Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW character: Penny[ | ]

Honorary Star Scout Penny Fox is on a personal quest to rid the galaxy of all evil. In pursuit of these lofty goals, she has traveled all over the worlds to collect weird aliens and put them in jars for her private collection. During her latest travels her scooter broke down in the Raki system, forcing her to scour for spare parts on the nearby starstorm station. It is there that she found a mysterious robotic claw, which would lead her to the adventure of a lifetime!

Her skills are as follows:

Pounce[ | ]

Consume all charges to charge forward, knocking back enemies you come in contact with. Each charge increases range and damage.

Swipe[ | ]

Consume up to 4 charges to shoot a piercing swipe that amplifies damage. Each charge increases the damage.

Strike[ | ]

Penny strikes with her claw awarding a charge when hitting an enemy. Max 4 charges.

Leap[ | ]

Being super agile, Penny can leap up and perform a double jump.

New[ | ]

  • NEW skin: Cynical Vinnie & Total Spike
  • NEW skin: Desperado Penny
  • NEW skin: Cheerleader Penny
  • NEW song: “I'll Make You a Star, Baby” (only in Starstorm)

NEW Rejoin improvement[ | ]

-When rejoining a match the player will be forced to play with the same naut, loadout, bought items and amount of Solar. Plus a small Solar bonus depending on how long it took to get back in the game.

Tweaked the sizes of the leagues[ | ]

-After analysing metrics it turned out that the leagues sizes improved last patch but could be better. -The new league sizes will be in between the sizes of pre season 9 and the current season, but closer to the current.

General changes and fixes[ | ]

  • Projectiles now move along with moving platforms
  • All boots speed reduced by 0.2
  • Base speed of all characters increased by 0.2
  • All ‘nauts now have a small healthregen from start (60 health per minute)
  • Med-i'-can, health per minute reduced from 100 to 70
  • Med-I'-can, price reduced from 120 to 90 Solar per stage
  • Piggybank, put some extra Solar coins in the bank from 115 to 130 Solar
  • All pills now are now percentage based instead of a flat health increase (15% health per stage)
  • Power pills light and companion replaced with power pills turbo
  • Slow automatic health increase during the match changed from +30 health to +30% health
  • Slightly changed the colour of various in-game texts, such as in-game notifications, character names, and the K/D counter(experimental)
  • Intensified the shine on solar
  • Decreased the size and duration of in-game notifications. The in-game notification box now can also hold 3 notifications. This should solve the announcer desync to a degree (experimental)
  • Increased the resolution of healthbars
  • Networking metrics added so we can get a better understanding of occurring network errors

Polish week improvements[ | ]


  • NEW! Whenever you receive solar from any effect the amount will pop up at your character (solar pickups, kills, specific item effects etc).
  • Damage number sizes have been overhauled, tweaked and resized and are now anchored to the world instead of the affected character.
  • Fixed an issue where damage numbers would become unreadable when a lot of instances of damage were dealt.
  • Damage numbers will now show damage blocked (Indicated by a shield icon).
  • Various effects that cause your next hit to be improved (such as Swiggins’ Poolboy) now also cause the affected skill’s icon to change until the improved hit is done.
  • Blind effect has been visually overhauled.
  • If you try to use a skill while silenced, the game now plays a sound to indicate that it does not work.
  • Amplify Damage effect has been visually overhauled.
  • Most Lifesteal effects have been visually overhauled.
  • Improved the visual effects of the droppod sequence.
  • Added a spawn animation for critters.
  • Bots’ nameplates are now a different colour and have an icon before their name and level.
  • Names of in-game DLC-store objects should be more clear on all visual settings.
  • The name and skill for which you unlock an upgrade when levelling should be better visible.
  • Fixed the depth of a specific platform on Ribbit IV so characters no longer walk behind its edges.
  • Added a pickup, respawn and despawn animation to health orbs and improved the visuals of health orbs.
  • Silver Solar coins now leave silver particles when picked up.
  • Added a spawn and despawn animation to silver and gold Solar coins.
  • Character icons in the Character Select screen now respond more directly to mouse-overs.
  • Ted McPain’s Airstrike has been visually overhauled.
  • Fixed various graphical issues caused by Adlez Princess Phonenumber.
  • Ted McPain’s Shotgun now has improved graphics.
  • Party boy McPain's Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting grenades now have a little more party added to them.
  • Leon’s Tongue Snatch icon will no longer disappear whenever Leon enters stealth, instead it is now marked as unavailable (you can see tongue cooldown while in stealth).
  • Leon and Ghost Leon's swords got more shiny and have a new particle effect/trail.
  • Leon and Ghost Leon's Slash attacks have new effects.
  • Gnaw has a new Acid Spit bullet and now sizzles a bit more actively when on the ground. Spit puddle now also has a vanishing animation.
  • Gnaw's Bite attack has new effects added.
  • Fixed an issue where Voltar’s Suicide Drones explode animation would misalign with the effect.
  • Voltar now plays an animation when shooting his Suicide Drones.
  • Yuri now looks in the corresponding direction when he’s flying up or down.
  • Swiggins' Ink Spray has a new inktrail and has a vanish animation when no one is hit.
  • Ayla's Evil Eye attack has some new glow effects and now vanishes properly when no target is hit.
  • Raelynn's Protoblaster has a new impact animation plus shots now vanish properly when no target is hit.
  • Overhauled Raelynn’s Denny’s Boots sprint effect graphic.
  • Improved the visual look of Froggy G's Splash Dash.
  • Froggy G's idle animation has a more sparkly watertank.
  • Froggy G leans a bit less while shooting.
  • Derpl's cats now vanish in a puff of teamcolour.
  • Derpl's Siege Mode Shot has a new impact and vanish effect.
  • Genji's Butterfly Shot now has an impact effect when it passes through a target.
  • Genji's Butterfly Shot now returns to the staff instead of his hand.
  • Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun now disappears in a small poof of bubbles and shows an impact effect when passing through targets.
  • Vinnie & Spike's Bubble Gun no longer shoots in the ground when idling.
  • Lonestar’s Blaster has a new shoot effect which also fires a brand new bullet featuring new impact and vanish effects.
  • Clunk's missiles got a little polish and are now a bit sleeker with more teamcolour friendly effects.

