Awesomenauts Wiki

Rebalanced league sizes[ | ]

We’ve tweaked the league sizes to better reflect where the active players are. Due to large numbers of inactive players from the Free Weekend in the lower leagues over 60% of all activity was in leagues 1 to 3. All leagues should be equally active for good matchmaking so this should normally be 33%. We’ve made the top leagues a lot smaller now to compensate, so most players will be in a lower league than they were before! Your rank and rating have not changed.

General[ | ]

  • Fixed that the final item could not be unlocked in the account progression (if you were max level before patch 3.1 launched then this would be Starstorm Statue).
  • Max jump heights of Ayla, Ted McPain, Raelynn, Chucho, Scoop and Voltar increased by about 5% to improve their platforming ability on certain maps.
  • Fixed that Randomnauts didn’t show the automatically bought upgrades anymore in the top-right corner.
  • Fixed that Skree Announcer wasn’t listed in the Awesomenauts DLC list on the Steam store page.

Ayla[ | ]

  • Augmented Ayla skin, fixed that Rage sounds would play over the entire map.
  • Augmented Ayla’s selection quotes are now audible when she’s selected.
  • Augmented Ayla’s rage ball sound, while active, has been toned down a bit.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Tornado, skill name is now simply “Tornado” instead of “Tornado Move” to be consistent with upgrades and other languages.

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

  • Castle Ice Cream Flavoured Pacifier, shield bar visual is now visible underneath the charge duration bar while Jimmy is charging.
  • Missile Barrage, Jimmy’s momentum no longer resets upon triggering the skill.
  • Missile Barrage, fixed a bug where rapidly clicking the skill button could result in a Missile Barrage that cannot be cancelled or triggering the skill without any effect.

Nibbs[ | ]

  • Misery Tarot Cards, description now updates with leveling.

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

  • Quark Microscope, fixed that the hit counter would count down when holding left click while deploying Robo Dinos.
  • Holo Pet Food, fixed that Robo Dinos with this upgrade would not jump on a ledge that has an enemy on it.
  • Gripping Gaze, reverted the change of it being unaffected by BKM due to the changes to the upgrade and to remain consistent.

Raelynn[ | ]

  • T-800 Dome, fixed that you were able to have multiple flying droids spawned at a time.

Sentry[ | ]

  • Black Hole Sun, fixed that it was possible to skip the cooldown.

Skree[ | ]

  • Magic Sunballs, buying the upgrade now correctly updates your total bounces in the description to 6.
  • Closed Coffin, now updates the max Totem health in the description.
  • Ceremonial Mask, fixed description typo.

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Anchor Drop, the break damage in the description now updates with leveling.

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Princess Adlez Phonenumber, fixed that the Airstrike didn’t deal damage to anyone below the impact point of the Airstrike
  • Fixed that the Airstrike would often get stuck into the wall
  • Fixed that the knock down of the Airstrike was gone

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Rigged Casino Games, damage reduction per dive reduced from 55% to 45%