Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW graphics options and higher quality[ | ]

These options give more control and allow for higher graphics quality. Most modern gaming computers are easily fast enough to set all of these to their highest setting.

  • Added Sharpen option.
  • Added Supersampling option (this is a powerful type of anti-aliasing).
  • Split Graphics Quality option into two separate options: Texture Quality (Low/High) and Backgrounds Quality (Low/Medium).
  • Added option for High quality backgrounds (smoother and less noisy/pixely).
  • Added option to decrease input lag (making controls feel more instant) at the cost of framerate.
  • Removed the old multi-threading option and replaced it with the much more powerful Less Input Lag option.

General[ | ]

  • Added two more custom game options: a multiplier for passive health regen (which can also be negative) and shop healing.
  • Changed the visual appearance of the Blind status effect.
  • Leaving the shop with the B-button of an Xbox-controller no longer activates the B-skill when leaving the shop was bound to another button.
  • The indicators for the amplify damage, stun, speedup, snare, slow, silence, invulnerability, weakness, empower and blind status effects have been overhauled so these indicators no longer overlap and to make them easier to check during gameplay.
  • The Russian fonts for chat have been updated.
  • Increased the size of the randomnauts item popup - it should fit all of the item descriptions now.
  • Solar Krab Burgers, heal per coin reduced from 70 to 65
  • Droids give 4% more XP per level, making it easier for the team that’s behind to catch up
  • Starstorm is now in second place in the map selection list.
  • Fixed that in OpenGL the end of the loading screen would ignore VSync settings. This happened on Windows, Mac and Linux, but not in DirectX.
  • Fixed issue on Mac where an item in the carousel with an ‘&’ in the weblink would not open correctly in the browser.
  • Fixed issue between enemy and allied droids. Previously when opposing droids would move up or down a ledge at the same time they would jump over each other and idle until one of the droids was destroyed. Now droids that jump over each other will turn back and fight each other instead of idling.

Starstorm Map[ | ]

Widened the middle to make playing there more comfortable

  • Thinned the walls by the portals
  • Moved the turrets back a little

Changes done to make pushing the second turret in bottom lane less safe

  • Pushed turrets a bit back into alcove
  • Extended the wall a bit underneath the portal, making portal slightly harder to access

Reduce camping at the exit portal

  • Removed the platform under the exit portal
  • Glass platforms near the exit portal moved inwards a little
  • Moved the health creeps to the bottom area
  • Ceiling lowered to balance fliers on the map

Moved healthpacks to spread the healing better

  • Healthpack removed from bottom of the map
  • Healthpacks placed behind the top turrets

Ayla[ | ]

  • Fixed that she goes into stealth while using Rage. Picking up the Stealth orb still stops Rage.

Some slight nerfs and diversity tweaks

  • Biter Mask, slowing power reduced from +13% to +11% per stage
  • Prison Guard Keys, extra health reduced from 105 to 90 per stage
  • Ion Blowtorch, health requirement improved from 40% to 45%, price reduced from 175 to 160 per stage

Chucho[ | ]

After the stun was nerfed One Armed Chameleon became way less effective, so it was changed to be damage focused instead.

  • One Armed Chameleon, stun removed, range increased by 50%, base damage increased from 70 to 80 per shot.

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth.

Coco[ | ]

Moved some of her late-game damage to her early-game.

  • Shock, base damage increased from 27 to 30
  • Static Gloves, base damage increase per stage reduced from +4 to +3
  • Flexible Heat Sinks, attack speed per stage reduced from 12% to +10%
  • Heavenly Fire, Blaze generated by Heavenly Fire deals 50% of the damage of the regular effect
  • Shock, removed movement penalty.
  • Shooting ball lightning now interrupts auto attack.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Improved invincibility over network. This should fix the issue where Froggy G would receive damage when dashing through Yuri mines.

