Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed crashes when pressing Ctrl+S or F8 during a game.

Deadlift[ | ]

A week after release, we see that Deadlift deals too much damage for the role he should fulfill. His hitboxes have been tweaked and damage upgrades have been reduced in potency.

  • Power Lunge, end explosion hitbox size reduced by 20%.
  • Holotech Kickboxing Gloves, reduced price from 175 to 160 solar per stage.
  • Rodeo Red Lenses, reduced damage from exploding shield from 200 to 180.
  • Protective Pose, the decay rate now increases with leveling.
  • Poefluma Fly Swatter, reduced heal after shield from 250 to 225.
  • Iron Slam, hitboxes reduced to match the visual more accurately.
  • Worn-Out Kettlebell, reduced damage increase from 13% to 11% per stage.
  • Worn-Out Kettlebell, reduced price from 185 to 175 solar per stage.
  • Arnel Swertsenek Training Video, reduced damage increase per hit from 10% to 8%, making it cap at 24% instead of 30%.
  • Fixed that the heal over time from Sweat-Wow-Band would not only trigger on the golden arm.
  • Fixed that Power Lunge’s self knockback only went in one direction.
  • Fixed that the second stage of Fresh Chocolate Milk had the incorrect price.
  • Fixed crashes when playing as Deadlift.