Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Using a controller no longer results in selecting five different buttons in the dropdown from the main menu screen.
  • Fixed that you couldn’t select the announcer dropdown in the in-game pause screen with a controller.

Skølldir[ | ]

  • Fixed that 3rd punch was unable to damage structures.

Smiles[ | ]

Released in too strong state, some toning down of his problematic Trapper’s Hook skill

  • Fixed the levelling unlock order for Piggybank and Barrier magazine upgrades.
  • Trapper’s Hook, range reduced by 20%.
  • Trapper’s Hook, reel in time increased from 0.7s to 2s, now scales with Bush Telly.
  • Trapper’s Hook, projectile speed reduced by 20%.
  • Trapper’s Hook, minimum rope length increased by 25%.
  • Trapper’s Hook, will no longer pull a Nibbs performing fire breath.
  • Electric Magnetic Winch upgrade, range increase reduced from 25% to 20%.
  • Sandworm Tail upgrade, bonus damage reduced from 50% to 40%.

Genji[ | ]

  • Fixed that Stormdrum would always show a healing effect, even without buying Caterpillar King statue.
  • Fixed that the butterfly shot would not return after buying the Wool Shawl and Glow Bracelets upgrades.
  • Fixed that the cocoon would immediately kill an enemy droid when The last pieridae transformae upgrade was bought