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NEW expansion: Overdrive[ | ]

Are you ready to kick things into Overdrive? Good, because the Awesomenauts: Overdrive expansion is here! Get it today and gain immediate access to three brand-new charaters: the time-travelling Professor M. Yoolip, the hyperbike-riding bounty hunter Chucho Krokk, and Jimmy and the LUX5000!

NEW character: Professor M. Yoolip[ | ]

As a scientist professor Milton Yoolip loves to create wondrous inventions and contraptions. One day after combining the time machine into some comfy slippers, he teleported to the Mesozoic era and got stuck with the dinosaurs after losing one of his teleportation slippers. He spent years to craft a new slipper to travel forward in time to return to his beloved granddaughter Ayla. This character is part of the paid Overdrive DLC

NEW character: Chucho Krokk[ | ]

Chucho comes from a rich, if slightly shady family called the Krokk. He has taken up the family mantle of being a BAD-ASS BOUNTY HUNTER. This self-styled “Time Krokk” is on the hunt for an Awesomenaut who has been illegally travelling through time. This character is part of the paid Overdrive DLC

NEW character: Jimmy And The LUX5000[ | ]

Jimmy, Amy and the LUX5000 Toddletron are a mighty team. They have won numerous fights in robobrawls held in the many arenas and slums of Circuit City on Calias. Being big fans of the Awesomenauts they skipped the seasonal diaper league tournament and joined the team for some grown-up fights. This character is part of the paid Overdrive DLC

NEW: Lonestar’s new graphics[ | ]

Sheriff Lonestar got a brand new attire! His visuals and animations were completely redone resulting in cooler, crisper and much more awesome art! Sonic Picnic has even extended his theme song and killing spree music. The theme song is over twice as long now!

NEW skin: Clockwork Yoolip[ | ]

Professor Milton Yoolip has made many inventions, but his best work is quite possible a fully-sentient robot that mimics his every move. Whenever duty calls but Yoolip would rather spend his time tinkering on new gadgets or go to the park with his granddaughter, he sends Clockwork Yoolip to take his stead. Few people even notice the difference, given the Professors eccentric personality and the many tools he usually carries around. This is a paid DLC

NEW skin: Sir Jimmy Lionheart[ | ]

The Lionhearts are forged for battle, so the everlasting peace they had brought to the realms grew boring after a couple of years. That's when they heard about the Awesomenauts, a band of mercenaries embroiled in perpetual war, and set off to a land far far away to once-again fight side by side. This is a paid DLC

NEW skin: Skull Chopper Chucho[ | ]

After slaying the last demon in Europe in a dark forest late in the fifteenth century, the legendary demon hunter got atop his steel horse and set off to another world in need of his services. One of the villagers saved by the man said he had a face pale as bone and introduced himself Skull Chopper Chucho, and that he would return if our world was ever threatened by hellspawn once more. This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!

NEW announcer: The Mind Collection[ | ]

From deep within the unexplored corners of the galaxy comes a threat called The Mind Collection – a clustered, shared awareness spread over countless assimilated species. This force will slow for nothing, and neither strength nor technology can keep it at bay. It seeks only to expand itself and slithers from system to system like an oil spill, leaving nothing but itself in its wake. Pray that The Mind Collection never reaches your world. This is a paid DLC

General[ | ]

  • Season resets have been disabled from now on because they were causing too much matchmaking chaos (players of higher skill were often matched with beginning players during the weeks after a season reset). In the long run we will reevaluate the entire ratings and leaderboards system.

Bots[ | ]

  • Updated the bots for a bunch of characters. These improvements were created by community members Veanko and Ignotis, thanks folks! FroggyBot even switched to an entirely new base AI. These are the bots that have been updated: Ayla, Clunk, Froggy G, Gnaw, Leon, Lonestar, Skree, Raelynn
  • New AI blocks added to the behaviourCreator: checkTurretHealth, checkBaseHealth, checkTurretArea and compareCounters. These should make it possible to improve bot decision-making where to attack or defend. A post will be added to the modding subforum with more details.

Replays[ | ]

  • Fixed that messages for a player joining had [SOURCE] instead of the name of the player

Ribbit IV[ | ]

  • Moving platforms on the bottom lane are now stationary.

Ayla[ | ]

  • Rage, the description now shows the correct amount of self damage.

Clunk[ | ]

  • Missile Barrage, renamed to Double Missile.

Ksenia[ | ]

  • Fury blowout, description now states that the third hit will provide scissors based on the amount of targets hit.

Leon[ | ]

  • Double swords should now no longer show up when jumping or falling when using the Ghost Leon skin.
  • Mousquetaire Leon has found his giant feather and put it back on his hat.

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Snipe fire range is now consistent with the snipe aim.

Rocco[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where the precision shot would prematurely explode when having Badge and Gun and Little Johny active.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Withered president mask, fixed a typo in the description.
  • Rigged casino games, description changed to be more clear.

Trivia[ | ]

  • 3.0 is the first patch to release more than one 'Naut since the GoGo Robo Power Patch, which added Coco and Derpl.
  • 3.0 is the only patch to add three 'Nauts simultaneously.