Awesomenauts Wiki

Starstorm[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Derpl would act glitchy when jumping from the platform in front of the forward bottom turret

Coco[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Disruptor would actually reduce the amount of slow dealt by Blaze, instead of increasing it.

Derpl[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where the Nuke charging animation would only be visible to the Derpl player.
  • Removed the air control while in siege mode.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Gnaw was able to create weedlings too quickly while in the air.

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

Reverted the changes to Summon Robo Dinos as these made the skill too spammy

  • Summon Robo Dinos, Dino base damage increased from 200 to 250 per second.
  • Summon Robo Dinos, cooldown increased from 9 to 12 seconds.

Sentry[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon was displayed when a kill was made using Bug Detector damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the end animation of the shield charge would not display when Bug Detector was bought.

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where the DoT dealt by a Double RPG Airstrike would reduce the duration of the DoT and apply Ted’s earlier landed DoT faster

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Spike will now only ignore glass platforms when holding down the ‘down jump’ button.
  • Reduced maximum falling speed by 30%.

Voltar[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Happy Thoughts wouldn't increase the base heal value of the projectile affected by Chili Flavoured Eyedrops

Known Issues[ | ]

  • When combining Happy Thoughts with Chili Flavoured Eyedrops Voltar heals 15% more than he should at maximum range.
  • Rocco’s base attack animation does not show up over network. On the players’ PC it works.