Balance changes[ | ]

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Viridian eel cartridges, price reduced from 140 to 90 Solar
  • Bio fuel cells, price reduced from 150 to 130 Solar
  • Golden watch, cooldown reduction increased from -0.6s to -0.7s per stage
  • Golden Watch, price reduced from 110 to 100 Solar
  • Clock necklace, cooldown reduction increased from -1.2s to -1.4s
  • Clock Necklace, price reduced from 200 to 190 Solar
  • Twister Tweeters, price increased from 150 to 185 Solar per stage
  • Hammer Pants, price increased from 150 to 160 Solar per stage
  • Hydro Smash, price increased from 280 to 300 Solar

Lonestar[ | ]

  • Ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
  • Mature ribbit snail slime, slow duration reduced from 3s to 2.5s
  • Booming Bullets, price reduced from 190 to 180 Solar
  • Crystal eagle bullets, price reduced from 360 to 300 Solar
  • Crystal eagle bullets, damage reduced from 4 to 3
  • Eagle bullets, price increased from 200 to 215 Solar per stage

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Med-i’-can, doesn’t apply to weedlings anymore. Previous added regen to weedlings is now added to the base
  • Weedlings now gain 15 hitpoints more over time
  • Base spit damage over time increased from 25 to 30
  • Spike slime, damage over time reduced from 8 to 7 per stage
  • Overcharged metabolism, second stage now actually works
  • Feather Ball, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
  • Split Spit, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar

Yuri[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 145 to 135
  • Aerial Spring, price reduced from 140 to 110 Solar
  • Carpet Bombs, price reduced from 175 to 145 Solar
  • Time Primer, price reduced from 130 to 120 Solar per stage
  • Chrono Rift, price reduced from 210 to 190 Solar
  • Regeneration pod, heal reduced from 7.5 to 6 per second
  • Regeneration pod, price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar per stage

Skolldir[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 170 to 160
  • Improved Mighty throw consistency
  • Crankin' Dumbbells, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
  • Iridium Bricks, price reduced from 190 to 170 Solar
  • Enhanced Muscle Fibers, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
  • Stone twins, price reduced from 160 to 150 Solar
  • Throw, reduced size of hitbox
  • Backwards earthquake range with stone twins increased, the graphic and damage area’s are not more similar to the front earthquake

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Fixed that he didn’t speak on death
  • Increased jump height slightly
  • Fixed an issue where the graphic of the airstrike would not be consistent with the damage area
  • Wheelbarrow with ammo, price increased from 150 to 210 Solar per stage
  • Wheelbarrow with ammo, damage increased from +5 to +8 per stage
  • Armpit shaving cream, now reduces the stimpack self damage by 15
  • Ammo Weekly, now has the correct +15% increase per stage
  • Shotgun, now shows the correct reload time
  • Shotgun, range reduced by 20%
  • Stimpack, damage reduced from 19 to 15
  • Stimpack, now has the correct +30% increase
  • Tedris ville, price increased from 200 to 280
  • Can O'Juice, range increased from 2 to 2.4
  • Fixed that the mines of ted would rapidly spin on the floor
  • Shotgun shoot animation changed + collision changed of damage area
  • Airstrike, on button down you get a marker to indicate the range of the airstrike
  • Ted McPain’s Airstrike can now be aimed, hold the Airstrike button to aim, release to fire.
  • Ted McPain’s Triple RPG has been reworked: Triple RPG now allows you to shoot Airstrike twice, before activating cooldown. Damage = 20 and is called double RPG.
  • Hamburger phone health orbs heal 30% less when double RPG is active.
  • Double RPG, price reduced from 180 to 170 Solar

