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Voltar and Sorona reworks![ | ]

Both Voltar and Sorona got a big rework this patch! Especially Voltar is a New Man (tm) now! See the notes below for detailed information.

NEW unique skin: Gnariachi[ | ]

Legend speaks of a Skroggle that once ate an entire mariachi band. Though fulfilled, he never felt the same afterwards. Mariachi never dies. Gnariachi was born.

This is a paid DLC and comes with a unique character theme, killing spree theme, voiceover, and special in-game audio effects for weedlings.

NEW skin: Voltar Bonaparte[ | ]

The death of Napoleon has always been shrouded in mystery: he vanished from history in 1821, and was never seen again. In 3521 we finally learned the truth of what had happened. He had the technology. He had remade himself, ready to start his conquest in Awesomenauts.

This is a paid DLC.

NEW announcer: The Scrolls of XiPang[ | ]

And behold! The king said, build me a palace of splendor, for it pleases ourselves and our queen. From that day, the land was sapped of its riches. The king gathered also the ire of his people, who rose up to besiege the palace. Thus started the age... of strife.

This is a paid DLC.

NEW: Kill-cam reel in replays[ | ]

You can now switch the replay to a mode where you see a summary of the match, showing only kills and turret kills.

NEW: Replay-to-video conversion[ | ]

You can now let the game convert your replays directly to video. The process takes a while, but if you have a fast computer it will be a lot faster than standard video capturing and you can capture on much higher quality (even 4k 60fps). (This feature is Windows and Mac only.)

NEW art in menu[ | ]

  • Created new art for the big game mode buttons
  • Added three more characters to the main menu art, on a random rotation with the old three
  • Updated the art style of the main menu background for More Cool (tm) and to be a better fit for the Awesomenauts style

NEW: Borderless window full-screen option[ | ]

Added borderless window full-screen option to the launcher. This behaves like full-screen but is much faster at alt+tab and does not suffer from the issues some drivers had with alt+tab. (This feature is only on Windows, not on Mac and Linux.)

Network[ | ]

  • Fixed that receiving corrupted packets could sometimes crash the game
  • Fixed that damage was sometimes applied twice when the internet connection was really bad

Bots[ | ]

  • Removed Penny bot from the game as she wasn’t good enough compared to the other bots. She might come back later if the modding community creates a better version.
  • Updated the bots for Ayla, Derpl and Swiggins with improvements made by the community. If you find issues with any of the bots, please report them in the topics linked here.
  • Fixed pathing issues between the Solar Drill and the Shop, causing bots to sometimes get into a loop there.

Sound[ | ]

  • Sounds that have several variations now won’t randomly play the same sample several times in a row. This is especially noticeable in voices like taunts, where characters won’t repeat the same taunt twice immediately after each other any more.
  • The Private Mels skin for Lonestar now has a more fitting revolver sound for his gunshot.
  • Sentry’s voice is made 10% softer to be in line with the volume of the other characters
  • Swiggins’ voicelines when using skills now play less often

General[ | ]

  • Improved performance on Windows. How much greatly depends on the computer as this only optimises the processor side, not the graphics. On the computer we measured on the framerate improved by 14% during gameplay. This improvement probably has no effect for players whose videocard is the bottleneck. (This is the same optimisation as was in patch 2.9.2 shortly and the bug with the fullscreen flashes should be fixed now.)
  • Improved the spacing between characters in the font. Due to a bug the distance after a short letter (like i) was shorter than the distance after a wide letter (like w).
  • Fixed that Roboscoop icon was pink in replays whenever Roboscoop was dead

General gameplay[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where solar krab burgers and space air max would switch places in the store.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to wedge themselves into the droid spawners.
  • Wraithstone and barrier magazine will now also have fixed prices when this function is turned on in custom games.
  • Droids now prioritize enemy droids over enemy nauts, when choosing a target.
  • Droids should now have less issues with jumping over each other and finding their target.
  • Fixed an issue where the spawning of droid waves could desynchronise per team. Droid waves will now always spawn at the same moment for both teams.
  • Cocoon, Voltar Drones and Airstrikes now don't affect skills anymore that depend on others being near. For example, Ayla's Rage damage is not increased anymore if a cocooned enemy is near, while it still is for any normal enemy that is near.
  • Fixed that turrets and droids could steal your kill, making the Solar drop on the ground. Now if a turret or enemy is killed by a turret/droid just after you hit it, you get the Solar automatically.
  • Escaping the drop pod landing area by flying upwards is now impossible.
  • All melee attacks from nauts will now prioritize other nauts first, then droids and then buildings.

General balance[ | ]

  • Barrier magazine price reduced from 110 to 90 Solar per stage.
  • Wraithstone price reduced from 155 to 120 Solar.
  • Wraithstone health drop increased from 200 to 300.

Aiguillon[ | ]

  • Lowered the glass platforms behind the back top turrets and added a platform there
  • Replaced the moving platform in the neutral areas with two static platforms
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes receive a knockback when one of the top turrets was destroyed.

