakoiza upgrade remained active forever instead of only during one shot.
  • Fixed that Froggy G’s Tornado would not end stealth.

Minor fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed that if you joined late in a game, you did not get the extra health that everyone gets based on game duration.
  • Fixed that bots on Aiguillon sometimes got stuck on the middle teamwall if all the turrets in only one lane had been destroyed.
  • Fixed that the minimap showed a health orb in the wrong place in Ribbit IV.
  • Made some changes to hopefully fix a rare issue that particles sometimes did not disappear and remained in the level during the entire match. Not entirely sure, please let us know if this still happens!