Awesomenauts Wiki

A Raelynn build meant to support teamwork by harassing, and weakening, the enemy team. 

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Time Rift____________________________________________________________________

Retro Spaceship: Adds more time for your escape.

T-800 Dome: Droids are great for supporting the team. Turrets will be distracted by them.

The HC-Bomb: It will give you that tiny extra oomph to hit the enemy with.


Pump Riffle: Extra damage. How could that not be useful?

Casettedeck Magazine: Faster cooldown will get more shots in the time you have before running.

Gryc Lubricator: You will now be able to reach most enemies from bushes and behind turrets.


Skull Bracelet

Unknown Alien Hand

Joe Doll.


Denny's Boots: Great For Getaways!

Solar Tree: This Build requires upgrades to be good.

Piggy Bank: For a little extra support at the beginning of the match.

Purchase Order[ | ]

1. Piggy Bank. 2. Solar Tree. 3. DENNY'S BOOTS. 4. Buy a mixture of Snipe Upgrades and Time Rift. 5. If time allows, buy protoblaster upgrades.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

You are here to harass the enemy team. Meaning you are in, and out. A good strategy it to use your snipe ability to grab someone's attention, then run with your denny's boots. They will most likely chase you if your alone. Have them follow you to your teammates or into a turret. Your time rift is an amazing way to slow them down. Place one right behind you so the enemy runs through it. You can get a snipe in during this time. Join into giant fights and use your snipe. The casettedeck magizine alows shorter cooldown so it is easy to do a lot of damage with the support of your teammates.