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Playing As:[ | ]

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Both Yoolip and his target will be very vulnerable during Gripping Gaze. You can be of assistance by protecting him from his other enemies or by trying to finish off his target.
  • Generally, staying around Yoolip is a good idea, as he provides a lot of offensive and defensive bonuses for those around him. Definitely Not Butter, Dino Poop and Lab Rats are good examples of this.
  • Save your hard-to-aim burst for when Yoolip uses Gripping Gaze. It essentially guarantees the damage.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Avoid walking alone at all costs and be specially careful of overextending or chasing Yoolip. His Gripping Gaze can lock you down near his friends or a turret and quickly turn the tables on you.
  • Yoolip can be dangerous even while low on health, depending on his upgrades, as several of them are aimed at regaining health.
  • The best time to attack Yoolip is perhaps when he uses Gripping Gaze on one of your teammates, as he himself is stunned by it as well, becoming vulnerable.
  • Yoolip's dinos can be dangerous, but are slow-moving. Get out of their way or jump above them, but be wary, as he might be using Holo Pet Food to counter this.
  • If you are a close combat character, consider waiting for Gripping Gaze to target someone else or even better, miss the target so you can approach Yoolip much more safely.
  • If you have Knockback available, consider saving it for Yoolip when he uses Gripping Gaze. If Yoolip is sent too far away from his target the Gaze will end early, so you might save your allies.