Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Don't worry about opponents hiding behind droids: Chakram Shift will pierce through them and hit the Awesomenaut behind them.
  • You can't shift back to a Chakram while taking damage, so pick your fights carefully.
  • Chakram Shift deals damage when striking enemies and in both shifts. You can stay close to an enemy and quickly shift to deal all the damage at once to a single target.
  • Consider Gunpowder Box and/or Peel Off Face Mask when trying to shift a teamfight in your favor.
  • Qi'Tara needs to stay close to her targets in order to be effective. Upgrades such as Laser Lipstick, Mobile Fryer and Chilasi Chakram can help you achieve that.
  • Seven Star Strike enables you to attack targets in an area. It can be used to more effectively clear lanes or against multiple stacked opponents.
  • Consider purchasing Salty Seal and/or Baby Plumbmin Oil for much needed survavibility.
  • Poisonous Blade has a small hitbox: try to be precise when attacking enemies.
  • Lily Of The Isle can make your attacks safer, eliminating the need to stay close to an enemy for a while.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Qi'Tara lacks any form of crowd control. Allies with crowd control, particularly ones that prevent movement can greatly help her.
  • Qi'Tara does not have a lot of health, if you can, protect her from the enemy team or use defensive abilities such as shields.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Most of Qi'Tara's damage comes in form of Damage Over Time. Upgrades that grant you healing, lifesteal or even additional health will severely hamper her ability to kill you.
  • Qi'Tara is very vulnerable to damage over time herself, since it prevents her from using the teleport component of Chakram Shift to return to her chakram.
  • Qi'Tara has very low health, meaning burst damage can quickly kill her or force her to retreat. Crowd control makes this tactic even more effective.