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UI PortraitCharacter Assassin

Health: 1250 (2200)
Movement Speed: 8.1
Attack Type: Melee/Ranged
Role: Assassin
Mobility: Swift
Penny Fox [edit] Difficulty: Hard

Development Name: Assassin

Type of abilities: Amplify Damage, Stun, Area of Effect, Knockback, Charges, Silence, Healing Release Date: April 10th 2014

UI Skillbutton Foxy Pounce

Pounce [edit]
Consume up to 4 charges to charge forward, knocking back enemies you come in contact with. Each charge increases the range, knockback and damage.
Damage 87 (136.59)
Damage per charge +48 (75.36) per charge
Cooldown 7s
Distance 9 | 10.26 | 11.6 | 13.02
Stun Duration 0.4s
Knockback 0.6 | 0.8 | 0.95 | 1
Area of Effect 5

UI Skillbutton Foxy Strike Melee

Claw [edit]
Penny strikes with her claw awarding a charge when hitting an enemy. Max 4 charges.
Damage 88 (138.16)
Attacks per second 2
Range 3.2

UI Skillbutton Foxy Swipe

Energy Pulse [edit]
Consume up to 4 charges to shoot a piercing energy pulse that amplifies damage. Each charge increases the damage.
Damage per charge 90 (141.3) per charge
Cooldown 7s
Range 5.5
Amplify Damage +10%
Amplify Duration 3.5s

UI Skillbutton Foxy Leap

Leap [edit]
Being super agile, Penny can leap up to perform a triple jump.
Jump Height 9 (11 Foxy Boots)
Additional Jump Height 4
Jumps 3 (4 Foxy Boots)
UI Skillbutton Foxy Pounce Shop Icons foxy A 1 Shop Icons foxy A 2 Shop Icons foxy A 3 Shop Icons foxy A 4 Shop Icons foxy A 5 Shop Icons foxy A 6
UI Skillbutton Foxy Swipe Shop Icons foxy B 1 Shop Icons foxy B 2 Shop Icons foxy B 3 Shop Icons foxy B 4 Shop Icons foxy B 5 Shop Icons foxy B 6
UI Skillbutton Foxy Strike Melee Shop Icons foxy C 1 Shop Icons foxy C 2 Shop Icons foxy C 4 Shop Icons foxy C 3 Shop Icons foxy C 5 Shop Icons foxy C 6
UI Skillbutton Foxy Leap Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Shop Icons foxy utility boots Shop Icons Overall ccReduction Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons foxy utility dmg increase


As an honorary Star Scout, Penny's lifestyle was one of exploration and adventure. During her years out scout-badge-hunting among the stars on her trusty space-scooter, she saw many wonderous places and lifeforms.

One of the many hobbies that developed during these years, is the collecting and stuffing in jars of those same wonderous lifeforms and various other doodads. Cataloguing and archiving everything in neatly labeled containers for her own private collection is something Penny takes great pride in.

While adding the latest uncooperative alien lifeform to her jar collection, she contemplated the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Looking back on all those innocently staring eyes from the rows upon rows of jars, Penny realised that there was so much more a sole Star Scout could do with a butterfly net! She swore a vow on scout's honor to stuff the galaxy's evil doers into her jars, making the universe a better place for the cute and the cuddly!

Without a second thought she jumped on her scooter and set off toward the stars. It was well beyond the point of no return when she realised that her trusty yet rather dated mode of transportation might not be up to the task of traversing the universe without the not-so-annual tune-up she forgot for the fifth year in a row.

As the scooter shuddered to an embarrassing stop somewhere in the Raki system, she kept her calm and assessed the situation. A brief scan for spare parts showed a strange uncharted derilict station in the vicinity which seemed to have everything she needed to fix her broken mode of transport. Awkwardly making her way toward it using the Star Scout approved Deep-Space Breast Stroke, she found the name "Starstorm" emblazened on the hull of this grimy time-worn, and seemingly abandoned spacestation.

During her searches inside the bowels of the station, she found a mysterious robotic claw artifact. Curiosity being known to killing the inferior feline species, this confident canine locked it immediately to her wrist and was suddenly awash with power.

Unbeknownst to Penny, she had just taken the first step toward the biggest adventure of her life!


Theme song lyrics

She's an adorable scout, she is a true Awesomenaut

She is both clever and charmin', she is the darling of darlings

She is so foxy. (Lemme tell you a story 'bout this Awesomenaut)

(Foxy!) (Ha, you better listen up now!)

