Awesomenauts Wiki

  • Fixed that scoreboard icons (prestige, Koalas, Ducks, etc) were not shown during the first match of a session
  • Fixed that the game would crash if Scoop died from damage-over-time while Binding Of Justice was active and Scoop had the Holy Cup upgrade (cleansing).
  • Fixed that droids floated in the air when they started attacking while in the air
  • Fixed that with some skills if you used a skill right after jumping you would get a small extra jump after the skill
  • Droids will now only attack when they are on the ground
  • Droids will now fall down again when attacking in air (this could happen when you push them off a ledge while they are attacking)
  • Fixed that sometimes Taunts, Double Kills and Triple Kills would be triggered quite long after they were actually performed
  • There is known bug in the game that sometimes it freezes endlessly on exit. We have not been able to fix this one yet and need your help to investigate this further. If you get this bug, terminate the game after at least 30s and then send your logs to Dennis, as is described here so that we can analyse how this bug happens