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UI Skillbutton Spy Attack

Photon Mine Launcher [edit]
Warbots from the X-58 line come with a high powered photon mine launcher.
Direct damage 85 (133.45)
Mine damage 70 (109.9)
Attack Speed 90.9
Time 2s
Range 6.8
Explosion Size 3.4
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 1 Not So Serious Tank [edit] Item 5 solar 160

Increases the damage of photon mines.

"It has a dolphin on the back..."

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage +14% +28%
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 2 Tactical Vest [edit] Item 5 solar 205

Adds a lifestealing effect to photon mines.

"Room for all your tools, oil and Zurian mechanics."

Upgrade Lv1
Lifesteal +18%
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 4 Dog Tags [edit] Item 5 solar 215

Increases the attack speed of photon mine launcher.

"They look cool but they are useless, you are a dispensable warbot..."

Upgrade Lv1
Attack Speed +20%
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 3 Camouflage Tent [edit] Item 5 solar 175

Increases the speed and range of photon mines.

"Specifically designed for the surface of the sun."

Upgrade Lv1
Projectile speed +18%
Range +18%
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 5 Drive-Over Skulls [edit] Item 5 solar 165

Increases the radius of photon mine explosions.

"Now with extra crunchy sounds"

Upgrade Lv1
Radius +60%
Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 6 Counter Intelligence Cross [edit] Item 5 solar 200

Photon mines will start to home on enemies over a short distance after time out.

"Awarded to the most non-intelligent bots in the field."

Upgrade Lv1
Time 2s
Range 6.4
Homing mine damage -50%
Homing 5000

Description[ | ]

Sentry shoots mines which explode on contact with an enemy or if enough time has passed, dealing damage. Mines float mid-air when they reach maximum range.

In-Game Look[ | ]