Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW character: Ix the Interloper[ | ]

Ix was a courageous Luxuxi spirit who peacefully roamed the crystal moon of Luxor, until a disaster struck. Intergalactic megacorporations started to drill Luxor on a massive scale, as it housed unusually energetic crystals. At first Ix tried to ‘discourage’ the miners in various ways, which had no effect. In an outrage Ix merged its life force with some high-energy crystals; giving Ix a corporeal form. Harnessing the energies of this new crystalline body, Ix razed the facility to the ground.

Blabl Zork got wind of this raw talent for drill destruction. He then convinced Ix to join the Awesomenauts by presenting the mercenary team as an environmental force for good.

NEW premium skin: Steel Seraph Ix[ | ]

As angels are usually peaceful and quite focused on their herbal infusions, the Heavens did little more than weep as soulless robots and demonic mercenaries slowly spread across the galaxy. However, one of these angels could no longer stand idly by and decided that the time had come to intervene in the realm of mortals.

Turning the weapons of the robotic overlords against themselves, this angel became an armored being of high-tech destruction. Now this fusion-powered, nano-enhanced, tungsten-plated angel is feared across the galaxy. In their frightened whispers its adversaries call this mysterious being 'the Steel Seraph'.

NEW premium skin: Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy[ | ]

A hero's journey is filled with many great challenges. Like saving the townsfolk from a mysterious invading army from another dimension, that's headed up by a hooded figure who's actually being manipulated by an otherworldly dragon who'll morph into a demon when close to being defeated. It's all in a day's work for Bravely Scoop in Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy!

General[ | ]

  • Reduced the graphical requirements for blind, hopefully fixing the framedrops some players have been experiencing.
  • Scaled down the reconnection symbol.
  • Fixed that certain effects would partially update while reconnecting. This would cause bugs like Nibbs being able to move during Flame Breath when she was reconnecting at some point during the Flame Breath.
  • Fixed a lot of rounding errors in tooltip percentages
  • Fixed an issue where health generated by Wraithstone would not be accurately displayed in the tooltip
  • Updated recommended builds for all characters
  • Added a small outline to some settings for improved readability
  • Fixed an instance where the droppod’s glow would be in front of the asteroids while falling down on the Sorona map.

Baby Kuri Mammoth[ | ]

As every Awesomenaut now has access to this item and it’s still fairly weak, this is the time to give it a little buff

  • Baby Kuri Mammoth, effect increased from 25% to 30% debuff reduction

Modding[ | ]

  • The BehaviourCreator provided in the game folder should work again.

Starstorm[ | ]

  • Adjusted the platforms in the middle of the bottom lane to make fights in the area more dynamic.
  • Fixed the starstorm minimap visual to now correctly represent the map.
  • Fixed some minor depth issues with character select.

Ayla[ | ]

  • Made Augmented Ayla’s Rage ball a bit more transparent.
  • Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Ayla is in Rage mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Ayla would stay enraged when she was made invisible by Vinnie’s cloud.

Chucho[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Chucho would become stuck at the top of the level in the Starstorm map or Sorona when riding his bike.
  • Fixed an issue where Chucho could still mount his bike even when it was cocooned.
  • Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Chucho is on his bike.
  • Fixed an issue where Trick-up-your-Sleeze, B.O.O.M. Gas and One Armed Chameleon damage scaled like health instead of damage.

Coco[ | ]

Double slow is too strong right now. These nerfs bring it down to reasonable levels until a new upgrade can be beta tested.

  • Disruptor, 1 stage removed.
  • Syphon Disruptor, slow reduced from 25% to 17.5%

Derpl[ | ]

  • Fixed issue where if Derpl was charging his Nuke while transforming out of Siege Mode, a Nuke would pop out.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Added a visual indicator for when Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition is active.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage increase given by Piranha Cartridges was incorrectly communicated by the tooltip when Froggy had a level higher than 3.

Genji[ | ]

  • Cocoon now interrupts Swiggins Anchor Hook, Leon’s Tongue Snatch and Yoolip’s Gripping Gaze. It also breaks any active chains. We concluded that continuing these skills after a Cocoon would just be confusing and messy behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue where Prefab Cocoons would not trigger if the Cocooned enemy was partially overlapping a turret.
  • Fixed an issue where flying characters like Yuri and Ayla while in Rage would not drop down when cocooned.

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

This change both reduces the potency of Lux’s most crutchy upgrade as well as removes one of the most frustrating aspects of playing against him.

  • Danger Pins, pulse lifetime reduced from 0.3 to 0.25 seconds, to better match its visual.

Missiles are too weak right now for the downsides they bring when firing.

  • Missile Barrage, damage increased from 150 to 170.

