Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW Premium skin: Loninator (Sheriff Lonestar)[ | ]

Hailing from an even more distant future than 3587, the Loninator has come to wrangle the Bovinion who would one day stop the rise of the Genetically Engineered Cowboy Overlords.

This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Coco[ | ]

Coco Nebulon takes the mic as she tries to stay focused on the battle at hand. She will probably be distracted all the time by all the shiny lights and her girlfriends calling her on her cell.

This is a paid DLC

NEW announcer: Wildlife documentary[ | ]

Zork Industries Broadcasting Corporation presents: Awesomenauts, the Documentary. Let this retired explorer take you on a journey the likes of which you have never seen. The Wildlife Announcer will turn every Awesomenauts match into a documentary in which the circle of life continues ever onwards.

This is a paid DLC

NEW song: Sirens Before The Storm[ | ]

In the depths of the Starstorm station the Awesomenauts discovered an ancient intergalactic-space-composer-bot. He had used the formula for the intersonic quantum barrier to come up with beats so awesome that they are still used today as the Sirens before the Storm.

This song is part of the Starstorm DLC

NEW language: Russian[ | ]

Thanks to the great help of the community the entire game has now been translated to Russian!

NEW: Global chat[ | ]

Looking for a Deathmatch custom game, discussing the newest trending tactics, speculating about items in Voltar’s Vault, it’s all possible in-game with Patch 2.8! With various chat rooms such as General Chat, Gnaw’s Spam Bukkit and Looking For Game to help you find the right people to talk to about whatever you want! The upcoming patch will bring the first version of the Global Chat system, with updates and changes coming in the future.

NEW: Background main menu[ | ]

We changed the background to something more festive, merry Christmas to all!

AI modding Tools[ | ]

Added settings to allow bots to aim more like a human to the ActionAimStickAtTarget block.

NEW: added more bots made by the community[ | ]

If you encounter any issues with these, please report them in their respective topics!

  • Derpl by TheMesp
  • Penny Fox by Flawlesshair
  • Raelynn by Veanko (The previous Raelynn bot has been replaced by this new, better one. A fix for the irritating perfect aiming she currently has will also come during the beta but is not in this version yet.)
  • Scoop by Nailcliper
  • Sentry by Ignotis
  • Skølldir by HarryButchers and hurleybird
  • Yuri by Ignotis

NEW features[ | ]

  • Naut icons visible on the minimap, know exactly who’s where at a glance.
  • Healthbar and name are now hidden from enemy players in hide areas
  • The scoreboard now shows a timer for players that are dead. This timer does not include the droppod time.
  • Added option for auto camera in replays to follow only one team instead of both teams (accessible by clicking the autocam button again)
  • Split up SFX volume into voices, announcer and other sfx in options menu

NEW achievements[ | ]

We added 8 new achievements. We also added some character specific achievements to make sure you get a taste of all the Awesomenauts. We are hoping to create more character specific achievements in the future. Can you guess all the cartoon references? :)

  • Bouncing bear juice - Become AWESOME.
  • Snorkle pipe boost - Kill the Solar boss before the 2:10 minute mark.
  • Clunk: No might can stop this oil can! - Get the maximum possible health with Clunk (3800).
  • Clunk: Part robot, part human. Mostly robot. - Kill Ted Mc Pain as Clunk.
  • Coco: Swiftly through the forest - Race from Solar Drill to Solar Drill in less than 12 seconds on Sorona.
  • Coco: Befriending a red bat - Win a game together with Skree.
  • Gnaw: Wrecking Wilson's garden - Feed the weedlings to the worm 10 times.
  • Gnaw: Attack of the botanic army! - Place 100 weedlings.

Colourblind improvements[ | ]

  • There is now a colourblind functionality setting that will turn healthbars red and blue. Neutral creeps will retain their original green colour when this setting is turned on.
  • Changed DoT (now purple) and Damaged (now off-white) colours on the healthbar to be better compatible with newly implemented colourblind functionality

General improvements[ | ]

  • Gnaw, Raelynn and Ayla are now available right from the start and don’t have to be unlocked any more (only relevant to new players or players who had not unlocked them yet).
  • Fixed that things like grenades and anchor collided with the sides of glass platforms
  • Fixed that damage increase icon (sword) was still visible when in stealth
  • Added a visual countdown for the Eye of Aiguillon invisibility buff
  • The Core’s damage state had a date with Nicola Tesla for a more shocking visual effect.
  • Capped profile name in main menu to 16 characters
  • Improved anti-aliasing on text for better readability, and making it less pixely
  • Added a visual indicator on the HUD for the following skills with a secondary press interaction: Coco’s Ball Lightning, Raelynn’s Snipe, Derpl’s Nuke, Swiggins’ Anchor Drop, Sentry’s Black Hole Sun, Skree’s Saw blade.
  • Improved the auto camera feature in replays to better choose the coolest moments (improvements around kills by droids, the start of the match and large amounts of damage).
  • The bot for Genji has been removed from the game. Its win percentage was well below that of other bots so getting him in your team was too big of a disadvantage. If the community can create a better Genji bot he might be brought back later on.
  • Fixed a freeze issue some users were experiencing during startup and game quit
  • Added language setting to ingame options menu
  • Fixed that AFK timers had accidentally been set back to 90 and 150 seconds in patch 2.6. These were increased to 120 and 180 seconds in patch 2.5.6 and were supposed to still be that way.

Polished sound[ | ]

  • Lonestar’s gun has a new more awesome sound
  • Added impact sounds for whenever someone is hit by anything. We already had pain sounds for hits but there is now also a sound that represents the hit itself. This sound differs with whether the character is a metal or flesh character.
  • The SUSI announcer got some extra voice lines.