Ribbit[ | ]

  • Moving platforms in the mid area are now static.

Sorona[ | ]

The ground rumbles and rocks shift as the earth comes to life as a rare phenomenon occurs over Sorona’s battlefield: a long awaited nightfall. Due it’s two suns there is a rarely a time without their scorching heat, so when a night dawns over Sorona’s sands the worms inhabiting the earth gorge themselves on the cool surface-rocks.

Sorona has received some big changes, including a reduction in size: the mid area is about 10-20% smaller now. Also the maximum flying height has slightly been reduced and there is now a road from the neutral area to the area behind the front turret. Also some new platforms are introduced and locations of solar and health orbs have been altered. This design should reduce the funnel at the end of a game on Sorona and reduce overall game time on this sandy map. We also removed some Solar from the worm location to reduce farming situations.

Ayla[ | ]

  • Hungry Zurian lifesteal reduction from 20% to 15%.
  • Fixed an issue where quickly turning rage on, off and on would cause weird cooldown and shutdown behaviour of the skill.
  • Rubberband ball now shows the attack speed in the description.
  • Sonic listening device health drop increased from 200 to 300.
  • Sonic listening device price reduced from 160 to 120 Solar.

Clunk[ | ]

  • When Clunk gets hit with Genji’s cocoon while exploding Clunk will no longer receive the explode’s self damage.

Coco[ | ]

  • Shock attack speed is now doubled and the damage divided by 2.
  • Static gloves damage reduced from 20 to 10 per stage.
  • Ball Lightning is now visible on the minimap, both for Coco and for others. This does not give Coco additional sight in the fog of war.

Derpl[ | ]

  • Brim force field replaced with pussycat album which caps high incoming damage back to 450 damage.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Fixed issue where dash would sometimes get cancelled while there was no wall or other obstacle in the way.
  • Is now able to dash while snared, Froggy still can’t move but he will be invulnerable and deal damage while dashing.
  • If Froggy receives stealth while already in whirlwind or dash it will now properly break the stealth.

Genji[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where the animation length of cocoon wasn’t consistent with the actual duration of cocoon.
  • Improved the jump logic for genji when jumping close to the ground, avoiding Genji floating right above a platform while you wanted to jump.

Lonestar[ | ]

  • Fixed grenade trajectory not pointing in the actual throw direction when walking in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed grenade trajectories not showing actual point of collision when throwing against turrets or heroes.
  • Dark matter flashbang has been replaced with Bovinian postcard which reduces the cooldown of dynamite throw with every hit of your blaster by 0.1s (2 stages for 140 Solar per stage).
  • Cattle rebooter price reduced from 160 to 135 solar.

Nibbs[ | ]

  • Autographed picture of Voran price increased from 170 to 180 per stage.
  • Autographed picture of Voran damage reduced from 7 to 5 per stage.
  • Darkenstone price reduced from 170 to 155 per stage.
  • Eye of Coba price reduced from 185 to 170 per stage.
  • Firebreath base damage increased from 15 to 17.
  • Sunscreen mouthwash effect has been replaced and now increases the duration of firebreath by 0.5s.
  • The teleport icon of orb of Omicron now has a working tooltip.
  • Red sneakers will not work anymore during firebreathing.
  • Chocolate monster egg shield increased from 11% to 15%.
  • Orb of Omicron will now bounce off of turrets and the drill core.
  • Firebreathing will now keep Nibbs’ double jump when not used before using firebreath, so when you are firebreathing while flying you can jump afterwards.

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Snipe and timerift will now only slow Raelynn’s speedup effect down when actually used and not when they are on cooldown.

Scoop[ | ]

  • Snow shovel price reduced from 195 to 145.
  • Milk of the righteous price reduced from 190 to 145 per stage.
  • Titanium coneshield now activates at 70% health instead of 50%.
  • Halberd of justice increased heal from 30% to 50%.
  • The holy cup price reduced from 115 to 90.
  • Hammer of justice will now bounce off of turrets and the drill core.

Sentry[ | ]

  • Changed description of movement to “tactical”.
  • Blackhole sun’s accumulated damage will not be reset anymore by Genji’s cocoon.
  • Fixed that Black Hole would sometimes apply damage twice.
  • Black hole sun now shows the correct amount of max damage in the description.
  • Reduced the growing delay on black hole sun from 0.3s to 0.1s.

Skree[ | ]

  • Soul connectors now work with starstorm statue and mask of fear.

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Added the stun duration in the description of anchor hook.

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Angel wing toilet paper description now states auto reload instead of the amount of bullets.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Spike dive now breaks stealth.
  • Spike dive can be done while snared, Vinnie won’t move but will be able to deal spike dive damage.

Yuri[ | ]

  • Carpet mines, Yuri will now throw all 3 mines at the same time, two in the front and one behind him (thanks Ten_Tacles for the idea!).
  • Coins hit with Yuri’s laser will now always be pulled towards Yuri even if Yuri stops the laser.