Genji[ | ]

Some nerfs intended to affect his godlike teamplay, while at the same time giving him a slight buff for SoloQ

  • Moon nectar, base heal per nectar reduced from 52 to 47
  • Monarch Blessing, base shielding reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Hidden Leaves, shielding increased from 7.5% to 10% per stage
  • Cat Pillar, price per stage increased from 185 to 215
  • Prefab Cocoons, price per stage reduced from 190 to 180
  • Prefab Cocoons, now explodes instantly
  • Prefab Cocoons, damage reduced from 185 to 160 per stage.
  • Fixed that the droid generated by Piriade Transformae give XP to the enemy team.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Alligned the visual of Gnaw’s spit bullet with the collision (it was off by a fraction)

Some buffs to help with lategame scaling

  • Rotten Teeth, now also reduces Damage over Time duration, by 1s per stage
  • Dental Braces, effect replaced. Landing bite weakens enemy damage vs. Awesomenauts by 15% for 1s
  • Chattering Teeth, price reduced from 205 to 165
  • Diamond Teeth, price reduced from 225 to 190
  • Filed teeth, effect now also works on DoT, effect reduced from 30% to 25%

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

Jimmy is currently in a decent position, therefore little changes were made at this time. Improving his charge consistency and some other upgrade changes are being discussed for the future.

  • Dirty Diapers, removed one stage, cooldown reduction increased from 0.8s to 2s, price increased from 135 to 180 solar.
  • Danger Pins, damage reduced from 250 to 210.

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

General Fix

  • Steel boxing gloves, fixed that it was possible to trigger a shield while activating a skill

Ksenia[ | ]

Ksenia is regarded too strong in the highest levels, some adjustments to tone her down

  • Scissor throw, cooldown between scissors increases from 0.25s to 0.33s
  • Remembrance Machine, slow per stage reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Acrobatic Double Jump, maximum jump height decreased from 5.6 to 5.2
  • Vanish, cooldown increased from 11s to 12s
  • Occam’s Razor, slow reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Deja Vu Blocker, silence reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s per stage

General Fix

  • Fixed that Ksenia would no longer go out of stealth based on the Vanish timer after picking up the stealth orb in Aguillon. Stealth would in that case last the 20s given by the orb.

Leon[ | ]

Changes to make Leon more of an assassin, less of a pusher / army manager / king of the backdoor

  • Leon can have one clone at a time
  • Buff base damage from 90 to 95
  • Stealth, duration now limited to 8 seconds
  • Steel false teeth, merged into one stage, heal value increased from 68 to 85, price increased to 190
  • Spectacles magnet piercing, added second stage, maximum blind duration 3s
  • Pinot Noir, base regen increased from 25HP/s to 40HP/s, price reduced 155 from to 115 solar
  • French baguette, price reduced from 130 to 90 solar

Lonestar[ | ]

General buffs to improve Lonestars standing

  • Bull Charger, damage increased from 180 to 210
  • Techno Viking Helmet, damage increased from 25 to 29
  • Incendiary bomb, damage over time increased from +75 to +82
  • Eagle Bullets, price reduced from 180 to 170
  • Cheetah Bullets price reduced from 180 to 155
  • Red & Blue Missiles damage increased from 90 to 100

Nibbs[ | ]

  • Fixed that Autographed Picture of Voran claimed to increase damage by 18%, in reality it’s 9%

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

Penny Fox[ | ]

Some slight nerfs and diversity improvements

  • Pounce, base damage reduced from 92 to 87, damage per stage from 51 to 48.
  • Electric Bike Lock, damage increased from 10% to +11%, price increased from 135 to 160 per stage.
  • Cookie Monster Badge, damage per charge increased from +6(+7%) to +7(+8%) for 230 solar.
  • Pulse, base damage per charge reduced from 95 to 90.
  • Spiderbird Collector Badge, added a very small AoE on hit
  • Living Treasure Map Badge, attack speed increased from 10% to +12%, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar.
  • Herring Snack Badge, Heal per charge reduced from +35 to +30, price increased from 175 to 190 solar.
  • Grey Man Group badge, price reduced from 200 to 175

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

Raelynn[ | ]

Reduce Raelynns stalling potential

  • Timerift damage against droids reduced to 75%
  • Snipe damage against droids reduced to 75%

Some light buffs to compensate and improve build variety

  • HC-Bomb, damage increased from 150% to 200%
  • Iron rifle, shield absorb damage value increased from 165 to 225
  • Fixed a bug where, when simultaneously using a jump pad and charging a snipe shot, you couldn’t jump immediately after firing the shot.

Scoop[ | ]

  • Added a visual hit indicator when dealing damage with Frozen Hammer.

