Awesomenauts Wiki

Update 4.0 is live now for everyone!

Awesomenauts is going free to play on May 24th![ | ]

And update 4.0 lays the groundwork for this transition. Here’s what this means for Awesomenauts.

Level up your profile and 'Nauts[ | ]

Unlock all sorts of goodies and tools by leveling up both your profile and character level!

Awesomepoints and Droppod Parts[ | ]

You get them by playing! Awesomepoints will allow you to purchase all 'Nauts, future and present. Droppod Parts are used to unlock sweet, sweet droppods. Awesomepoints are also used for buying certain profile portraits!

Unlock new Nauts by playing or purchasing[ | ]

You can unlock new Nauts either with Awesomepoints or by purchasing them. This means that if you play a lot, you can get all Nauts without buying anything. If you want to get Nauts quickly, you can buy them individually on Steam, or purchase the All Nauts Pack.

The All Nauts Pack[ | ]

Buy this pack once to get all Nauts immediately, including any Nauts that will be released in the future (several new ones are in development already!). Getting the All Nauts Pack will also get you the Golden Lonestar Skin!

Goldstar skin[ | ]

This new Lonestar skin is part of the All Nauts Pack.

Get both Starstorm and Overdrive to get the All Nauts Pack for free![ | ]

Anyone who owns both the Starstorm and Overdrive expansions automatically gets the All Nauts Pack, including all future Nauts and the Goldstar skin. Complete your collection now with this great deal! On May 24th the Starstorm and Overdrive expansions will be removed from the Steam store.

Existing players keep what they had[ | ]

All existing players will automatically have the 20 characters that are currently part of the base game unlocked. If you own Starstorm or Overdrive, then those characters will also be unlocked. All including their items and killing sprees. This might look a little weird for existing players, since all characters will start at level 0, but will already have items and killing sprees unlocked even though those are normally unlocked at levels 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Customise your profile[ | ]

Flaunt your skills with the rarest medals and unlock many different portraits! You can find both portraits and medals in your new Profile page! Go check it out.

Acquire new droppods![ | ]

Spend your hard-earned Droppod Parts on gorgeous new droppods.

Co-op vs bots![ | ]

Unite with friends and strangers in our all new co-op versus bots matchmaking queue! (Note that this mode might put you with bots during the beta period, since there won’t be a lot of new players until we actually go free to play on May 24th.)

Special collector rewards[ | ]

As a thank you for your ongoing support, we're giving legacy players these exclusive medals, and more!

  • Founder: Owned Awesomenauts before May 24th, 2017
  • Vanguard: Played Awesomenauts during or before the Free to Play launch period
  • Collector: Owns the All Nauts Pack

A brand new overhauled tutorial[ | ]

This new tutorial better explains how to play Awesomenauts and gives newcomers a better grasp on the game..

Recruitment[ | ]

Recruit a friend and reap the rewards! Or get recruited and receive Raelynn for free!

View Nauts, items, skins and droppods in the Armory[ | ]

The Armory gives an overview of all characters, skins, droppods and announcers. Here you can unlock them and check them for more info. Here you can try Nauts before unlocking them in a special test arena. The Armory also contains a nifty little feature that has been requested a lot: you can see all upgrades and skills for all Nauts here!

Reporting[ | ]

The in-game menu now contains a new option to directly report verbal abusers, griefers and cheaters to us.

More awesome special effects[ | ]

  • Added heat distortion and shockwave effects to a bunch of skills, including Clunk’s Explode, Coco’s Ball, Penny’s Pulse, Skølldir’s Bash, Ted’s Airstrike, Voltar’s Healbot and Yuri’s Time Warp.
  • Pimped the visuals of a bunch of skills, including Ayla’s Evil Eye, Coco’s Blaze and Voltar’s Techno Synaptic Wave.
  • Distortion and blur effects cost some additional performance, so you can disable them using the new setting “Advanced effects” in the Graphics subsection of the Settings menu.

Scoreboard overhaul[ | ]

  • Overhauled the scoreboard graphics
  • Added an option to see your teammate’s health and respawn time at all times
  • Ping is now shown differently: each player now has an icon that shows their own average connection quality (previously the number showed only their connection with you, so all five numbers were about you, which confused a lot of players). To see the exact ping with you specifically you can hover over the icon (this shows the same number is before).

Pre-match door[ | ]

This door in the base gives players a chance to check out their shop items before heading into the game and takes loading speed out of the equation - this means the match now starts with all players on equal footing.

