Awesomenauts Wiki

Season reset[ | ]

With update 3.4.3 starts a new season, so everyone’s rating has been reset to 10000. Beginners do keep their reduced beginner rating, so they’ll still be around 6000.

NEW: More information on the minimap[ | ]

  • Turrets and bases now show their healthbar on the minimap when their damaged, letting you know exactly how much health they have left.
  • Healthpacks on the minimap are now dynamic: they only show up when they're there.

General[ | ]

  • Fixed that text showed only squares on old Intel videocards (fixed only on Low texture quality since these videocards can’t run the game on High anyway).
  • Text is now lower resolution on Low texture quality, significantly reducing texture usage. This will probably give a little performance boost on slower videocards.
  • Fixed a rare crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed that some players experienced a Steam Client Bootstrapper crash on startup
  • Fixed that the menu mouse cursor would remain visible on top of gameplay after having opened the Configure Controls menu in-game.

Gameplay[ | ]

  • Fixed that in some instances the AI that replaces leaving players fails to retreat back to base.
  • Sawblade Droids no longer have random variations in collision heights.
  • Fixed that after unlocking Overdrive Gear the second stage would still not be available.

Matchmaking tweaks[ | ]

We’ve tweaked the matchmaker to produce better matchups, and fixed some issues. Don’t expect any miracles here, but these should improve the average match quality a bit. Do note that the season reset means that the matchmaker doesn't know player skills yet, so it will be a while until the matchmaking becomes fully stable again. Some of the things we’ve done:

  • Made matching players of the same skill more important relative to other requirements (team balance, ping and premades).
  • Made the matchmaker better at recognising (and thus avoiding) absolutely horrendous skill differences.
  • Tweaked how players ping each other, so that we have more ping data available by the time the matchmaking round happens.
  • The matchmaker will now try more combinations to find the best possible matchups.
  • Changed how the matchmaker decides whether a premade has so many connection problems that they can’t be placed into a full match. Previously we only checked for the individual player in the premade whether there were enough good connections. Now those good connection also need to overlap within the premade. So if both players in a premade have a good connection to some players, but there’s no one to which they both have a good connection, then they won’t be put into a full match.

Host migration and rejoin[ | ]

  • Fixed that rarely after a remote player with a poor internet connection rejoins he wouldn't appear in game or in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed that rarely the position of a remote player didn't get updated at all.
  • Fixed that sometimes right after host migration a match would become 4vs3 (or worse) when the bots of the previous host weren't migrated properly.
  • Fixed that rarely right after migration creeps and bots got stuck in the "Reconnecting" state
  • Fixed that rarely right after migration all creeps and bots disappeared.

Spectator mode[ | ]

  • Tweaked how the Match Of The Day is selected to get more varied matches.
  • Fixed that sometimes a match you had played yourself would show “Migrating uploader” extremely often, especially while viewing the killcam.
  • Increased performance during replay viewing, especially when viewing very long replays (only in cases where the CPU was the bottleneck).
  • Fixed that the icon for Unicorn Nibbs in the top-bar was pink whenever she was dead.
  • Fixed that some character icons in the top-bar would shift whenever they died.
  • Fixed that it was not possible to watch a cloud replay when signed in to steam as offline.
  • Improved framerate in watch menu, especially when having a large number of matches on disk.
  • Fixed that 3rd blue player’s incognito icon was not shown correctly in the Watch menu.
  • Increased the mouse scroll speed in the watch menu.
  • Fixed that if you viewed a match that you had late-joined then the chat would show at the wrong time in the replay (only fixed for newly recorded replays).
  • Made the watch button slightly smaller to prevent matchIDs from overlapping with the button on 16:10 resolutions.
  • Fixed that matchID was shown on top of the settings tab in the Custom Games lobby.
  • Fixed that spectator mode would not automatically choose a different player to upload the replay if the current uploader failed to make a connection.

Starstorm[ | ]

  • Fixed that the base could not be damaged from above by AoE attacks like on other maps.

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

  • Fixed that using Double Pistol while having bought The Time Slipper would add a debuff to Chucho.
  • Fixed that the visual for Retracting-Spikes Fender would remain after Chucho jumped off the bike while using Nitro Boost.

Clunk[ | ]

  • Fixed that Missiles salvo sometimes did not cycle correctly with Free Flight Fins bought.
  • Moved explosion visual slightly upward to correspond more accurately with the damage area of Clunk’s explosion skill.

Coco[ | ]

  • Fixed that Disruptor added less slow to the Heavenly Fire blaze effect than it did to the normal Blaze effect.

Derpl[ | ]

  • Fixed that the larger split shots caused by having both Split Personality Cat and Fat Cat would be able to instantly deal damage again after splitting.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Fixed that the Weedling spawn animation for the Gnariachi skin still didn’t correspond to the faster Weedling spawn mechanic.

Max Focus[ | ]

As many already know, Max Focus was too strong. The combination of his speed, his small hitbox and the strong Slow-Mo shot made him very competent. Therefore the following changes were made to tone down his potential.

  • Hitbox width increased by 20% and height by 10%.
  • Base speed reduced by 12%.
  • Slow-Mo Shot, reduced base time slow from 65% to 50%.
  • Slow-Mo Shot, increased casting time from 0.35 to 0.5 seconds.
  • Intergalactic Police’s Dirty Secret, damage reduction increased from 35% to 44%.
  • 10^10 x Zoom Telelens, range increase reduced from 50% to 25%.
  • Sadak Mysteries: Paranormal Activity, now adds the correct amount of damage to the Brutalities Of The Kraken Unveiled! projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where Slow-Mo shot would cause a screen shake effect on the despawn of the orb.
  • Fixed that Intergalactic Police’s Dirty Secret caused the Scene Illumination animation to be too long.
  • The character name displayed in the chat is now “Max” instead of “Max Focus”.

Nibbs[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where Nibbs would move while firebreathing.

Rocco[ | ]

  • Fixed that the SWCA Coin damage reduction was not updated correctly after the damage changes to Rapid Arrows.
  • Fixed that buying both Cutlet Frills Ghilly Suit and Chicken Grill allowed Rocco to do more damage than intended.