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Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Row 1: Pump Rifle, Flashy Glasses, Iron Rifle

Row 2: Nuclear Warhead, Retro Spaceship, Higgs Grenade/1.21 Gigawatt Battery

Row 3: Skull Necklace, Unknown Alien Hand/Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Receding Ponytail

Utility: Power Pills Turbo, Denny's Boots, Piggy Bank?

Purchase Order[ | ]

At the start of the match, you will purchase Piggy Bank, Boots, Snipe, and Flashy Glasses. If you hit a majority of the solar on the way down, you will be able to purchase these without waiting for solar. After getting around 300~ solar, pickup Time Rift and Nuclear Warhead. Continue to upgrade Warhead, until it is maxed out. At this point, you can either buy Retro Spaceship or the 3rd upgrade you choose, height and duration are very good upgrades, and you can do well with either of them. Just be sure to max out your rift, as all of these in conjunction are very devastating. After Time Rift is maxed, focus on maxing health if you have not already. Then focus on the Proto-Blaster. You should buy Receding Ponytail and Unknown Alienhand first, though it does not matter the particular order you buy those two in. Top it off with Skull Necklace. You should only have Snipe Damage Upgrades now. Buy those when you can, but don't feel like you need to do it ASAP.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

- At the start of the game, use your snipe as often as you can to farm solar. It will turn a profit, and provide a 35 piercing shot for early game, which isn't bad. Your best targets are pairs of droids. Each hit will give you ~2 solar, so it's in your best interest to hit as much as possible.

- Once your Time Rift becomes a threat, it's placement is crucial, and can be hard to get a hold of its trajectory. When you are dropping a rift, you are not trying to land on people, because about 90% of the time, you will miss, unless it is a Derpl, and even then, you still have to aim. Time Rift is meant to provide an area where your opponent cannot go, forcing them to stay in an area, or get punished trying to leave.

- The the third upgrade for Time Rift is flexible, because they both are very effective. Height can seal off entire areas, while duration allows you to stack Time Rifts, making anything stuck in them as good as dead.

- You are NOT a brawler. On your own, you will get destroyed. While you are not as team dependent as a Voltar, you should not fight anything on your own, unless you are very confident you can come out unscathed.

- Be careful of other Nauts while Sniping. Leon and Froggy G can stun you mid-snipe, and render it useless (And still puts it on Cooldown!). Clunk will Insta-Gib you if he catches you Sniping in a position he can explode on you in.

- If, by chance, you catch someone in a Rift, unload your Blaster into them, as they can do nothing about it except try to run.

--Joerachi (talk) 04:20, November 25, 2012 (UTC)