Awesomenauts Wiki

  • Fixed the position of the ammo counter in the HUD for Ksenia, Ted McPain and Gnaw.
  • Fixed that a number of people couldn’t play anymore because they were permanently stuck in a broken party. The root cause of this bug has not been found yet, so if you get into this situation again, then please do send us your logs so that we can investigate this issue further.
  • Fixed two different rare issues that caused the matchmaker to be stuck at 0:00 for some players. There’s still at least one more issue like this in the game that we’re still investigating.
  • Added the possibility for admins to give someone a ban from chat and taunting (previously we could give in-game verbal abusers only either a full gameplay ban, or a warning).
  • Added a bunch of missing Dutch translations.
  • Various fixes to translations in various languages.
  • Fixed that when selecting Windowed in the launcher on Mac you would not get a bar above the window, making it impossible to drag it around. Note that you need to reselect Windowed in the launcher again once to activate this fix.