Awesomenauts Wiki

Alt+tab crash[ | ]

  • Fixed crash on alt+tab when running in DirectX fullscreen. (Difficult to be 100% sure since it only happened on some computers. If you had this crash let us know whether it is fixed now!)
  • Removed Windows DPI scaling fix on fullscreen DirectX (this was the cause of the above crash). We’ll hopefully have a new fix for this one later on. The DPI scaling fix on windowed and Borderless Window modes is still in-game.

HUD[ | ]

  • Fixed that for some users text you typed in chat was invisible until you pressed enter
  • Fixed a tear in the fabric of reality which caused the kill and death icon above the minimap to be incorrectly swapped.
  • Improved visibility of the game timer in the levelling bar.
  • Fixed that the mute button in the scoreboard was unresponsive.
  • Added separate options to enable or disable tooltips for the skilldock and the levelling bar.
  • Fixed that some checkboxes in the in-game options menu were unresponsive.

Gameplay[ | ]

  • Ksenia: fixed issue where speedup graphic would rotate when vanishing.
  • Sentry: fixed issue where Sentry would place a second beacon instead of teleporting to the first beacon.
  • Vinnie: fixed issue where speedup graphic would rotate when diving.
  • Voltar: the drone count in the skilldock has been fixed.
  • Speedup animation on Froggy G and Gnaw is now more consistent.
  • Lonestar missile cooldown is now correctly displayed in the shop.
  • Cocoon animation will now work on Ted mcPain while using Stimpack.