Sentry[ | ]

Compensate for the movement speed buffs most Nauts received in 2.13.5 and Baby Kuri Mammoth affecting Black Hole Sun

  • Black Hole Sun, increase base gravity by 10%
  • Bug Detector, gravitational pull increase reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Glass case of emotion, price reduced from 205 to 115 solar
  • Ringtones for the deaf, silence duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

Skølldir[ | ]

Axethrowing Trophy stun is still considered strong, added a slight nerf

  • Axethrowing Trophy, added stun reduced from 0.3s to 0.2s

Skree[ | ]

  • The minimap icon for the Totem of Power no longer appears as a solid purple block in replays.

Changes to make Sawblade more of an active skill

  • Sawblade cooldown starts upon return of the blade
  • Sawblade cooldown reduced to 8

Reduce Sawblade stalling potential

  • All Sawblade damage a gainst droids reduced to 75%

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

Swiggins[ | ]

Improve build variety and buff Swiggins

  • Flying fish compass, effect merged into one stage, priced at 190 solar
  • Anchor Hook, base damage increased from 280 to 310
  • Blue Heart Medal, impact damage reduced from 55(20%) to 50(16%) per stage
  • Treasure Lottery Map, duration increased from 1s to 2.5s
  • Treasure Lottery Map, now also absorbs 200 damage

Ted McPain[ | ]

Grenaide is still considered obnoxious, replaced with knockback to also allow escapes and technical plays without being overbearing

  • Grenaide pour homme, effect replaced by a knockback pulse

Base Stimpack effect is considered a little underwhelming, made it stronger for a longer cooldown, moved some effect to base

  • Stimpack, base attack speed buff raised from 35% to 40%
  • Stimpack, base duration increased from 3s to 4s
  • Stimpack, cooldown starts at the end of Stimpack effect, cooldown reduced from 12 to 10
  • Ammo Weekly, Attack speed increase reduced from 15% to 12% per stage
  • Armpit Shaving Cream, price decreased from 165 to 155 solar per stage

Changed Tedris Ville, as it’s become a crutch

  • Tedris Ville, damage reduced from 190 to 150
  • Tedris Ville, range reduced from 20.8 to 13
  • Tedris ville, cooldown reduced from 3s to 1.2s, only activates when not firing Machine Gun

Improvements to the auto attack row diversity

  • Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, reduced arming time from 1.5s to 0.8s
  • Teddy’s Bullseyes, added second stage of +1 ammo for 135 solar

Reduce Ted’s stalling potential and reduced Airstrike strength

  • Wheelbarrow with Ammo, damage reduced from 15%(66) to 12%(54)
  • Airstrike, cooldown increased from 10s to 11s
  • Airstrike damage against droids reduced to 75%
  • Fixed issue where Ted would appear to be shooting with the shotgun but was actually shooting with the machinegun.

The airstrike was never designed to reveal hide areas, this was originally a byproduct of its technical implementation. Because the airstrike was overhauled to work on the starstorm map it lost this area revealing ‘bug’. Previously the hide area in which the airstrike spawned was revealed for the entire duration of the airstrike. We felt this revealed the hide area for too long, potentially limiting the enemy team's options for an ambush. At the same time it had limited utility because the airstrike had to be placed inside the area. By making the airstrike reveal all hide areas it hits we expect it to be more intuitive to use. At the same time the airstrike only reveals at the moment it strikes so it no longer just cancels a hide area for long periods of time.

  • Airstrike, now reveals all hide areas hit by Airstrike at the moment the strike triggers.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

Some slight build diversity changes and fixes

  • Rigged casino games, reduces base spike dive damage by 40%, solar price reduced from 225 to 180
  • Clown's mask, merged into one stage, solar price increased to 190

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

  • Fixed that it was possible to summon a single Robo Dino while shooting out Gripping Gaze

Walking Rod changed because it was hardly ever picked due to its highly situational nature.

  • Walking Rod, now gives Dinos a 100% speed up for 1.5 seconds after deploying or until they bite something.

Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC

  • Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth

Yuri[ | ]

Reduce Yuri’s stalling potential

  • Mine damage against droids reduced to 75%

Make Yuri less overpowered.

  • Mine base damage reduced from 425 to 410
  • Timewarp cooldown increased to 15s
  • Chrono rift changed to reduce cooldown, 2 stages at 1s for 190 solar, per stage