Awesomenauts Wiki

NEW Naut: Commander Rocket[ | ]

Skills[ | ]

  • Rocket Launch: Fire a huge rocket that deals damage and knocks enemies back. Gives off massive recoil
  • Laser Trap: Place a rotating laser trap that deals damage to enemies in its path.
  • Charged Salvo: Load up to 3 missiles in your rocket launcher and fire them in a single bunch.

Backstory[ | ]

Rocket was a hardened soldier known for his explosive temper. He fought bravely among the Scargi until he actually lost his head while cleaning his rocket launcher. Rocket being known for his cursing and vulgar language was given an advanced head prosthetic with profanity filter. Afterwards he was promoted to commander of the Scarg emperor security. Rehabilitating in the court the commander found a new team of misfits to command, who he would train to become the Rocket Renegades.

Until 3584 when disaster struck. The team was sent to prison by the Emperor for the audacious crime of planning to salt his dinner. A highly deadly substance for the sensitive snail-like Scargos. The Renegades were actually just eating fries they had salted with the salty seals they illegally had been hiding in their quarters.

After a brief spell in prison, the team quickly broke free, dispersing across the galaxy. All waiting for the commander to reunite them and exact their plans for revenge. They have the weapons. They have their mission. All they need now are allies. It's time for them to call: the Awesomenauts.

NEW premium skin: Commander Cook-it[ | ]

Serving the Scargi Emperor was one of the happiest times in the life of Commander Rocket. Not only was he allowed to lead his Renegades into battle in service of the Scargo race, he also spent a lot of his time in the palace kitches to enjoy his third-greatest passion: cooking (the others being fighting and cursing). None of the Scargo cooks initially thought much of the little guy, but with a little help from a tiny companion he found in the pantry, he quickly turned out to be able to create beautiful banquets and majestic meals from the simplest ingredients. This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set and a portrait!

NEW portraits[ | ]

These portraits have been added and can be unlocked with AwesomePoints:

  • Brigadier drone
  • Inflatable Gnaw
  • Ghosthouse skull
  • Seahorse head
  • Pete Jennirks
  • Prankster Yuri

General[ | ]

  • Reduced the cost of Smiles to 7500 Awesomepoints now that he’s settled into the team.
  • Fixed several formatting issues in French translations.
  • Fixed that the tooltip for Smiles’ jump showed the incorrect starting health amount in the armory.
  • Added particles and other effects to the character select and armory art for Smiles and Pyromancer Smiles.
  • Fixed that the random map option in custom games would never result in Starstorm.
  • If a player is killed by a damage over time effect, the game message announcing their death will now show an icon by what damage the player was killed, just as with direct damage.
  • Selecting text outside of the text field in global chat will no longer show the selection highlight outside of the text field.
  • Added multiple new pieces of fan art to the in-game gallery.
  • Removed the misplaced fade out animations of the charges bar for penny during her pounce.
  • Droids in the test level now die if they reach the other side, to prevent performance problems if one of the turrets is destroyed.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of adjustments to sliders in custom game options with large ranges using arrow keys/controllers, like the "autobuy after X gold" custom game option.

Achievements[ | ]

  • Fixed that the “Awesomenauts -Roll out!” achievement would not unlock is some rare cases.
  • Fixed that the “Dinosaurs don’t like brain boxes” achievement could unlock after rejoining a game.

Custom Games[ | ]

  • Added a setting that allows the host to disable certain characters for the Red Team and Blue Team. This allows players to limit certain custom games to a specific character, for example.

Genji[ | ]

  • Pieridae Transformae, fixed that the enemy droid would die after a delay instead of immediately.

Skølldir[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue where base skin Skølldir’s 3rd punch would get a longer range when buying Oily Spray-On Bronze.

Yuri[ | ]

  • In replays: if Yuri dies while firing his laser, this laser will no longer stick around for a bit.