Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed that Blind caused headaches instead of blind
  • Fixed some issues in our new network metrics
  • Fixed cursor going behind popups
  • Tweaked league sizes based on measurement of player activity per league. League 2 is now smaller and leagues 5 and 6 have been grown. This also means that the thresholds for reaching leagues 2 to 5 have all been slightly increased
  • Fixed that 2.3 banner pointed at 2.4 Vault

Penny[ | ]

  • Fixed that Energy Pulse sometimes hit twice
  • Energy Pulse, base amplify damage reduced by 5%
  • Herring snack badge, fixed an issue where it would trigger the first stage of amplify damage on Penny
  • Claw strike animation slightly changed to correspond with the collision box
  • Fixed that combo points bar was positioned in the wrong spot while cocooned
  • Fixed that Pounce threw players back when you stood with your back to them and dashed away
  • Updated Energy Pulse for Desperado and Cheerleader skins
  • Visual error with Desperado Penny, when her bullets ricochet, the graphic of the bullet flips around, making the bullet go with it's rear part first

Clunk[ | ]

  • Fixed that small jumps were not possible anymore due to a bug in our code

Ted[ | ]

  • Fixed that Grenades made too much noise

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Added a little bit of stun to Anchor hook to make it feel more similar to how it was before 2.3
  • Fixed that Anchor health upgrade only updated max health, not actual health