Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW Awesomenaut: The Scoop of justice![ | ]

Scoop is a brave Gelati knight. The Gelati are brilliant craftsmen famous for their delicious Castle Ice Cream. The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits. Although cocoa trees haven't been seen for ages and they are thought to be extinct, the Gelati see it as their holy duty to find a real piece of chocolate and create the ultimate flavour of ice cream: stracciatella. Scoop was assigned by the lords of his house to aid the Awesomenauts in protecting the universe from the new Omicron threat.

Scoop’s skills are as following:

Binding of justice Wrap yourself in healing bindings which heal you and damage your enemies.

Frozen hammer Throw out a hammer of ice that snares multiple enemies. The longer it flies, the more damage you deal and the longer the snare lasts.

Sword strike Hold attack button to alternate between a direct stab and a sweeping cleave attack that heals you.

Recently we managed to reach the kickstarter stretch goal containing the level editor for Awesomenauts! To celebrate this huge achievement, we at Ronimo have decide to make the 6th Starstorm naut Scoop a free character available to everyone with the base game. Also we’re still working on the 5th Starstorm-naut and you will hear more about her soon!

NEW skin: Wraithlord Scoop[ | ]

Once an avatar of Justice itself, Wraithlord Scoop is the twisted resurrection of a once benevolent warrior. On his new dark path this once noble spirit has now been consumed by an unending vengeance. Ancient prophecies have been discovered that speak of the Wraithlord's legendary dark weapon, Doomblade. It is said that unless a being of pure spirit exorcises this Doomblade, the dark powers within it resurrect the Wraithlord each time he is slain...

NEW: Damage multiplied by 10![ | ]

We multiplied all the damage numbers by 10. Apart from Clunks hitting badass numbers like 1000, this decision was made so we could do more fine balance changes. When an attack hits 2 per second and we want to nerf it, it would be nerfed by half. Now we can nerf things with 10-100%

Rewards for kills[ | ]

The reward for killing someone felt too weak for us, we increased the bonus amount for a killing blow from 30 to 40. Also killing someone with a killing spree now gives you a bonus 40 solar instead of 20. Also the player dying now loses more: from 30 to 40 Solar. Bots will still drop half the amounts.

Removal of solar items[ | ]

Some Solar items have been removed from the game because they felt unfair and didn’t require the player to play the game like they should be playing. Items replaced are: Flashy Glasses, Solar Magnet and Solar Tree. Read more at the specific upgrade note.

General[ | ]

  • Fixed an extremely rare bug that sometimes after landing with the droppod you couldn’t walk anymore, except for a few pixels per press.
  • Most bots have been updated with various fixes and improvements. Most notably, fixed that Ted McPain did not shoot at all on the lowest difficulties. Bots are created and maintained by community members. Please report any issues with these bots directly in their topics.
  • Shop music now starts at a random position in the song for more variation
  • The game now communicates to Nvidia Optimus that the Nvidia videocard should be used instead of the slow onboard Intel graphics chip. This only applies to laptops with Nvidia Optimus and should result in much better framerate for users who had not set this by hand. If desired you can overwrite this using the Optimus settings.
  • Particle forces have been tweaked to make particles move less far. This especially fixes particles blowing several screens away after Coco’s Ball Lightning explosion.
  • Removed Roflnauts Easter egg from tutorial because it crashed some computers. Roflnauts can still be played by running it directly from your hard disc.
  • Fixed that the full-screen red flash when you are hit was always shown twice
  • Fixed that droids did damage too early in their animation (while their saw was still behind them instead of at the moment they actually hit you)
  • Fixed that the Solar Boss achievement did not work at all any more

Network[ | ]

  • Tweaked throttling and turned it back on. It turns out that the number of network errors increased significantly when we turned throttling off, so we are putting it back in. (Throttling is that Awesomenauts temporarily sends less if a player’s connections cannot handle the bandwidth.)

