Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW Naut: Ksenia[ | ]

Ksenia is a free character added to the base game.

Ksenia was once the best hairdresser in the galaxy. Year after year she won the renowned Venus hair style tournament with her outrageous hairstyle creations. She enjoyed the great fame that came with the status as master hair dresser, unfortunately her father Vladimir Pewchenko a rich weapons manufacturer on planet Russia (formerly known as the moon) had other plans for her.

With a virtual reality hood dryer showing her a hair cutting simulator, he made her into one of the best assassins in the galaxy. While thinking she was cutting hair, in reality she was cutting down Pewchencko's enemies.

With no competition left her father assigned her to the Awesomenauts, where she still wears the VR hood. Many suspect that Ksenia is actually just watching soap opera's on her hood and perfectly knows what she is doing.

Scissor throw[ | ]

Throw fast flying scissors that deal bonus damage on enemy Awesomenauts based on their maximum health. Scissors can also be picked up if missed.

Vanish[ | ]

Roll into stealth for a short time and silence your opponents when you unstealth.

Cut and trim[ | ]

Give your opponents a hair cut with a combo of 3 cuts that increase in damage with every hit.

NEW skin: Dragon Huntress Ksenia[ | ]

Only one dragon remained in this world, but it would fall to her blades all the same. She leapt forward and killed her opponent with a single blow. Pieces of armor, weapons, and gold dropped all around her, but she cursed as the ring she had hoped to find was nowhere in sight. "Dammit, now I'll have to grind this part for the seventh time." Ksenia was already browsing through the menu to restart this particular chapter of her favorite game: 'Warrior Princess: Dragon Huntress'. Ksenia played the game whenever she had a few minutes in between the clients that visited her barber shop - she was a Dragon Huntress at heart! This is a paid DLC.

NEW skin: Cosmic Captain Ksenia[ | ]

At the Hairdresser Academy Ksenia was chosen by a cosmic force along with four fellow students. They were tasked with fighting evil monsters that threatened the galaxy. Sadly, the 'cosmic force' turned out to be some hacker kid that had been rejected from the academy a year earlier, and Ksenia's fellow chosen-ones were squished when a 20-story tall monster waltzed into town. Ksenia still managed to defeat the monster on her own, and even though she never heard from the 'cosmic force' again after that, she continued to hunt down giant monsters as a part-time job during her time at the academy. This is a paid DLC.

NEW ultimate skin: Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco[ | ]

There are countless dimensions that are quite similar to ours, yet with subtle differences. In one of these dimensions, wars are not fought with weapons, but with music. One of the DJs enlisted in the ranks of the great music syndicate known as the Awesomenauts is called Rocco. Cybertronic Supersonic Electronic Rocco is now one of the most prominent DJs in the galaxy, and uses his music to bring peace to worlds ruled by dissonance. This is a paid DLC and comes with custom voice lines, custom music and special in-game music effects.

NEW: Starstorm map EARLY VERSION BETA[ | ]

Using the latest rasterizing technology, and with all the intel provided by the citizens of the Starstorm, a first estimation as to the layout of the Starstorm-station has been constructed. This virtual representation allows the Awesomenauts to get an idea of the layout of the station before diving headfirst into the action. When the beta of Patch 2.12: The Cutting Edge hits the beta-servers you will be able to play a pre-alpha version of the upcoming Starstorm map. Creating a map is a very iterative process and with a pre-alpha version (which means no graphics just the layout of the level using holodeck visuals) we hope to get a lot of feedback from you, the community, on the state of the map and how to improve it! So be sure to let us know on the forums what you think!

