Awesomenauts Wiki

New 'Naut[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins[ | ]

(voiced by Myndflame)

Admiral Swiggins, commander of the Royal Fleet of Titan, is known for his brutality and command in war. With his trustworthy anchor “Sweet Homboldt” he violently smacks his foes off deck but after each victory he nibbles on a shrimp & krill biscuit and calmes his senses with a nice hot cup of tea.


Slow/medium Speed, Initiator, Tank.

Attacks and Abilities:

Anchor Hook

Swiggins hurls Hornboldt forward, and grapples towards whatever he hits.

Anchor Drop

Swiggins throws Hornboldt in an arch. If it hits an enemy Awesomenaut, it will be chained to Hornboldt for a couple of seconds. The anchor can be destroyed.

Anchor Swing/Ink Spray

Admiral Swiggins swings his trustworthy Homboldt or sprays corossive ink.

Ink Propulsion

Flinging himself upwards, Admiral Swiggins can perform a second thrust in the air by shooting out ink.

New Features[ | ]

  • League icons are no longer visible in the scoreboard.
  • Added a 5 second delay timer when pressing the "Exit Game" button in an online game session against other players. This also appears if you press Alt+F4 on Windows.
  • Added the Roflnauts soundtrack to the soundtrack DLC.

General Fixes[ | ]

  • Loading time was increased by roughly 25%. Game size was reduced by 5%.
  • Fixed issue where sound effects would stop playing on Linux.
  • Teamwalls in neutral area Aquillion are now thicker to prevent certain Awesomenauts to shoot through them.
  • The text “teleporting” has been removed when teleporting.
  • Fixed that sometimes the Kickstarter popup would be enabled when quitting the game, causing the game to open a browser window with the Kickstarter page even when players didn’t click on it.

General Balance and Gameplay[ | ]

Ayla[ | ]

  • The mark of Sonic Listening Device will now last forever, making it easier to ‘give’ marked creeps to other players.
  • Ayla no longer needs to jump to float in Rage.
  • Ayla no longer drops on the ground after touching a Booster in Rage.
  • Collision of Rage is little bit smaller and should be more in line with the graphic.
  • Base HP increased from 125 to 135.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Gnaw now regens Weedling parts 2s faster

Derpl[ | ]

Leon[ | ]

  • Magnetic Piercing price reduced from 100 to 60 Solar
  • Magnetic Piercing Solar gain reduced from 2 to 1 Solar per hit.

Yuri[ | ]

  • Podpack with Banana should now be more reliable.

Genji[ | ]

  • Cat Pillar healing reduced from 14 to 12 per stage

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Snipe now charges up 0.1s faster.
  • Pump Rifle price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar per stage.

Sheriff Lonestar[ | ]

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Removed a stage of Turbo Tape
  • Turbo Tape price increased from 140 to 160 Solar

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Rubber Mask Solar gain reduced from 2 to 1 Solar per sec.
  • Rubber Mask price reduced from 120 to 70 Solar.
  • Yakoiza price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar.
  • Mammoth sock with holes stealth time reduced from 2s to 1.5s per stage.

Voltar[ | ]

  • Drone Army text now correctly states the right amount of stages