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NEW skin: Wicked Coco[ | ]

Witches were hunted down throughout the middle ages, but one of them managed to escape to a place where the inquisition was unable to follow her: a planet near the outer brim of the universe, called Okeanos. On this world she was finally free to practice her magic. Over time, the Witch traded her trusty broom for a more modern combat waveboard and updated her wardrobe, but every once in a while she still dons her old outfit. This is a paid DLC.

NEW announcer: Ghosthouse[ | ]

Shadow falls across the land - the midnight hour is close at hand. An Army of the Undead has risen from their graves and Baron Dreadfort himself commands the ghosts and ghouls that wander the streets. He speaks to you from beyond the void, sending shivers down your spine, yet beckoning you to participate in a game of Awesomenauts. The battlefields you have visited before appear as from a nightmare, and it feels as if on this particular night, there is so much more at stake than just your life… This is a paid DLC.