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UI Skillbutton Crumple Leap

Power Lunge [edit]
In true Bovinian fashion, lunge into enemies and cause an explosive burst that deals damage.
Damage 300 (471)
Cooldown 7s
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade a Red Asteroid Horn Polish [edit] Item 5 solar 135

Reduces the cooldown of power lunge.

A brand of horn polish set up by the famous Bovinion hero: Red Asteroid.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Cooldown -0.8s -1.6s
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade b Muscular-Posing Oil [edit] Item 5 solar 150

Increases the range of power lunge.

Made for intergalactic posing contests, but can also be used to oil robots and vikings.

Upgrade Lv1
Range +25%
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade d Holotech Kickboxing Gloves [edit] Item 5 solar 160

Increases the damage of power lunge.

Makes your knuckles as powerful as a bull ram and protects them from blasts as strong as dynamite.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage +12% +24%
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade c Weighted Nose Ring [edit] Item 5 solar 145

Reduce the damage output of enemies hit by power lunge.

A sign of Bovinian masculinity. Not suitable for use on anything but the nose.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage -12% -24%
Duration 2s 2s
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade e Rodeo-Red Lenses [edit] Item 5 solar 200

When performing a Power Lunge out of Protective Pose, the shield will explode. This breaks the shield.

Everything is red! Must... destroy...

Upgrade Lv1
Damage 180 (282.6)
Shop icons crumple skill a upgrade f McPain Odor-Blocking Bodywash [edit] Item 5 solar 180

Increases the knockback power of power lunge.

"Anything is possible when you smell like McPain. I'm on a unicorn."

Upgrade Lv1
Knockback +200%

Description[ | ]

Deadlift leaps in an aimable arc, dealing damage and knocking enemies back in a small area upon colliding with them. The effect also applies to nearby enemies if he hits terrain.

In-Game Look[ | ]