AI modding[ | ]

  • Modders can now make bots for Team DeathMatch. Just turn modded AIs on to load any available bots in a Team DeathMatch game. Turn on “Allow same Naut on team” to prevent normal bots from also spawning this way.
  • Host migration now won’t happen automatically any more if modded bots are enabled in Custom Games. Host migration will still happen if the host actually leaves. Modded bots are not migrated correctly so this fixes issues with those matches breaking if a slow host was automatically migrated during gameplay.
  • Counters, booleans and messages are no longer case sensitive, so for example “myCounter” is now the same thing as “mycounter”.
  • Fixed that if the canPayUpgrade block was true, it elso executed the false part. This also made it never work in AND and OR blocks.
  • Added pathing through the burn area on AI Station 205. These paths have very low priority, so they will usually only be chosen in team deathmatch when area walls are enabled, or when a bot already happens to be halfway through.
  • Improved flyer pathing in the jungle in Ribbit IV

General balance[ | ]

  • Turrets will now hit droids instead of Nauts when they are bunched in front of a turret. You can still tank the damage of the turret but you need to actively walk into a turret to do this.
  • The scoreboard now takes into account when a player has lost Solar due to being killed. Previously the scoreboard would show a too high Solar amount because Solar loss on death was ignored there.
  • Minimum respawn time increased by 3s (8s total now with 5s camera movement )
  • Maximum respawn time reduced by 5s (25s total now with 5s camera movement)
  • Droids will now move faster and will start combat faster without pushing each other
  • Fixed an issue where droids would not spawn on the same location to form nice droid waves

Solar Tree[ | ]

  • Solar Tree is replaced by Wraith Stone
  • Wraith stone costs 155 solar
  • Wraith stone increases healing by critters by 200

Leon[ | ]

What we tried to do with Leon is amplify his dueling potential while removing some of his “All Round” powers. Now tongue deals less damage against droids and his Chainsaw no longer works on droids and towers, Leon has to think about his build and playstyle. While staying an excellent Assassin.

  • Solar Magnet is replaced by Spectacles magnet piercing
  • Spectacles Magnet, price increased from 60 to 190 Solar
  • Spectacles Magnet, blinds enemy Awesomenauts on hit
  • Chainsaw Addon, damage now only works against enemy Awesomenauts
  • Cloaking Skin, can no longer be used to de-stealth while the skill is active
  • Clover of Honour, price increased from 165 to 200 Solar
  • Morning Star Piercing, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Raelynn[ | ]

Raelynn is one of the characters that didn’t cost a lot of effort but was always strong in the midgame. We are giving her more of a roll decision, she could be a pusher or fighter. Giving the players the choice to play her the way they want. We reduced some prices since she can no longer get solar from Flashy Glasses

  • Flashy Glasses now increases the damage of Snipe by 20% and reduces the range by 8
  • Flashy Glasses, increased the price from 50 to 230 Solar
  • Pump rifle, reduced the price from 200 to 175 Solar per stage
  • Laserpointer, reduced the price from 160 to 140 Solar
  • HC-Bomb, reduced the price from 215 to 200 Solar
  • 1.21 Gigawatt Battery, reduced the price from 190 to 160 Solar
  • Fixed an issue where Higgs Grenade’s tooltip said it increases the height by +1 while it increases by +2 per stage
  • Pump Rifle, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Lonestar[ | ]

  • Cattle Rebooter, price reduced from 185 to 160 Solar

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Hydro Smash, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
  • Boom Box, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
  • Fixed an issue where Mutant Worms gave too much attack speed
  • Bio Fuel Cells, now has 3 stages
  • Bio Fuel Cells, price reduced from 130 to 90 Solar per stage
  • Bio Fuel Cells, reduced duration 0.6 to 0.4 seconds per stage
  • Boom Box, price reduced from 220 to 200 Solar
  • Twister Tweeters, price increased from 185 to 210 Solar