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 155 to 150
  • Bag of gravel, is now called energized hook
  • Fixed that Anchor Swing would be in slow motion when swinging right after using Anchor Hook
  • Fixed that the Anchor Hook would sometimes pull an enemy towards Swiggins
  • Double glazed royal porcelain, heal increased from 10 to 15 per stage
  • Not seeweed blindtime increased from 0.1s to 0.2s
  • Fixed that Swiggins could fly after an Anchor Hooked naut that just teleported to the base.
  • Fixed that Swiggins couldn't pick up his anchor instantly when the anchor was trapping a naut that was


  • Homboldt now gains 15 hitpoints over time
  • Double glazed royal porcelain, fixed an issue where heal wouldn't work after picking up the anchor instantly after shooting it

Leon[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 130 to 125
  • Leon won’t uncloak anymore after being hit by a friendly smoke screen with the upgrade mammoth sock with holes
  • Fixed that Magnet Piercing wouldn't get solar from a killed target
  • Clover of Honour, price reduced from 175 to 165 Solar
  • Tongue stretcher, price increased from 145 to 175 Solar

Voltar[ | ]

  • Warpgate overdrive, cooldown reduction increased from -1s to -1.5s
  • Healthpack surprise, price reduced from 180 to 160 Solar
  • Happy thoughts, now increase the min and max heal
  • Happy thoughts, removed one stage (2 stages now)
  • Euphoric thoughts, heal increased from +6 to +8
  • Euphoric thoughts, price reduced from 380 to 360 Solar
  • Base min heal increased by 1
  • Base max heal increased by 3
  • Twisted nightmares price reduced from 200 to 125
  • Fixed an issue where drones would disappear by rapidly clicking the skill button

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 135 to 130
  • Flashy glasses, price increased from 60 to 120 Solar

Derpl[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 195 to 180
  • Siegemode gunfire base range increased by 1
  • Siegemode gunfire damage reduced from 10 to 9
  • Sniper bullets, replaced with Sweet syrup bullets, that adds slow to gunfire with 20% slowpower for 0.5, price 195 Solar
  • Split Cats, price reduced from 230 to 190 Solar
  • Longcat, price reduced from 160 to 145 Solar
  • Trap, reduced the lifetime of trap fom 10s to 9s

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 130 to 125
  • Red bandana silence increased from 0.38s to 0.39s this should fix that in some laggy cases characters would still be able to break out of the silence
  • Red bandana, price increased from 155 to 185 Solar
  • Yakoiza, now gives +4 instead of +3 damage
  • Yakoiza, price increased from 160 to 170 Solar
  • Rigged casino games , price reduced from 135 to 125 Solar
  • The Godfish, is now called the Codfather
  • The Godfish, extra damage now only applies to enemy 'nauts

Clunk[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 205 to 190
  • Improved Homing Sensor, price reduced from 110 to 60 Solar
  • Reactor Cooler, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
  • Universal charger price reduced from 170 to 160 Solar
  • Quick'n Cleaner, price reduced from 155 to 145 Solar
  • Power converter, price reduced from 150 to 140 Solar per stage
  • Fix jump exploit that would make it possible to fly very high

Ayla[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 135 to 130
  • Evil eye, collision reduced to match graphic
  • Rubberband ball, price reduced from 200 to 180 Solar
  • Blue three wheeler, price reduced from 220 to 180 Solar

Coco[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 140 to 130
  • Blaze, cooldown increased from 7s to 8s
  • Hoover hands, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar
  • Wave raiser, price reduced from 145 to 125 Solar
  • Flashing lights, reduced from 160 to 150 Solar

Genji[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 135 to 125
  • Butterfly shot, base damage increased from 5 to 6
  • Plastic praying beads, one stage removed
  • Moon nectar, price reduced from 200 to 175 Solar
  • Prefab cocoon, price reduced from 205 to 190 Solar per stage
  • The last pieridae transformae, price reduced from 200 to 185 Solar
  • Spiritual cooking, now lasts until death
  • Cocooned targets can not be pushed anymore