Polished attack graphics[ | ]

  • Skølldir’s earthquake now looks approximately 3.14 times cooler
  • Froggy G’s Fish Gun impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
  • Lonestar’s Blaster impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
  • Lonestar’s Blaster bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Eagle Bullets and Crystal eagle bullets.
  • Lonestar’s and Derpl’s rocket impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
  • Leon’s Sword attack now shows an impact graphic on enemies you hit.
  • Voltar’s Healing wave charge-up graphic has been slightly improved
  • Derpl’s Turret attack impact and bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved.
  • Derpl’s Turret attack bullet graphic now slightly scales bigger for each tier of Hollow point bullets.
  • Clunk’s Missiles bullet graphic effects have been slightly improved
  • Added anti-aliasing to skill icons (in the skill dock at the bottom of the screen during gameplay) to make them look better on lower resolutions
  • Added a small lightning spark to Ayla’s rage ability
  • Improved teamcolour on Sentry’s shot and abilities.
  • Added fidelity to the heal aura on Voltar’s healpod ability.
  • Healpod visual has been scaled down.
  • Sentry’s abilities and auto attack shots have improved teamcolour.
  • Improved teamcolour on Ted’s Airstrike.
  • Froggy’s Dash and Whirlwind have improved teamcolour.
  • Coco’s Ball Lightning has improved visuals and teamcolour.

Wraith Stone[ | ]

We realized the item we created to replace Solar Tree wasn’t used by many players. We are trying to find a useful yet balanced solution. During the beta we tested out a new upgrade called Zork’s Barrier. From the feedback we got we found out that some players prefer Wraithstone (+heal from critters) and some others prefer the shield. We tried to fit the items to the classes who would have most use out of each. Resulting in the following changes.

  • Wraith Stones effect is replaced by Barrier magazine which provides a passive damage absorbing shield of 5% per stage (110 Solar per stage, 2 stages) for Clunk, Coco, Derpl, Genji, Lonestar, Scoop, Sentry, Skølldir, Skree, Swiggins, Voltar.

Ayla[ | ]

  • You can see the cooldown of Evil Eye while in rage

Clunk[ | ]

  • When you have the Salvo Value Pack and/or The Juggernaut “Fat Pete” and/or Missile Barrage items, your Missiles icon in the skilldock will now change with every type of missile.
  • Fixed a bug where Explode damaged enemies when cocooned

Coco[ | ]

  • Coco’s Shock attack graphic now no longer snaps to 45 degree angles, but instead rotates freely like the actual gameplay effect itself. This only changes the visuals, the gameplay already had free-aiming.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where Froggy G would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving

Genji[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where Genji would slide when trying to stop moving

Leon[ | ]

  • Enhanced Muscle Fibers was renamed to Sharp Edged Razors because Skølldir patented on this item name

Penny[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where Penny would slide further than intended when trying to stop moving

Raelynn[ | ]

  • T-800 Drone now dies 5 seconds after Raelynn dies

Scoop[ | ]

  • Binding of Justice’s damage also gets cancelled when cocooned

Sentry[ | ]

  • Circuits of Time decoy’s now die 5 seconds after Sentry dies
  • Reduced health from 1650 to 1500

Skølldir[ | ]

  • Bash now deals 75% damage against turrets
  • Earthquake now functions more reliably

Skree[ | ]

  • Totem of Power, fixed an issue where the totem would spawn when hitting a wall
  • Totem of Power, now drops less through glass platforms

Yuri[ | ]

  • Wraith stone replaced with solar krab burgers

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Swiggins no longer falls when starting Anchor hook
  • Swiggins resets knockback when activating Anchor hook
  • Improved the arc of Swiggins’ Anchor Drop
  • Reduced the base length of Anchor Drop’s chain by 15%
  • Removed a stage of Aquarium Pump
  • Aquarium Pump’s attack speed is increased from 10 to 15% per stage
  • Aquarium Pump’s cost is increased from 135 to 160 solar per stage
  • Energized Hook’s cost is reduced from 180 to 175 per stage
  • Reduced the price of Pneumatic Spoon from 190 to 165 per stage
  • Slighty increased Swiggins’ jump height
  • Improved the accuracy of Swiggins’ Ink Shot
  • Swiggins now has a 0.6 second delay when picking up his anchor (to punish people running around with their anchor on the ground)
  • You can now see Anchor Hook’s cooldown while not having your Anchor
  • Swiggins now has an animation when picking up his anchor

Ted Mc Pain[ | ]

  • Ted’s shotgun shell system was reverted to 2.6, it shows 1 damage number now.
  • While using Stimpack, Ted is no longer stunned (he can’t use skills while using Stimpack, but he can move)

Voltar[ | ]

  • Healwave minimum heal is reduced by 5
  • Healwave maximum heal is increased by 5
  • Happy thoughts, reduced healing from 20 to 17 per stage
  • Euphoric thoughts, reduced healing from 80 to 70
  • Decreased the size of Healbot’s heal/damage/knockback area
  • Weaponised Hull’s description no longer displays it only damages Awesomenauts
  • Hyperdrive second stage now works again
  • Fixed a bug where Voltar’s healbot would randomly knock people down
  • Slightly increases acceleration and increased gravity to improve movement
  • Healbot won’t heal Voltar anymore, only other friendly targets
  • Solar Krab Burgers, price reduced from 200 to 100 Solar

AI Station 205[ | ]

  • Increased the amount of time between the fire areas by 33%
  • Minimap now shows appropriate number of health-orbs and their location