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Welcome! This guide will show you how to effectively play as Raelynn with only her four basic upgrades for each category. This loadout is great for both noobs and people who just increased their prestige. There is a pro loadout listed as well as a true noob one. Comment on this and ask if you want another Noobnaut guide!

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

  • Timerift:  Retro Spaceship/T-800 Dome (for pros), Higgs Grenade, Nuclear Warhead.
  • Snipe:  Pump Rifle, Casettedeck Magazine, Flashy Glasses. 
  • Protoblaster:  Monkey Hand/Unknown Alien Hand (for pros), Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Skull Bracelet.
  • Standard: Power Pills Turbo, Piggy Bank (if you have it)/Med-i'-can, Denny's Boots.

Purchase Order[ | ]

Purchases for Raelynn will be clumped into spending sprees, but if you don't have enough money for all of them, buy them in the order shown. Solar costs will be shown as well so you know when you have enough for the spree.

Initial Spree: Piggy Bank (+150), Snipe (135), Denny's Boots (155), Monkey Hand (75)/Unknown Alien Hand (210) Noob total: 215 solar. Pro total: 350 solar. (Gather a bit of Solar on the way down and you'll have enough for the noob loadout.)       
2nd Spree: Flashy Glasses (100), Pump Rifle x1 (175), Med-i'-can x2 (240) (if you have it.) Noob total: 275 Solar. Pro total: 515 Solar. 
3rd Spree:  Pump Rifle x2 (350), Casettedeck Magazine x2 (330), Lucky Cat Air Freshener x2(390). Total: 1070 Solar. (Whoa!)
4th Spree: Timerift (135), Power Pills Turbo x3 (405), Higgs Grenade (155). Total: 695 Solar. 
Final Spree: Retro Spaceship x2 (370)/T-800 Dome x2 (420), Nuclear Warhead x3 (525), Skull Bracelet x2 (310). Noob Total: 1,205 Solar.(Good luck on one-running that!) Pro Total: 1,255 Solar.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

This Noobnaut is basically a support character until you can stand on your own two feet. Stay near your teammates in the early game, say between spending sprees 1 and 3. Try and last-hit enemies to get the Monkey Hand bonus. Snipe escaping enemies, but stay back! You aren't that good in a straight-up fight. keep near your teamates and run if you are targeted! After fully upgrading Snipe, stay near (and behind!) a turret. You can use Snipe's penetration to shoot attacking enemies with droids in front of them. (Shoot the droids for good measure, too.) You can be brave and come out, but don't blame the guide if you die. The reason Timerift is acquired late is because its main use is to let you escape once a turret breaks. It is not an offensive technique, so use Snipe! You should also use your protoblaster on enemies out in the field, but again, use Snipe whenever possible.    

Pro tips:  Only use the Unknown Alien Hand if you are confident in your killing abilities.Monkey Hand generates more Solar.

Droids are nice, but this is mainly an escape tactic and such droids are mostly unnecessary.

General tips:

This build works best with strong allies. Do not use Raelynn with a Voltar and a Yuri! 
Use human teammates. you can chat to convey plans.

Do not use the pro loadout if you are a noob! The noob loadout introduces players to what Raelynn can do, the pro one enhances her! Don't be ashamed to be a noob. That situation is temporary. Thank you for reading, and once again, if you want another Noobnauts guide, just ask for the character and I will make it! Now go be awesome and own the people who have not read this!