Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW Naut: Nibbs[ | ]

Nibbs is a dragon warrior in service to the Sisterhood of Coba. This demonic group was bound to the Omicron dimension who, as soon as the Starstorm ripped a hole in the continuum, started an invasion of conquest.

Right after going through the portal, Nibbs's ship landed on the space station. Scouting around, she mistook Gnaw's tail for a juicy piece of fruit. After he was bitten, the startled Gnaw led her right back to the Awesomenauts who managed to convince her to stay with a wide variety of exotic treats.

Orb of Omicron[ | ]

Send out an orb to which you can teleport with a second press.

Fire breath[ | ]

Hold your position and unleash your fiery breath on your foes.

Dragon frenzy[ | ]

Strike with your claws. Each hit will give a stack of frenzy, increasing your attackspeed.

NEW premium skin: Battle Nibbs and the He-Zurian[ | ]

For Graygrowl! Battle Nibbs is here! Clad in fiercesome armor, and with freshly-brushed fur, she pounces onto the battlefield with the most powerful Zurian in the Universe! The hunt for Skreeletor is on! This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set

NEW skin: Roboscoop[ | ]

In the dystopic and crime-ridden Omicron dimension, a terminally delicious cop returns to the Awesomenauts as a powerful Gelati cyborg haunted by submerged dreams of long lost chocolate… The Killer Koala’s expand their formidable team once more with the arrival of RoboScoop. Are you ready? This skin is exclusive for give-aways, so it cannot be bought on Steam. Come visit us at our PAX East booth to get it! Can't make it to PAX? There will be other opportunities to get your hands on this awesome skin, also at some online events!

NEW announcer: Wraithlord Scoop announcer[ | ]

What do you do when you're an immortal warrior, doomed to pursue your own unending thirst for vengeance? That's right! You get a hobby! Tremble, mortals! For Wraitlord Scoop has picked up the mic and is taking to the airwaves to comment on thine matches! He's not the most cheerful fellow of the bunch, but none of the other Awesomenauts have had the nerve to tell him that. This is a paid DLC

NEW: Custom Games Settings for everyone[ | ]

Custom Games Settings are now available for everyone, instead of just to owners of the Starstorm DLC. This includes the special game modes Randomnauts and Team Deathmatch. The reason we are moving this from the DLC to the main game is because we think the current situation is too confusing and limiting. More information here.

Bots and AI modding[ | ]

  • The Vinnie & Spike bot has been removed from the game, as it was not playing well enough and had a significantly lower win rate than any of the other bots.
  • Updated bots with new versions made by the community: Ayla, Clunk, Derpl, Leon, Lonestar, Penny, Raelynn, Scoop, Skree and Yuri
  • Fixed that a couple of pathing nodes had wrong or duplicate names

Global chat[ | ]

  • Removed all language-specific rooms, as well as the ‘Looking for game’ room
  • Automatically join ‘General Chat’ room on startup
  • Minimized chat now displays latest 3 lines of chat

Menus[ | ]

  • Added new sound effects to the menu
  • Shortened usernames in various places so they don’t break UI anymore
  • Character names in stats screen character selector are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed that the game would sometimes accidentally select characters adjacent to the one under the cursor in the character select menu.
  • Fixed that in the character select menu some character animations stopped after you had selected the character
  • Fixed that sometimes the leaderboards said ‘you are not ranked’ while you were
  • In announcer dlc menu, added ticks to indicate that dlc has been purchased
  • Switched headers in Russian font to the same cool font as is used for headers in other languages
  • Fixed that interface elements and tooltips in replays always showed English texts, even when set to a different language

Controls[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue in splitscreen where some in-game menus required player 1 to navigate even if another player had opened the menu
  • Fixed conflicting default control schemes when using both ‘Keyboard and mouse A’ and ‘Keyboard B’. Also fixed vice versa for ‘Keyboard and mouse B’ and ‘Keyboard A’.
  • Fixed flickering ‘Open’ button in control schemes menu when using an XBox360 controller
  • Fixed that in the lobby there was an invisible ‘configure controls’ button in each party slot that could be clicked
  • Static controls (e.g. ‘down+jump’ for ‘drop down’, ‘enter’ for ‘open chat’, etc) can now be switched between their default value and disabled, effectively allowing use of a custom key through the alternate key column.
  • Fixed ordering of buttons for controller/keyboard input in the in game menu.

General balance and gameplay[ | ]

  • Humming bird droids health reduced from 550 to 400, this also includes the humming birds from Genji (The last Pieridae Transformae) and Raelynn (T-800 dome)
  • Removed the shield on hummingbird droids including on the ones of Raelynn and Genji
  • Fixed an issue where wraithstone would not work correctly
  • Fixed that teleporting onto a healthpack wouldn't give any health.
  • Fixed that you could get stuck while downjumping through platforms and the Skree totem
  • Fixed that you could get hit by bullets in the path between the teleport enter and exit positions.
  • Muting a player in-game now also mutes attack/defend/help commands
  • Fixed that the items Solar krab burgers and med-i’-can varied in location in the store.

Ayla[ | ]

These changes are intended to make Ayla’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make her play differently.

