Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton qitara Warp

Chakram Shift [edit]
Throw out a chakram that deals damage and sticks to enemy nauts. You can warp to an attached chakram with a second press, dealing area damage and leaving another chakram behind, which you can then teleport back to with a third press, dealing damage upon returning.
Chakram damage 180 (282.6)
Shift damage 180 (282.6)
Duration 3.5s
Cooldown 9s

UI Skillbutton qitara Attack

Poisonous Blade [edit]
Slash and inflict a stacking poison onto your enemies.
Damage 50 (78.5)
Damage over time 65 (102.05)
Duration 4s
Attack speed 150

UI Skillbutton qitara Flurry

Seven Star Strike [edit]
Temporarily increase your movement and attack speed and make your poisonous blade attacks affect targets in an area. Also increases the damage and duration of the damage over time effect.
Attack speed +30%
Damage over time +100%
Damage over time duration +100%
Duration 3s
Cooldown 12s
Lifesteal 10%

UI Skillbutton qitara Jump

Chilasi Robe-powered Double Jump [edit]
Chilasi Robe-powered Double Jump
Jumps 2