Awesomenauts Wiki

  • Fixed that game crashed on Mac and Linux if an E.S.C. Rocco left the match or switched through the Random Naut On Death option in Custom Games. This crash only happened if E.S.C. Rocco had used Vengeance at least once
  • Fixed that Nibbs teleport would not work when used exactly when the orb reaches max distance
  • Fixed that Sentry would sometimes have two teleport beacons and would not teleport correctly or not at all
  • Fixed that if two Sentrys were in the same team (through the Allow Same Naut option in Custom Games) their beacons would not behave correctly
  • Fixed that loading screen and character select used an old version of the Dragon Hunter art

Replays[ | ]

  • Fixed that upgrades for Nibbs were not shown in replays (only fixed for newly recorded replays)
  • Fixed that on the Starstorm map a Team Deathmatch replay could not be watched because the camera thought it was a stroboscope and tried to bring the discotheque
  • Fixed that on the Starstorm map the camera could not reach the shop and the droppod area

Tutorial[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where droids would jump against an invisible wall near the first turret
  • Reduced the amount of droids to spawn in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where droids would get stuck in the part of the tutorial where the player needs to drop down