General[ | ]

  • Pressing F1 in character select or during gameplay now shows info on the character’s skills
  • Intro video is now only shown the first time you start the game. If you want to view it again later on you can start it from the menu.
  • Fixed that the loading screen for Practice/Custom matches showed the map-specific loading screen for 1 second and then switched to the generic space image.
  • Fixed that it was impossible to get the “No might can stop this oil can!” achievement.
  • Adjusted AI that replaces leavers to teleport when safe, and also disappear for true bot replacement after 30 seconds (in case it gets stuck somehow).
  • Fixed that the gun arm of a Naut was sometimes behind the bottom part of a turret while their body was in front of it.
  • Since the new player profile is entirely stored in the cloud, you now need an internet connection to start the game. You can still play botmatches and local coop: you only need that internet connection at startup.

Bots[ | ]

  • Fixed that Easy-level Coco bot would buy upgrades right from the start rather then wait like the other bots.
  • Raelynn bot no longer uses the Snipe ranged upgrade to detect long distanced enemies, since she was too good at offscreen kills.

Starstorm[ | ]

  • Fixed that the blue shop was slightly more to the left than intended.

Audio[ | ]

  • Slowwolf announcer now has more lines for more variation, and has separate lines for when a top or bottom turret is under attack.

Ix[ | ]

  • Fixed that Ix was able to cast Psionic Bond while using Refract.

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

  • Fixed that the Nano Repair Bots lifesteal hitbox was inconsistent with the Rattle Smash hitbox.

Max Focus[ | ]

  • Fixed that sometimes Brutalities of the Kraken Unveiled’s end projectile would trigger twice.

Skree[ | ]

  • You are no longer locked out of Totem of Power and Lightning Rod while casting Sawblade.
  • Fixed that Ceremonial Mask would not trigger when continuously using Lightning Rod.

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

  • Red Bandana, weaken reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • Red Bandana, price reduced from 170 to 160 solar.

Map editor: Functionality[ | ]

  • Buttons can now automatically trigger after a specific game time, which can be defined per button.
  • Animations can now be timed based on game time (so they can be synched with the new Button feature above).
  • You can now choose whether Pickups affect Awesomenauts and/or creeps.
  • Button: split pressableByPlayers into pressableByHumanPlayers and pressableByBotPlayers. Buttons with the old setting still work and are automatically converted to the new one.
  • Shinified the graphics of HideAreas by adding particles and shinies.
  • Can now hide Texture objects using Buttons. Settings relevant to Texture visibility have been moved to the end and are now named hiddenByHideArea, hiddenByButton and opacityWhenHidden. The opacityWhenHidden setting goes from 0 to 1 (instead of the old 0 to 255). Old Texture objects still work and are automatically converted when loaded.
  • Added new BlendMode options to Texture objects that allow them to blur and distort objects behind them. Warning: using lots of these or really big ones is a real performance killer, use with care!
  • The behaviour nodes isButtonPressed, isButtonReleased and isButtonDown can now check more types of input using the actionButton parameter. Leave it at ABT_NONE to keep using the previously existing parameter button.

Map editor: Fixes[ | ]

  • Tileset backgrounds now also have a version for when playing on Low backgrounds quality.
  • Removed the Ribbit art that was in the backgrounds of the template maps when played on Low backgrounds quality.
  • Fixed that disabled PlayerStartPositions were not correctly disabled if droppods were enabled in Custom Game Settings.
  • Fixed that PlayerStartPositions would always be enabled at the start of a match, even if a Button should disable them right away.
  • Fixed that objects had a 50% chance of responding one frame too late to the Button object influencing them.
  • Fixed that in rare cases DamageArea and Animation would consider a Button pressed while other objects would not, or vice versa, particularly in combination with setting reactionSpeedBackward to 0 in the Button.
  • Fixed that AffectAreas would ignore turning off hasDefaultParticles if customUpgradeToGive was set.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when deleting a button after renaming it.

Map editor: HUD[ | ]

  • Map editor is now opened with F7 instead of F1.
  • CreepTurner objects are now partially transparent, making it possible to see what's behind them while editing.
  • Modded textures are now automatically reloaded when they are overwritten or added while in the map editor (this currently works only in OpenGL on Windows, so not on Mac/Linux and not in DirectX). There’s a new button that can be used to disable this functionality temporarily when desired.
  • Objects like Buttons that only show in the editor now have a subtle fade towards the center to make them easier to distinguish when lots of them overlap.
  • AssetsBrowser now remembers what search text was last typed for this asset type.

AI editor[ | ]

  • The StartCameraSequence block now uses cameraHeights instead of cameraWidths. This fixes that playing on a different aspect ratio would change the height instead of making you see further horizontally like during standard gameplay. Existing AIs might need to be updated to work correctly now. Note that you can set all heights to 0 to achieve neutral heights.