  • Chain whack now has 20% lifesteal on base
  • Chain whack range increased from 2.5 to 2.6
  • Hungry Zurian lifesteal reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Rage damage increased from 60 to 70 per hit
  • Rage now deals 10% of total max health as damage per second to self instead of a flat amount of 64 damage per second to self
  • Rage now deals a flat amount of lifesteal instead of a percentage of the damage (15 lifesteal instead of 33.3%)
  • Angry drawings no longer adds additional self damage
  • Fiery jawbreakers: removed increase in self damage
  • Rubberband ball’s effect replaced and will now let Ayla leave a blood trail, which she can pick up after rage has ended, healing her for 20 per stage and increasing her movement speed (3 stages 135 per stage)
  • Blue three-wheeler’s effect replaced and will now reduce selfdamage by 1.5% hps per stage (2 stages 155 Solar per stage)

Coco[ | ]

  • Health reduced from 1300 to 1250
  • Blaze slow power reduced from 20% to 10%
  • Syphon disruptor slow power increased from 20 to 25% (this is not a buff: the max slow power remains the same since the base slow is reduced)
  • Disruptor slow power increased from 7% to 8.7% per stage
  • Silver coating speed increase reduced by 10%

Derpl[ | ]

  • Hollow point bullets price reduced from 220 to 195 Solar per stage
  • Deployment pads price reduced from 160 to 120 Solar
  • Solid fist missiles price reduced from 225 to 200 Solar
  • Brim force field price reduced from 290 to 260 Solar
  • Sweet syrup bullets price reduced from 195 to 175 Solar
  • Siegemode gatling fire range increased by 10%
  • Nuke will no longer home in on targets
  • Grid trap snare duration increased from 1.5 to 1.6
  • Empowered grid snare duration increased from 0.5 to 0.6
  • Reduced the collision size of gatling bullets to fit their graphics better

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Tornado now deals half damage per tick (83 damage) but ticks twice as fast
  • Mutant worms: Limited Ninja edition now also triggers on the groundpound effect of hammer pants
  • Ice cubes slow duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
  • Hammerpants will now receive the effect from ice cubes
  • Tornado damage increased from 75 to 83

Genji[ | ]

  • Caterpillar King Statue collision box of the returning healing shot is now consistent with the other projectiles part of this shot
  • Fixed that humming droids created by The last pieridae transformae sometimes spawned way below the cocooned sawblade droid.

Gnaw[ | ]

These changes are intended to make Gnaw’s playstyle more active and more interesting. These changes are not intended to be a nerf or a buff, just to make him play differently.

  • Weedlings now live for a limited time (30 seconds)
  • Weedlings base health increased from 400 to 450
  • Weedlings attackspeed increased from 66.7 to 74.1
  • Fertilizer effect replaced and will now increase weedling life time by 100% when fertilized by acid spit
  • Removed body collision on weedlings
  • Weedlings damage increased from 70 to 75
  • Corrosive spores now deal normal damage
  • Spit can now fertilize and heal weedlings for 20% of max hitpoints
  • Bag of seeds effect replaced and will now increase damage of weedlings by 50% when fertilized by acid spit
  • Drip and spit projectiles collision boxes increased to fit their graphics better
  • Feather ball effect replaced and will now increase weedling healing by 10%

Leon[ | ]

  • Dummies will now automatically attack
  • Agressive AI chip replaced with French baguette which increases movement in stealth when a wounded enemy (below 50% health) is near (+3 movement).
  • Basic AI chip and French baguette switched places in the shop
  • Clover of honour now also works on turrets.
  • Hungry sword now lifesteals a flat amount of 25 health per hit and dummies lifesteal 12.5 per hit
  • Spiked tongue piercing damage reduced by 10%
  • Morning star piercing damage reduced by 10%
  • Clover of honour now displays the correct Solar price
  • Dummies will now jump less when there is no higher spot to reach

Penny[ | ]

  • Energy pulse’s amplify damage effect won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (10%)
  • Chicken in lunchbox, amplify damage increase won’t increase anymore with more charges, but is now a flat amount (+5% per stage)
  • Death lens damage reduced from 150 to 125 per stage
  • Herring snack badge price increased from 160 to 175
  • Herring snack badge healing reduced from 60 to 40

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Timerifts no longer affect other timerifts

Scoop[ | ]

  • Hammer of frost collision size reduced by 10%
  • Fixed a bug where Halberd of justice healed for double the amount

Sentry[ | ]

  • Black hole sun stored damage will now decay after 10 seconds, however base and flat damage will not be affected.
  • Health increased from 1500 to 1550
  • Black hole sun gravitational pull increased by 10%
  • Bug detector gravitational pull reduced from 35% to 25%
  • Blackhole sun minimum and maximum damage increased by 50

Skree[ | ]

  • Fixed bullet collision inconsistencies with Skree Totem.

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Anchor hook will now show when the hook is hooked in the skilldock
  • Anchor hook is now a lot more stable and a whole bunch of issues with it should now be fixed
  • Teleporting away, when stuck to Swiggins anchor now breaks anchor.
  • Anchor hook stun duration decreased from 0.2s to 0.1s
  • Resolved an issue where poolboy could be triggered twice in succession
  • Cooldown when anchor is destroyed increased from 10s to 15s

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Grenaide pour homme stun duration increased from 0.2s to 0.4s
  • Sniper toothbrush movement speed increased from 25% to 30%
  • Wheelbarrow with ammo price reduced from 210 to 180 per stage
  • Double rpg price increased from 170 to 190

Voltar[ | ]

  • Happy thoughts now increases the max healing of healing wave (heal 25 per stage)
  • Euphoric thoughts now increases the healing of healing wave when fully charged (70 extra healing)

Note: These are just some last changes to try to keep his current healing wave, but we are working on an overhaul of Voltar’s other skills. We feel we tried everything to keep him as close as possible to his original self, but time has come and he needs some major changes to avoid him becoming too strong in coordinated premades and not useless in solo battles.