Voltar[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Voltar couldn’t heal when standing against the wall
  • Suicide Drones, tooltip now clarifies that you can shoot your drones that get spawned by Voltar
  • Voltar’s, health is reduced from 1350 to 1200
  • Energy Drink, no longer increases the longevity of the healbot
  • Energy Drink, price is reduced from 205 to 170 Solar per stage
  • Healbot, heals is increased from 40 to 55 health per second
  • Healbot, cooldown is increased from 14 to 17 seconds
  • Healbot, duration is increased from 6 to 7 seconds
  • Weaponised Hull, extra damage now only applies against Awesomenauts

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Swiggins his anchor would be in his hand, but the recall skill would still be active
  • The Anchor Drop recall now shows the Anchor Drop description
  • Fixed an issue where Krill Biscuits still gave 20 max health
  • Fixed an issue where Krill Biscuit’s tooltip said 1 / 2

Yuri[ | ]

  • Laser, damage against turrets is increased from 40% to 50%
  • Fixed an issue where Instant Charge Battery gave too much attack speed
  • Giant Monocle, price increased from 160 to 180 Solar
  • Gave him a little bit more acceleration while jetpack is on
  • Uranium Spikes, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Genji[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where The Last Pieridae Transformae would spawn droids if you shoot near droids but miss them
  • Bronco Yeast, now has 3 stages
  • Bronco Yeast, price reduced from 155 to 130 Solar per stage

Penny[ | ]

  • Penny, her base health is increased from 1200 to 1250
  • Pounce, stats now show the base damage aswell as the damage per charge
  • Claw, damage against turret is increased from 80% to 100%
  • Energy Pulse, now deals 100 damage per charge
  • Energy Pulse, changed the description to only state the added amplified damage per charge

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Chattering Teeth gave too much attack speed
  • Fixed an issue where Flex Neck gave too much attack speed
  • Rotten Teeth, damage is reduced from 100 to 75 per stage
  • Rotten Teeth, price is reduced from 230 to 210 Solar per stage
  • Corrosive Spores, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts
  • Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

Coco[ | ]

  • Shock, damage is increased against turrets from 80% to 100%
  • Fixed an issue where Blaze was cancelled if you detonated Ball Lightning with the Heavenly Fire upgrade active
  • Voltage Amplifier, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Ted Mc Pain[ | ]

  • Shotgun, damage against turrets is reduced from 60% to 50%
  • Wheelbarrow with Ammo, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Clunk[ | ]

  • Power Converter, heal over time increased from 150 to 200 health per stage
  • Thermonuclear Cleaner, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Ayla[ | ]

  • Rubberband Ball, tooltip now displays Movement Duration instead of Duration, to clarify what time is bound to what effect
  • Ion Blowtorch's, tooltip now explains you deal extra damage if enemy Awesomenauts with 40% health or less are close, instead of saying wounded Awesomenauts
  • Now has Solar Crabs instead of Solar Tree

Derpl[ | ]

  • Hydrocollision Lava Lamp, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Mammoth Socks with Holes didn’t give the described 2.5s of stealth
  • Chrome File, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Sentry[ | ]

  • Disguise Moustache, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Skree[ | ]

  • Alien hula girl, slowtime increased from 0.5s to 1s
  • Alien hula girl, slowpower increased from 12,5% to 15% per stage
  • Steeldrum, extra damage is now only against Awesomenauts

Sorona[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with the jump pads not being equal

Aguillon[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be pushed out of the droid spawning area at blue side

AI Station 205[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where droids walked to the wrong lanes
  • Fixed a glitch where you could get behind the first top turret

Melee Droids[ | ]

  • Melee Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Flying Droids[ | ]

  • Flying Droids, now turn the way they shoot
  • Flying Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Super Droids[ | ]

  • Super Droids, now deal 75% damage against droids

Turrets[ | ]

  • First Turrets, health is increased from 7000 to 9000 health
  • Second Turrets, heal is increased from 13000 to 14000 health
  • Turrets, now deal reduced damage against droids.