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Determines where players and bots will be able to respawn.

Field Description Possible values Type
team The team allowed to use the respawn point. TEAM_ZERO, TEAM_ONE, TEAM_NONE (You can put multiples values separated by a space) Text
startPositionType Determines the type of spawn point. DroppodLandingArea seems to be created automatically at the respawnCollisionHeight Text
availabilityInfluencedBy The name of a button. It is only possible to use the respawn point if the button associated is pressed. Text
isRandomSpawnInNeutralZone When enabled the object will be a random spawn point for when random spawn positions are enabled Yes / No
isFirstSpawnStartPosition When enabled the object will be the first place the players will spawn Yes / No
respawnCollisionHeight The Y coordinate where the droppod should explode. Number

Additional notes[ | ]

  • You have to set respawnCollisionHeight to determines where droppod will explode.
  • If there's only one spawn point it will be used by everyone (even if the associated button isn't pressed or if the player is in the opposite team)
  • You can't change the width of the "drop pod zone"