NEW: round collisions[ | ]

  • Most area effects now have round, instead of square, collisions. In several instances, graphics and area of effect radii have been tweaked. This change will make skills and visual feedback a lot more precise. The most notable improvements have been made to:
  • Clunk’s Explode and Fragmenting Shells
  • Voltar’s Healbot
  • Derpl’s Nuke
  • Lonestar’s Dynamite Throw and Booming Bullets
  • Coco’s Ball Lightning
  • Scoop’s Banner of the Triple Scoop effect
  • Yuri’s Timebubble
  • Froggy G’s Tornado and Twister Tweeters effect
  • Ayla’s Rage
  • Sentry’s Blackhole Sun
  • Skree’s Sawblade
  • Nibbs’ Orb of Omicron

General[ | ]

  • It is now possible to cycle through previously sent messages using the up/down arrow keys in the in game chat.
  • Fixed that the launcher was no longer fully functional with a controller on Mac and PC (still no controller support in the launcher on Linux).
  • Made the fanart gallery carousel item now link to the newly opened Awesomenauts Gallery.
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash when going from menu to game or back.
  • Added difficulty descriptions per naut. These are aimed at giving new players a better idea of which character to start out with.
  • All in-game item build recommendations have been updated.
  • Changed the loading screen tip on droid kills and Solar drops.

Graphics[ | ]

  • Various icons and items look a lot smoother now (for example in the shop, the loadout in the scoreboard and prestige icons in the leaderboards)
  • Fixed that the shorter Sorona had spooky mid-air festive decorations.
  • Gave the droppod special effects a small tweak.
  • Players will no longer receive a camshake effect when standing next to an enemy who is being hit by a turret.
  • Fixed an issue where some characters would cause camera twitching on the bottom lane stealth area on Ribbit IV.
  • Fixed that it was possible to hide behind terrain in the Team Deathmatch version of AI station 205.

AI[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where bots would get stuck in the landing area.
  • Hummingbird droids will now move back when they get stuck above a base.
  • Fixed that some AI pathfinding nodes on Sorona were in the ground, causing bots to sometimes get stuck there because they could not be reached. Also fixed a duplicate healtpack waynode.

General gameplay[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where players that joined a match would receive the average solar earned without taking solar losses from deaths into account. This could result in joining players having higher solar than average.
  • DoT effects are now visible to all players instead of only to the DoT dealer and receiver.
  • All homing bullets now have improved targeting behaviour.
  • Many tooltips concerning range stats now have more consistent wording.
  • Fixed white healthbar graphic glitch in replays when a player would leave the game.
  • Baby kuri mammoth description changed and doesn’t influence black holes anymore.

Ayla[ | ]

  • Fixed a typo in the stats of prison guard keys.
  • Added an indicator for sonic listening device, showing which creeps are marked to give more health.
  • Removed the vertical knockback on evil eye.

Clunk[ | ]

  • Grease lightning snail slow duration increased from 0.1s to 0.2s. It is still applied every 0.1s to all enemies in within range of the effect.

Coco[ | ]

  • Teleporting will now shut down blaze.

Derpl[ | ]

  • Reduced the time it takes to go in and out of siegemode by 50%
  • Increased siege mode attack speed by 100% and reduced siege mode damage by 50% (resulting in the same amount of damage per second).
  • Increased siege mode bullet speed by 36.4%.
  • Increased siege mode range by 26.6%.
  • Significantly reduced siege mode bullet collision size. This should make it easier to shoot around various collision shapes.
  • Pussycat album now reduces high damage taken during Siege Mode to a maximum of 350, down from 450.
  • Increased Fat cat base range by 104%.
  • Grid traps now only collide and affect enemy Awesomenauts.

Genji[ | ]

  • Moon nectar health packs will now heal a single target instead of healing in an area.
  • Moon nectar healing increased from 50 to 75.
  • Moon nectar health packs won’t heal droids anymore.
  • The last pieridae transformae will now work again on hummingbird droids.
  • Casting monarch blessing will not interrupt Genji’s movement anymore.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Acid spit will not disappear anymore when hitting turrets, but instead will drop in front of them.
  • Weedlings can now be fertilized multiple times.
  • Pools of acid spit will now continuously heal weedlings inside them, healing 50% of their health per second.
  • Featherball now increases acid spit healing on weedlings by 100%.
  • Overcharged metabolism now works with aggressive acid.

