Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed death sounds for Max Focus, Deadlift and Snork Gunk.

Snork[ | ]

  • Fixed that pulling yourself toward the closed worm door would kill Snork.
  • Fixed the order of unlockable items.
  • Now added Snork to daily missions of the ‘harasser’ category.
  • Adjusted his collision size to better match his visuals.
  • Shell bombs, now explode when they make contact with turrets.
  • Shell bombs, now deal 50% of their regular damage to turrets.
  • Shell bombs, reversed rotation direction for when he's on the blue team
  • Sticky snail, fixed that the impact effect sometimes didn’t trigger.
  • Removed ability to initiate Sticky snail during wind-up of Shell bombs, because that just triggered the cooldown without doing anything.