Voltar[ | ]

Voltar got some big changes to improve his mechanics. Our intention was to fix a number of issues:

His burst damage with suicide drones which doesn't really fit his supportive role. To fix this we changed the suicide drones to fire one at a time, with a short cooldown.

Drones shoot bullets that often don't hit and aren't very reliable. To fix this we have replaced the shot with a fast laser shot and increased the range and accuracy of drones.

His low skill ceiling. Healbot and healing wave are too easy to use and his max potential is easily reached. To fix this we have made healing wave a single target Awesomenaut only heal, which can heal more individually and also deals damage to enemies, positioning is now more important. Since it has been changed so drastically we have renamed the skill to Techno Synaptic Wave. Healbot has reduced health and is easier to take down, and deals one pulse instead of multiple over time, again to improve positioning and timing. Overall both skills feel more active now and Voltar needs to move around more, to reach max potential.

His dominance in group healing and weak single target healing. With all his healing abilities being able to heal in an area, made us balance him for good teamplay. This however harmed his ability to heal single targets and also work effectively in solo matches, where it is often hard to play the supportive role. As explained we have made healing wave a single target ability this removes the scaling in groups. To further increase his skill ceiling and to reduce his strength in groups, we have added a mechanic where his techno synaptic wave heals more the further he is away from his target. This should allow for more interesting positioning for Voltar and provide options for enemy teams to pick him out of a group.

His Solar gain, which has always been almost double the amount of other nauts. We removed his Solar gain on wave and reduced the prices of all his items. By adding damage to his techno synaptic wave and increasing accuracy of the drones he has an easier time of last hitting enemies and gaining Solar.

  • Suicide drones now will be fired one per shot with a cooldown of 0.5s.
  • Suicide drones now fire laserbeams instead of shots, their accuracy, range and attack speed have also been increased. Damage is reduced from 40 to 20 per shot but overall their DPS is a lot higher now.
  • Drone amount is now visible in the skill dock.
  • Suicide drones description in shop now states the summon cooldown and the shooting cooldown.
  • Dark matter shots now only work on suiciding drones and blindtime is increased from 0.5s to 1s
  • Fixed issue where Suicide drone summoning cooldown didn’t stop when max drone count was reached. Causing a new drone to pop up immediately after reducing the drone count.
  • Weaponised hull damage increased from 30 to 50 per stage.
  • Drone army price reduced from 200 to 180 solar .
  • Dark matter shots price reduced from 140 to 125 solar.
  • Weapon clip-on damage reduced from 20 to 10 per stage.
  • Hyper drive price reduced from 210 to 170 solar per stage.
  • Weaponized hull price reduced from 180 to 160 solar per stage.
  • Warpgate overdrive price reduced from 200 to 180 solar per stage.
  • Healbot will now only pulse once after deployment and after 1.7s. This pulse will heal for 450 health.
  • Healbot health is reduced from 600 to 300.
  • Energy drink price reduced from 170 to 155 solar per stage.
  • Overheal potion price reduced from 210 to 190 solar per stage.
  • Overheal potion now increases the heal from 20 to 150.
  • Turret add-on price reduced from 200 to 180 solar per stage.
  • Turret add-on damage increased from 20 to 175 and the attackspeed is removed, since the healbot will only do one pulse at exit.
  • Hydraulic sugar dispenser price reduced from 170 to 155 solar per stage.
  • Hydraulic sugar dispenser knockback increased from 1 to 1.5.
  • Cortex tank price reduced from 175 to 155 solar.
  • Health pack surprise is replaced by Bombshell, Bombshell allows the healbot to drop a mine after time out. This mine deals 270 damage, lifetime of 8s and price is 145 solar, 2 stages.
  • Healwave has been replaced by Techno Synaptic Wave which is a fast healing shot, that increases in healing power the further it travels. this wave only heals friendly Awesomenauts. The wave also deals a flat amount of damage (40) to enemies and doesn’t provide extra solar on heals. Techno Synaptic Wave does reduce Voltar speed, but he is able to shoot the wave from the front as well as the back of his head, allowing easier healing while running away.
  • Happy thoughts now increase max healing on range by 17 per stage for 135 per stage.
  • Psychokinetic repulsion now increases attackspeed of techno synaptic wave, 10% per stage for 130 solar per stage.
  • Psychothrust now increases range by a percentage, 20% per stage and also increases the max healing by 20% per stage for 120 solar per stage.
  • Dreams of greed is replaced by Chilli flavoured eye drops. This upgrade increases the next healing wave after not using it for 3s in effectiveness. It multiplies the heal by 4, the damage by 2 and the heal over time (if you bought Euphoric thoughts) by 2, for 140 solar.
  • Twisted nightmares now increases the damage by a flat amount of 20 per stage and a price of 150 solar.
  • Euphoric thoughts now adds a heal over time, 105 healing over 10s per stage for 125 solar per stage.
  • Solar krab burgers on Voltar have been replaced by Piggy bank.