Awesomenauts Wiki

New features

  • Now available: the first premium skin with custom voice set: Pirate Leon!

Aaaarrrrr, ya scurvy old sea dogs! This here be the most feared pirate of the universe! Wanted on over 500 planets for camenbert plunderin', grog stealin' and sweet talkin', you'd be wise t' to hide your beauties, for leon pirate be comin'!

  • New song in the soundtrack DLC: classical Awesomenauts! The Awesomenauts theme as played by the Ludwig Ensemble at the Indie Games Concert!
  • A small hidden new feature, can you find it?

General balance

  • Baby kuri mammoth divided into two stages 110 Solar per stage
  • Baby kuri mammoth ccreduction reduced to 17% per stage
  • Reflected bullets won’t fly through turrets anymore
  • The stealth from the powerup on Aguillion now only works for 30s
  • Power pills turbo price reduced from 150 to 135 Solar
  • Power pills light price reduced from 150 to 135 Solar

Character Balance/Fixes


  • Electrify can not be reflected anymore
  • Static gloves price reduced from 195 to 185 Solar per stage
  • Super conductor price reduced from 175 to 170 Solar per stage
  • Increased range of particles of super conductor a bit
  • Wetsuit price reduced from 200 to 175 Solar
  • Chuck’s board price reduced from 155 to 140 Solar per stage
  • Thunderstriker price reduced from 150 to 140 Solar
  • Slightly increased basejump height, boots give less
  • Silver coating price reduced from 155 to 145 per stage
  • Disruptor price reduced from 130 to 120 Solar per stage
  • Syphon disruptor price reduced from 320 to 300 Solar


  • Fixed that Raelynn could shoot through certain walls by standing next to them.
  • Laser pointer blindtime reduced from 2s to 1.5s
  • Base speed increased and decreased speed of the boots
  • Unknown alien hand price reduced from 210 to 185 Solar
  • T-800 dome price reduced from 120 to 110 Solar per stage


  • Reduced homing movement of missiles
  • Rubber sleeves price increased from 135 to 155 Solar
  • Mister tnt price reduced from 140 to 110 Solar per stage
  • Extra stick of TNT price increased from 250 to 270 Solar
  • Incendiary bomb price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar


  • Extra battery pack now also increases the lifespan of dummies by 8s
  • Clover of honour now increases the damage of each third successful hit by 6 per level (2 levels)
  • Morning star piercing price reduced from 400 to 370 Solar
  • Spiked tongue piercing price reduced from 160 to 140 Solar
  • Steel false teeth price reduced from 175 to 160 Solar
  • Pinot noir price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
  • Backstab blade price reduced from 200 to 180
  • Chainsaw addon price reduced from 225 to 210
  • Enhanced muscle fibers price reduced from 215 to 200


  • Spit damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Spike slime added a third stage and reduced price from 210 to 180 Solar
  • Weedlings now have a weak healthregen from start without any upgrades
  • The placement of weedlings will now do area of effect damage dealing (20 damage)
  • Wild growth now increases the placing damage of weedlings by 10 per stage (2 stages) price 175 Solar
  • Overgrowth price reduced from 150 to 110 Solar
  • Weedlings now start out with 25% hitpoints and regen from there
  • Rotten teeth price reduced from 260 to 245 Solar
  • Weedlings now aim better at their targets
  • Increased base movement speed and acceleration


  • Increases heigth of volcano from 2 to 3
  • A new pair of boots for Skolldir: League seven boots, increase both normal movement speed as well as a short bonus speed after throwing enemies. Price 155
  • Oily spray on bronze speedup reduced from 100% to 75%
  • Baby kuri mammoth doesn’t affect throw anymore


  • Blueprints container now gives Clunk a reflective shield during explode price 255 Solar
  • Medical pump price increased from 210 to 230 Solar per stage


  • Reduced the range on sniper bullets from 2.2 to 1.2 and the price from 165 to 110
  • Removed stun bullets Added new upgrade: Iron fist missiles, which shoots 4 homing missiles in 4 directions with a slow loading time in turretmode.
  • Super powered trap replaced by superpower nuke, which increases the nuke’s speed by 50%, price 165 Solar
  • Siegemode cooldown reduced from 5.5 to 4.5
  • Combustion lava lamp price reduced from 200 to 185 Solar
  • Lead casing now silences as long as the trap lasts instead of a fixed time of 3s.
  • Base damage of cat shot increased from 7 to 8
  • Bat cat suit damage reduced from 7 to 6
  • Bat cat suit price reduced from 380 to 340 Solar
  • Longcat range reduced from 4 to 3 per stage
  • Longcat price reduced from 190 to 160 Solar per stage
  • Slighty reduced acceleration on movement

Froggy G

  • Mutant ninja worms damage reduced from 15 to 12
  • Base health reduced from 125 to 115
  • Baby Kuri Mammoth won’t decrease recovery time on dash
  • Bio fuel cells duration decreased from 0.8s to 0.6s
  • Increased recovery time after splash dash from 0.15s to 0.2s
  • Thornfish sidebullets deal less damage against turrets now
  • Tornado damage reduced from 16 to 15
  • Mutant worms price increased from 110 to 130 Solar per stage


  • Baby yeti effect reduced from 30% to 25%
  • Hubble’s lens now increases the minimum damage of laser instead of the max damage
  • Cooldown on timebubble increased from 11.5s to 13s
  • Hubble’s lens price increased from 235 to 360 Solar
  • Flyswatter price increased from 140 Solar to 185 Solar
  • Visual size of timebubble now corresponds better with the actual size
  • Time primer size reduced from 3.6 to 3
  • Chrono rift reduced to one stage of 15% slow for 250 Solar
  • Charging speed of laser slighty reduced

Vinnie & Spike

  • Base health reduced from 140 to 130
  • Removed silence on Alien abduction kit it now adds a lifestealing effect to spike dive, stealing 9 health per target hit within the dash, price 185 Solar
  • Withered presidents mask cooldown reduction reduced from 4s to 2s


  • Cocoon duration reduced from 3s to 2s
  • Spirtual cooking price increased from 165 to 195 Solar
  • Collision of the cocoon projectile is now more consistent with the visual
  • Storm drum price increased from 145 to 160 Solar per stage
  • Cocooned targets now have collision


  • The stealth powerup effect on Aquillion now works better with drones


  • Improved reconnection system, so that it will often take a bit less time and have a larger chance of succeeding.
  • Fixed some issues that hopefully solve the very rare situation that there are four players in a single team, of which one would be invisible (which one was invisible changed whenever someone dies). This also fixes that sometimes the same class would be in a team twice.
  • Fixed that sometimes the Leaderboards would show each entry