Awesomenauts Wiki

Skree[ | ]

  • Fixed a rare crash with Skree lightning and really bad network connections
  • Fixed that Skree could push enemies through geometry with Totem
  • Improved performance of Sawblade when hitting an enemy
  • Slightly improved performance of Skree lightning
  • Fixed that Cocoon reacted weirdly to Totem
  • Fixed that Skreeletor button linked to Sentry store item instead of to Skreeletor
  • Improved visual readability of Skreeletor’s cape

General[ | ]

  • Fixed a rare situation in which the game would be stuck in character select forever, sometimes also causing other players in the match to wait forever in “waiting for host to select loadout”
  • Fixed a bunch of translations that were too long in Brazilian Portuguese

Replays[ | ]

  • Fixed that icons for damage and heal stats were Solar cubes
  • Fixed that some replays would not show up in the menu. Note that this is not fixed for those replays that had this problem and were recorded in patch 2.5.1. You can fix broken 2.5.1 replays by hand by opening the file and removing any weird characters from the steamId fields (like 〈 or Ø).
  • Fixed that replays sometimes claimed chatlogs were corrupted when this was not really the case
  • Fixed that in some rare cases scrolling by holding the cursor at the side of the screen did not work
  • Fixed that on Low and Medium graphics quality you could see beyond the borders of the graphics on AI Station, Sorona and Ribbit.

AI modding[ | ]

  • Pressing alt+F9 now moves the selected AI to the camera position instead of the player.
  • Search areas are now shown in front of the foreground level graphics instead of behind them.