Awesomenauts Wiki

Pushers are 'nauts whose greatest strength is to quickly destroy droids and turrets. They accomplish this by having a low cooldown AoE damaging ability, something that can take damage on their behalf, or a combination of both. Pushers are invaluable to any team they are in, being able to assist the group in taking out turrets faster or working alone and attack a turret in a different lane.

Common pusher traits[ | ]

  • Abilities that can kill multiple targets at once, ususally on a low cooldown.
  • Abilities that can damage turrets effectively.
  • Indirect tanking.

Traditional pushers[ | ]

Lonestar is the only pusher in Awesomenauts as of this moment. Every single one of his abilities can assist him in doing that. Dynamite kills droids easily, specially with upgrades such as An Extra Stick and Mister TNT, while bull allows him to get a few shots without fear of retaliation and even damage the turret with Bull Charger. Finally, his blaster, when properly upgraded assists him greatly in damaging structures.

Other pushers[ | ]

The role of pushing is available to many 'nauts depending on their upgrades.

Genji, for instance, can use Storm Drum, The Last Pieridae Transformae and Prefab Cocoons to do it.

Raelynn can improve their pushing power dramatically by using just one upgrade (T-800 Dome, in this case).

Coco's Shock Attack can be upgraded to do incredible damage to turrets, and she is excellent for killing droids with Shock Attack (which does AoE damage so multiple droids can be attacked at once) and Ball, as well as slowing waves of droids with Blaze.

Many other 'nauts can push well too.