Awesomenauts Wiki

New: Custom Games![ | ]

  • Customize gameplay in Private Matches
  • Available for everyone until the Starstorm DLC releases with Ted McPain. After that only Starstorm owners will be able to host Custom Games, while everyone will still be able to join them.

Custom Games options[ | ]

  • New game mode: Team deathmatch (Nauts will not be rebalanced for this, so some classes are stronger than others for this game mode)
  • Turn on/off turrets
  • Turn on/off droppods
  • Turn on/off random respawn positions
  • Turn on/off shopping everywhere
  • Turn on/off team deathmatch walls (to create smaller levels)
  • Turn on/off extra Solar pickups in levels
  • Turn on/off extra health pickups in levels
  • Turn on/off losing Solar on death
  • Modify starting Solar
  • Modify and turn on/off respawn timers
  • Modify droid and creep counts and turn them on/off (use at your own risk: if you set this too high, you can completely destroy your framerate and internet connection)
  • Decrease bot count and turn them on/off
  • Note that Achievements are turned off in Custom Games to avoid abuse (non-customised Private Matches still get achievements like before)

New features[ | ]

  • New skin for Derpl: Ahrpl
  • The return of the magical Halloween themed levels
  • New updated menu design
  • Automatic AFK kicking (only in public matches)

General fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed that invisible Leon had massive regen when he had both Pinot Noir and Health Regeneration
  • Fixed that on Linux and Mac, some joystick axes and dpads didn’t work
  • Fixed that in Private match on the lower bot skill levels, red bots were better than blue bots
  • The ingame description of Ayla’s evil eye now states the right amount of slowing power (7.5%)
  • Fixed that Ghost Leon’s teleport sound was audible over the entire map

Optimisations[ | ]

  • Reduced startup loading time by up to 40% (actual amount varies strongly per computer)
  • Reduced peak memory usage by 100mb [PC/Mac only]
  • Made the game ready for adding more voices (premium skins and announcers) without increasing loading times and memory usage with each new voice set [on Linux peak memory usage is not decreased by this]
  • Reduced peak videomemory usage by another 8%
  • Improved framerate in the in-game item shop
  • Reduced CPU usage of the main thread during gameplay by approximately 5%. For those for whom the processor is the bottleneck, this will improve framerate by 5% and make gameplay smoother. However, for most players the videocard is the bottleneck and they will not see much effect from this