This lifesteal upgrade makes Jimmy a bit too tanky in teamfights.

  • Nano Repair Bots, heal per stage reduced from 80 to 70.

Ksenia[ | ]

The removal of the technique called ‘AA canceling’ that was implemented in 3.1.4 made Ksenia play clunkily and unresponsive. These changes reinstate her responsiveness without fully bringing back AA canceling. We’ve also reverted a nerf which is no longer necessary due to the removal of the technique.

  • Cut and Trim, instead of locking Scissors when using Cut and Trim, Scissors now cancel the Cut and Trim damage if thrown at the same time as the attack.
  • Scissor Throw, reduced lockout of Cut and Trim from 0.4 seconds to 0.2 seconds.
  • Scissor Throw, cooldown reduced from 0.33 to 0.25 seconds

Leon[ | ]

  • Fixed that the “stunned” message triggered multiple times when being pulled by Tongue Snatch.

Lonestar[ | ]

Some general buffs, as Lonestar is a bit underpowered right now.

  • Dynamite Throw, charge up speed and projectile speed increased by 15%.
  • Hyper Bull, doubled its push frequency while halving the effects to make its push more solid while remaining as strong as before.
  • Blaster, base damage increased from 60 to 65.
  • Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +13%(8) to +15%(10).
  • Crystal Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +27%(16) to +31%(20).
  • Super Breed 2.0, extra health increased from 220 to 300.
  • Techno Viking Helmet, damage per tick per stage reduced from 29 to 15 to compensate for the frequency change. Resulting dps changed from 207 to 214 per stage.

Nibbs[ | ]

Moved some damage from the mandatory Eternal Flame upgrade to some of the more underwhelming upgrades.

  • Eternal Flame, damage per second reduced from 127 to 105.
  • Autographed Picture of Voran, damage increased from +9%(3) to +12%(4).
  • Darkenstone, damage increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Fixed an issue where using Orb while Fire Breathing , the Eternal Orb fire balls would still spawn.

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

This change should both improve Yoolip’s early game and significantly weaken one of his most mandatory items.

  • Summon Robo Dinos, base lifetime increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.
  • Antigravity Ball, second stage removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Gripping Gaze would always deal 2 ticks less than it should according to its description.

Raelynn[ | ]

  • Added a visual indicator for when HC Bomb is active.

Scoop[ | ]

Scoop is a bit too good at everything. These changes should both tone him down, and improve his diversity.

  • Halberd of Justice, effect reduced to 30%, price increased from 150 to 175.
  • Banner of the triple scoop, dps per stage reduced from 55 to 47.
  • The holy cup, healing increased from 65% to 75%, solar price reduced from 200 to 180.
  • Ice cream van music, merged into one stage, solar price increased from 140 to 200.
  • Fixed an issue where the health gained from Snow Shovel would be inaccurately displayed in the tooltip when the player’s level was higher than 1.

Skølldir[ | ]

  • Improved Skolldir in situations where he couldn’t hit enemies right next to him, by spawning his impact fist a little closer to him and letting it fly a little longer (keeping the effective range the same).

Ted McPain[ | ]

Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting and Tedris Ville were overbuffed last patch, this nerf should reduce their potency while keeping the upgrades viable.

  • Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, grenade damage per stage reduced from 100 to 80.
  • Tedris Ville, damage reduced from 150 to 135, range increased from 13 to 15.
  • Tedris Ville, fixed that some aspects of the upgrade still ran on a 3 second cooldown, while it should be 1.2 seconds. This slight change should delay Ted’s maximum potential a bit.
  • Shotgun and Machine Gun, base damage reduced to 200 and 40, from 210 and 42 respectively.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

Vinnie is on the weak end of the spectrum right now, both in strength and build diversity. These changes should help with both.

  • Spike Dive, base damage increased from 370 to 400.
  • Dead Seahorse Head, effect increased from 11% to 18% per stage.
  • Chrome File, damage per stage reduced from +15%(55) to +12%(48).
  • Bag Full Of Gold fish, damage reduced from +24%(88) to +20%(81).
  • Alien Abduction Kit, price reduced from 185 to 165.
  • Withered President Mask, duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Clown's Mask, changed to 1 stage of 3 seconds CC immunity, cost 200 solar.

Voltar[ | ]

  • Healbot, fixed an issue where the Healbot would always finish with its destroyed animation instead of the heal-flash.
  • Healbot, fixed an issue where the description said it needed to charge for 0 seconds instead of 2.
  • Necromancer Voltar skin, fixed a visual bug that would make the skull on his chest invisible when aiming upward.

Yuri[ | ]

  • Time Warp, fixed issue where its effects would not stop while Yuri was cocooned by Genji.