One day she was out of luck, she and her scooter got stuck

There was this station in space, she felt the sweat on her face

But she was still hard as nails with all her juicy details

Mmm-mmm-mmm... (and then she thought)

Instead of taking it slow, I better go with this flow

So let's climb the debris and I will let them all see

I am so foxy! Heeeeeey heeee

I am so foxy!

She's gonna make it, you cannot take it

She's gonna make you scream

If you won't give it, she's just gonna get it

In your dream!

Voice actress: Brooke Leigh "Dodger" Lawson


▶️"Ooh, bring it on... or are you all too chicken?"

▶️"Come on out. I don't bite..."

▶️"Oh, you've got nothing to fear, but fear of me!" - A reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt's[1] speech.

▶️"Run away, and maybe I won't kill you!"

▶️"I'm so confident, I'm not even mad..."

▶️"Temper... Temper? You haven't even seen my temper yet!"

▶️"Ha! You can't vex this vixen!"


▶️"I got a bogey on my six..."

▶️"HELP! I mean... help..."

▶️"Help me out, team!"

▶️"What am I doing here?"


▶️"Can Somebody please go after them?"

▶️ "All right guys, destroy all barriers."- A reference to Fox McCloud, the main character in Star Fox 64.

▶️"Hit them Hard and don't hold back!"

▶️"Let's go, team!"

▶️"Um well, I GUESS we should start doing something, right?"


▶️"Excuse me, this guys are all over me! Somebody get rid of them!"

▶️"Do a barrel roll!" - A reference to Peppy Hare, a character in Star Fox 64[2].

▶️"If what I think is happening is happening... it better not be!" - A reference to Fantastic Mr. Fox[3]


▶️"Come to mamma!"

▶️"A, ah... sensible investment."

▶️"A... sensible investment."


▶️"It's coffee time." - A reference to Penny's voice actress, Dodger[4].

▶️"Back to the foxhole."

▶️"Oh sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry..." - A reference to Fox McCloud, the main character in Star Fox 64.


▶️"I am the 36th century fox." - A reference to the 20th Century Fox film studio[5] and the fact that Awesomenauts takes place in the 36th century (year 3587).

▶️"And so it begins..."- A reference to Fantastic Mr. Fox.

▶️"Cunning! Sly! Clever!"

▶️"What did I say again?" - A reference to "What Does the Fox Say?"[6] by Ylvis[7].


▶️"Dodge this!" - Possibly a pun with Penny's voice actress, Dodger.

Drop Pod In

▶️"I am the 36th century fox."

▶️"And so it begins..."

▶️"Cunning! Sly! Clever!"

▶️"What did I say again?"

Drop Pod In (Starstorm)

▶️"I wonder what mysteries I can uncover here..."

Killing Blow

▶️"Here chicky, chicky, chicky, chicky..."

▶️"Dodge this!"

▶️"Oh, marvelous..."

▶️"Outfoxed. Oh yeah!"

▶️"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!" - A reference to a well-known English pangram[8].

▶️"Wombo Combo!" - A reference to Super Smash Bros. Melee's infamous tournament moment.

Killing Spree

▶️"A fox among hounds..."

▶️"I really am a quote-unquote 'fantastic fox'." - A reference to Fantastic Mr. Fox.

▶️"This fox is on fire!" - Possibly a reference to Mozilla Firefox[9].

▶️"Call me Pandora's Fox." - A pun on the mythical Pandora's Box[10].

Being Hit









On Death








▶️"Ohhh Rats..."

Using Pounce

▶️"Fox Pounce!"

▶️"Fox Pounce!"

Using Energy Pulse


▶️"Take this!"


Using Claw





Killing Ted McPain

▶️"We meet again..."

Killing Sentry X-58

▶️"I'm shutting you down, Sentry!"

Killing Skree

▶️"So uncivilized, Skree..." - Possibly a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi[11] on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith[12].


▶️"Ooh, come to mamma!"

Nauts In-Game Look



Default skin.


Default skin.

Desperado Penny (Red)

Desperado Penny. (donated by Douglas)

Desperado Penny (Blue)

Desperado Penny. (donated by Douglas)


Cheerleader Penny. (Donated by Nodja)


Cheerleader Penny. (donated by Nodja)

Minimap Icon

Ui minimap player assassin 0

Scoreboard Icon

Classicon PennyFox

Skin Information

Desperado Penny

UI PortraitCharacter Assassin002 Body

A stranger arrives on horseback at the border town of San Soleres, at the outskirts of the Raki star system. She is taciturn, watchful, and incredibly fast and accurate with her gun, able to outdraw and kill four bandits, out for blood and a quick solar buck, with startling ease. The innkeeper, Silvanito, asks the Stranger to stay in town, offer protection, become the Sherriff. The Stranger politely declines: "I can never call any town home. I'm a drifter, a lone gunfighter. A desperado." - Official Steam Store Description.