Lonestar[ | ]

  • Blaster Missile and Another Missile now have 30% more range.
  • Incendiary bomb damage reduced from 120 to 100.
  • Booming bullets price increased from 135 to 155.
  • Mister TNT radius description now shows the correct amount of radius.

Penny Fox[ | ]

  • Penny’s Energy Pulse’s collision has been changed from a 3x3 square to a circle with a 1.28/1.44/1.6/1.76 radius (goes up per charge to perfectly fit the graphic).

Rocco[ | ]

  • Precision shot collision has been changed from a 2x2 square to a circle with a 0.6 radius, more in line with its visual effect.
  • Precision shot’s cooldown has been increased from 7 to 7.5 seconds.
  • Max charged Precision shot’s speed has been reduced by 15%, non-charged Precision shot’s projectile speed has been reduced by 16.7%
  • Magnetic police light now increases max charged precision shot’s speed by 40% (instead of increasing precision shot’s speed by 30% regardless of charging).
  • Classics now increases damage done by max charged precision shots by 18% per stage (instead of increasing damage done by Precision shot by 15% regardless of charging).
  • Cockfight Spurs now cost 185 solar per stage, up from 140 per stage.
  • Rocco's sword icon has been lowered and now rises when he gets a speedup buff.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon of rapid arrows wouldn’t change back after using sticky cops moustache.
  • Removed the mini knockback on precision shot.
  • Magnetic Police Light will now work better in combination with Little Johnny.
  • Precision shot will now fly further.
  • Fixed an issue where Rocco would not play his death sounds when killed.
  • Defused hawk bomb now states that you need to hit enemies with your arrows to gain the cooldown reduction on precision shot.
  • Nicotine patches cooldown reduced from 3s to 2s.
  • SWCA coin, removed the screen shakes on the split arrows.
  • Teleporting now has influences his movement same as with other nauts.

Scoop[ | ]

  • Scoop’s Frozen Hammer collision has been changed from a 1.8x1.8 square to a circle with a 0.76 radius.
  • Fixed that Scoop’s Spoonman buff would appear through the player’s name instead of above it.

Sentry[ | ]

  • Fixed issue where Circuits of time decoy would sometimes fall through a platform when aiming downwards while activating the teleport ability.
  • Added a cooldown counter while charging the black hole sun.
  • Starstorm statue will now correctly apply the extra damage to black hole sun.
  • Circuits of time decoy will now explode when enemies are near, even when they can’t see their target (because of stealth effects). Decoys will ignore enemies that are out of combat (such as Voltar’s drones or cocooned enemies).

Skree[ | ]

  • Added a minimap indicator for Skree's sawblade.
  • Soul connectors now deal full damage to secondary targets.
  • Totem of power’s health bar will now show after 0.5s to fit better in the animation.

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Increased Anchor Hook’s Ancient Octant damage radius from 1.7 (in some versions the tooltip stated 3.4 - this was incorrect) to 4 and added a more effective visual indicator.
  • Changed the description of magnetic anchor.
  • Changed Anchor Hook “flying damage” in description to “droid damage”.

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Increased the size and spruced up Ted's Stimpack Grénaide pour homme visual to properly resemble the area in which he stuns enemies.
  • Airstrike’s Hamburger phone healthpack won’t disappear anymore on hitting enemy turrets.
  • Airstrike’s Hamburger phone healthpack will now heal a single target instead of healing in an area.
  • Airstrike’s Hamburger phone healthpack will stay for 20s.
  • Ammo weekly first stage now works again.
  • Ted’s shotgun ammo is now visible in replays.

Yuri[ | ]

  • Fixed that yuri's status effect overlays would occasionally not show up on the actual character.

Voltar[ | ]

  • Techno synaptic heal wave will now bounce from ceilings.
  • Hyper drive now also increased the speed of drones (33% per stage).
  • Slightly increased his jumping height.
  • Energy drink health increased from 125 to 200 per stage.
  • Turret add-on damage increased from 175 to 200 per stage.
  • Bomb shell damage increased from 270 to 350 per stage.