Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed that the ‘Gain 4 naut levels’ mission didn’t track properly
  • Fixed droppod tiles playing continuous sound.
  • Fixed that it was possible to trigger skills twice in the ‘try’ map.
  • Added the proper Ringmaster announcer icon in the in-game pause menu.

Coco[ | ]

  • Ball lightning, fixed that Coco couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Commander Rocket[ | ]

  • Laser Trap, the trap does now fly through glass platforms from above.

Froggy G[ | ]

  • Tornado, fixed that the skill could be triggered without effect during Splash Dash.
  • Bio Fuel Cells, fixed that Twister Tweeters damage wasn’t applied when canceling Tornado.

Genji[ | ]

  • The last pieridae transformae, hitting neutral creeps with cocoon now also produces flying droids.
  • The last pieridae transformae, resulting flying droids rewards such as Solar now go to Genji.
  • Auto attack, removed delay caused by skills.

Gnaw[ | ]

  • Acid spit, fixed that Gnaw couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

  • Missile Barrage, fixed that the skill fired 3 rockets, instead of 4.

Leon[ | ]

  • Suprise party mask, fixed description which implied a second stage.

Max Focus[ | ]

  • Scene Illumination, fixed that it shows the right cooldown in the tooltip.

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

  • Gripping Gaze, fixed that Yoolip couldn't autoattack while aiming.
  • Remote controlled whisk, fixed that the effect would only briefly show up at the end of Gripping Gaze.

Raelynn[ | ]

Fixing a holdover bug from the beta.

  • Receding Ponytail, solar cost increased from 220 to 270.

Skree[ | ]

  • Sawblade, fixed that Skree couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Swiggins[ | ]

  • Drop Anchor, fixed that turning off the skill aiming visual had no effect.
  • Drop Anchor, fixed that the Admiral couldn't autoattack while aiming.

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Added a visual indicator for airstrike showing the width of the airstrike ability.

Voltar[ | ]

  • Increased jump height by 2.5% to make Voltar more reliably reach the platforms in front of the lower turrets in Aiguillon.

Known issues[ | ]

  • Yoolip’s Laboratory centrifuge upgrade doesn’t work currently.