Awesomenauts Wiki

General fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed that game sometimes froze on exit and sometimes failed to upload the stats of the last match (both related to the Profile screen)
  • Made some changes that hopefully fix the error 51 bug that some people were getting, and the issue that some players had their exe removed by their virus scanner
  • Fixed that sometimes the main menu and profile screen showed the wrong rating (“10000” instead of the real rating)
  • Increased resolution of some of the fan-art in loading screens on Low graphics quality to make them look sharper
  • Fixed a bug where Scoop’s Frozen Hammer wouldn’t trigger sometimes if spammed
  • Fixed that turrets sometimes targeted Nauts when they should have been targeting droids
  • Fixed a bug where Ted could have a double airstrike if it would hit something at the max range

Droid Health[ | ]

Our goal with droid changes was to reduce the time of games. We found that because of reverting some of our changes in the beta, we reached the opposite of our goals. We now give the droids some more early game health to give people the opportunity to make plays early on in the game (like turret pushing).

  • Droid base health increased from 700 to 850 health
  • Droids bonus health per 5 minutes played reduced from 150 to 100 (stacks up to 3 times, so the late game max health is still the same as before)

Killing Spree Ending[ | ]

We increased the combined bonus Solar that a team gets for killing someone that's on a killing spree (3 kills without dying). The killer gets a bit less and the rest of the team gets more as it is mostly a team effort to take down such a strong opponent.

  • Killing Spree bonus gold given to killer is reduced from 40 to 20 solar
  • Killing Spree bonus gold now also goes to teammates, 20 solar for each teammate

Lonestar[ | ]

We tackled a lot of Awesomenauts but we didn't touch Lonestar. The Cowboy destroyed his enemies a little too hard and it was time to give him a minor adjustment without taking away any fun in playing this Awesomenaut. We will see if this is enough or if we’ll have to balance him out some more.

  • Dynamite now deals 175 damage instead of 200 damage per charge

Jumps[ | ]

While improving the precision of our Jump Height stats we accidentally changed some settings. After some extensive testing we found the bugged jumps and fixed them as a result.

  • Fixed a bug where Penny's jump was higher than intended (with boots and without boots)
  • Fixed a bug where Coco's jump was higher than intended (with boots)
  • Fixed a bug where Clunk's extra jumps were higher than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Genji's jump was higher than intended (with boots and without boots)