Awesomenauts Wiki

New features[ | ]

  • Removed the time you were required to wait before being able to open the Shop while waiting for the Droppod to launch.
  • Graphics in the main menu have been updated.

Character balance/fixes[ | ]

Froggy G

  • Cooldown of Splash Dash has been increased from 6 sec to 7 sec.
  • The recovery time of Splash Dash is no longer reduced by upgrades that reduce the cooldown of the ability.
  • The recovery time of Splash Dash is increased slightly by upgrades that increase the Stun Duration of the ability.
  • Can't Touch This (Tornado Move) will no longer protect Froggy G. from status effects such as blind, stun and snare. Stun and snare effects will now interrupt Tornado Move.
  • The price of Mutant Worms (Bolt .45 Fish Gun) has been reduced from 165 Solar to 110 Solar.
  • The price of Thorn Fish (Bolt .45 Fish Gun) has been increased from 280 Solar to 450 Solar.

Coco Nebulon

  • NEW! Heavenly Fire has been redesigned and now adds a Blaze effect to Lightning Ball.
  • Blaze, Time travel turbine price reduced from 165 Solar to 100 Solar.
  • NEW! Super Conductor (Electrify) has been redesigned and now adds homing electricity particles to your attack. Super Conductor (Electrify) deals 3 damage per particle.
  • The price of Conducting Gel (Lightning Ball) has been increased from 180 Solar to 210 Solar.
  • Damage over time duration from Blaze particles has been reduced from 2.5 sec to 2 sec. Interval of the damage ticks has been reduced from once per 0.5 sec to once per 0.4 sec.
  • Base health has been decreased from 135 to 125


  • Health of Drones has been increased from 15 to 20.
  • The cooldown of Drones has been reduced from 12 sec to 11 sec.
  • The volume of Drones’ explosion has been reduced.
  • The effective range of Healbot has been increased from 6.6 to 8.
  • The attackrate of Turret add-on (Healbot) has been increased from 30 to 240.
  • The damage of Turret add-on (Healbot) has been decreased from 20 to 2.
  • A visual effect has been added to the Cortex Tank (Healbot) knockback pulse.


  • NEW! Iron Fist Bullets (Siege mode) now give a chance to stun their target, rather than doing knockback.
  • Iron Fist Bullets (Siege mode) have a 10% chance to stun their target for 0.5 sec.
  • Derpl is now no longer able to jump during the transformation in and out of Siege mode.
  • Siege mode, base damage 9 > 10, Hollow point bullet upgrade split into two upgrades adding 2 damage each.
  • Hoovercats (Catshot) now fly straight, rather than float upwards.


  • The duration of the silence effect from Cheese & Garlic Mints (Tongue pull) has been increased from 0.5 sec to 0.7 sec.


  • The price of Flyswatter (Laser) has been reduced from 270 Solar to 165 Solar.


  • Acid Spit will no longer disappear when fired close to a wall.
  • The price of Feather Ball (Acid spit) has been reduced from 220 Solar to 180 Solar.
  • Weedlings will no longer fire bullets when blinded.
  • Fixed a bug where Gnaw’s weedling parts would randomly reset.
  • Gnaw can now correctly bite behind him when walking away from the target.

General fixes: Major fixes[ | ]

  • DirectX mode now also supports fullscreen.
  • DirectX mode now also supports VSync
  • VSync has been moved from the in-game settings menu to the pre-game launcher.
  • Implemented colorblind-friendly icons to the minimap.
  • Improvements have been made to the matchmaking system, which should improve stability for players who previously had problems getting into a match with only human players.
  • The “You have been signed out of your Steam account.” error now only shows when the games has failed to connect Steam servers for a longer period.
  • Fixed a couple of networking issues.
  • Players will now no longer join matches through the matchmaking system when a turret protecting the base has sustained significant damage. Players are still able to join these matches through invitations or using the “Join Game” button in their friends list.

General Fixes: Minor fixes[ | ]

  • The achievements “I will have my vengeance Venger!” and “Scramble!” are also unlockable in online matches.
  • Droids that get knocked into the jumppads in Sorona will now try to jump downwards when they reach the neutral area at the top.
  • AI-controlled Awesomenauts will no longer run towards a Derpl in Siege Mode when they’re low on health.
  • Flying droids will now fire forward by default, rather than up or down.
  • Flying droids will no longer fire bullets while blinded.
  • Fixed a couple of text errors.