Awesomenauts Wiki

Chat[ | ]

  • Added options for enabling/disabling global and in-game chat
  • Added optional profanity filtering for global chat, in-game chat and user names

General[ | ]

  • Improved performance. How much greatly depends on the computer as this only optimises the processor side, not the graphics. On the computer we measured on the framerate improved by 14% during gameplay. This improvement probably has no effect for players whose videocard is the bottleneck.
  • Switched default driver setting for new players from OpenGL to DirectX. OpenGL drivers from some vendors keep being buggy and are even getting worse. We advise everyone with weird graphics glitches and alt+tab problems to switch to DirectX.
  • More Steam user names are now shown correctly in the game (we fixed that some text characters were visualised as a * even if the text character is available in the font).
  • Added loading screen for Alienware Awesome Cup

General gameplay[ | ]

  • Accounts now level 25% faster
  • Fixed that after rejoin you wouldn't automatically rebuy all previous upgrades
  • AI Station 205: moved some glass platforms down a little bit to make it easier for droids to get to the top lane
  • Baby kuri mammoth now also reduces knockback effects
  • Fixed that bullet detonation didn’t break stealth (e.g. Coco’s Ball lightning, Derpl’s Nuke, etc.)

Replays (only for newly recorded replays)[ | ]

  • Fixed that Sentry’s Black Hole charge bar was not visible in replays
  • Fixed that the lifetime bar of Gnaw’s Weedlings was not visible in replays
  • Fixed that Nibbs frenzy bar and Penny charge bar disappeared in replays whenever the Nibbs or Penny was outside your screen during recording

Graphs in replays (also for previously recorded replays)[ | ]

  • Fixed that graphs in replays always showed the graph for the entire replay. This made them useless because they spoiled what was going to happen
  • Added totalSolar option to graphs
  • Fixed that damageDone, damageTaken, healingDone and healingTaken all showed the wrong values
  • Fixed that graph lines for teams often contained missing parts, especially in the left half of the graph
  • Fixed that the time of team lines was off compared to the time of individual player lines
  • Graph lines are now a bit thinner (looks better)

Ayla[ | ]

In an attempt to make Ayla’s skills more complementary to each other and fix builds where she was strong in rage mode against single targets as well as multiple targets we had to make some drastic changes in 2.9. In the days after release of the patch we saw some unforeseen issues with how the new system works and feel she was underpowered with those changes. With some additional changes in patch 2.9.2 we hope to give her more sustain and prowess in team fights, but weaken rage a bit more in 1vs1 fights, to push players towards a more active play style in combination with chain whack and evil eye.

  • Evil eye can now be used while chain whacking
  • Blue three wheeler reverted to old speed up effect (price 180 Solar)
  • Rage now deals a flat amount of 33 damage to self
  • Rage damage reduced from 70 to 63
  • Rage lifesteal replaced with a shield against incoming damage -25%
  • Rage now deals 15% more damage for every extra target in range (max +75%)
  • Rage now gains 15% more shielding for every extra target in range (max +75%)
  • Rubberband ball price reduced from 135 to 115
  • Reduced the cooldown for turning rage on and off to 0.5s
  • Rip apart bear now reduces self damage by 5 per stage ( 2 stages)
  • Angry drawings damage reduced from 22 to 19
  • Angry drawings added a third stage
  • Fiery jawbreakers now lets you pull enemies towards you when you turn on rage after using evil eye
  • Hungry Zurian description changed from ‘add’ to ‘increase’

Coco[ | ]

  • Fixed that Coco’s Ball lightning didn’t show an explosion graphic for other players when exploding on timeout. It did do damage so this is purely a graphical fix

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Fixed that Gnaw's bite sometimes couldn't hit Skree's totem of power

Nibbs[ | ]

  • Beryl scale cloak increased pull
  • Chilas wax candle, fixed an issue where Nibbs could stunlock her enemies
  • Eternal flame damage increased from 50 damage over 3 seconds to 150 over 6 seconds
  • Eternal flame price reduced from 215 to 180
  • Autographed picture of Voran damage reduced from 10 to 7
  • Autographed picture of Voran now has a third stage
  • Fire breath naut damage reduced from 18 to 17
  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown reduction didn’t work correctly and firebreath was unavailable

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Fixed that if you spammed the Anchor Drop button quickly you could pick up the anchor immediately while it actually should have chained someone