This skin gives Penny cowboy clothes, with a poncho and a cowboy hat with a bullet hole. She also has a scar on one of her eyes and is missing a piece of her ear. Her claw glove is replaced by a metallic claw hand, Pounce's flaming fox image is wearing a handkerchief and also has a scarred eye and Energy Pulse becomes similar to a bullet.

Her wrist-mounted gun is replaced by a magnum revolver which she uses to shoot bullet-shaped energy shots.

Cheerleader Penny

UI PortraitCharacter Assassin003 Body

2, 4, 6, 8

Who do we appreciate?

Say it Loud!

Say it proud!

Goooo Awesomenauts! - Official Steam Store Description

This skin gives Penny a cheerleader attire, complete with a miniskirt, a crop top, tennis shoes. She also has a teddy bear, ponytail and a bow on her hair. Her claw glove is replaced by a pon pon, Pounce's flaming fox image wears a football helmet and leaves a flower trail behind her and Energy Pulse looks similar to a pon pon and also leaves a flower trail as it moves.

Her wrist-mounted gun is replaced by a ribbon which she uses to shoot flowers.

Awesomenaut Showcase


  • Penny Fox was the 4th 'naut announced for the Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion as the $290,000 stretch goal of Ronimo Games' kickstarter project.
    • Despite being the 4th Starstorm character to be announced, Penny was the second 'naut of this expansion pack to be released (after Ted McPain and before Sentry X-58)
  • Penny Fox has a number 17 on her clothes. This is a reference to her being the 17th 'naut to be released.
  • Prior to her official name reveal on the 14 of March 2014, Penny Fox was referred to as "Foxy" or "Foxynaut" by Ronimo members.
    • Penny is also the first (and only, to date) Awesomenaut to have been revealed before having an official name.
    • Ronimo considered several names (including Amelia Foxheart) before coming to a final decision. The name Penny was chosen by Fabian, who designed the 'naut in the first place.
  • Penny is the first 'naut since Ayla to not have been released with a premium skin, and the only Starstorm 'naut to have non-premium skins.
  • Penny Fox's theme song is sung by Brandon Delagraentiss, Ted McPain's voice actor.
  • Before her release, Penny's face on her splash art was different, with her eyes giving her a much more "cute" appearance. It was later changed when Patch 2.3 launched, likely based on community feedback.
  • Penny was the first Awesomenaut to be revealed via the Voltar's Vault.
  • Unlike other characters, Penny's killing spree theme does not transition into the base track of the killing spree (in this case, Spanking Stars) and instead ends abruptly.
  • According to an episode of The DropPod, Penny was originally going to be a robot, but was changed into a fox when they decided to ask Dodger to do the voice.
  • Despite the mechanical claw being a recent addition to her attire, it is somehow emblazoned with the same glowing triangle design that is on her belt and hat.
  • Penny's scientific name is Cerdocyon Stellaris.[13] Cerdocyon means she's a carnivorous, mammalian, canine. Stellaris being a reference to Marvel's "Stellaris", a universe trotting Female of unknown species.[14] Penny travels by space-scooter, similar to Stellaris' Skycycle, which was a part of her suit.[15]
  • A walk cycle animaiton of Penny's sillouette with a false "loading..." warning is shown before each Ronimo Games Streamisho. It serves as a "stand by" screen.




Playing As:

  • Charges can be gained by hitting enemies with Claw or by returning to the Shop area.
  • Always keep an eye on your charge count (see below) and plan accordingly. Your skills become more powerful if you spend more charges.



Playing With:

  • Wait for Penny's Energy Pulse to land on enemies, so that you may benefit from its damage amplifying effect.
  • Coordinate with Penny so that when she pounces enemies into your team, you are ready to follow it up for a kill.
  • If you can spare it, let Penny get creeps and droids to replenish her charges.

Playing Against:

  • You can tell if Penny has a ranged attack from Death Lens/Spiderbird Collector Badge ready: She'll be pointing her gun in her animation.
  • Use crowd control effects that affect movement to counter Penny's great speed and vertical mobility.
  • Be careful not to overextend against Penny and get knocked into the enemy team.
  • If affected by the amplify damage from Energy Pulse it may be better to stay a safer distance from your enemies until the debuff wears off.
  • The best moment to approach Penny is when she has no charges available, but beware as it is easy for her to regain them.
  • If you can bait Energy Pulse, Penny will lose a large portion of her damage, the amplify debuff and most/all her charges. Take advantage of the slight firing delay and slow speed of the projectile.