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Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade f copy Pete Jennirks from Galactic News [edit] Item 5 solar 20i0

Decreases the speed of Slow-mo Shot.

When the war between the Ones and Zeroes first started, Peter was there.

Upgrade Lv1
Speed -20%

Pete Jennirks from Galactic News is an upgrade for IconCharactermaxFocus copyMax Focus' UI Skillbutton maxFocus SlowmoShot copySlow-mo Shot.

Description[ | ]

Reduces the projectile speed of slow-mo shot by 20%, making it 5.6 in total. This helps keep enemies within the area of effect for a longer time.

In-Game Look[ | ]

Petejennirksfromgalacticnews1 Petejennirksfromgalacticnews2

Trivia[ | ]

  • This upgrade is a reference to the late Peter Jennings[1], the anchor of the ABC World News Tonight[2] from 1983 to 2005.
  • The art contains an error. The packaging on top says "Walter" despite his actual name being "Pete".

References[ | ]