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Hello, welcome to my guide for Raelynn.

Before starting I should let you know now that this is no way the optimal way of building her, but it sure is fun!...In my opinion anyway. I have played Awesomenauts for roughly 50+ hours (On Console/PC) and this is my first time actually creating a guide, I will try and edit it regularly if needed, now onto the actual guide!  


Recommended Loadout[ | ]

 This is Loadout I will use for this guide. It is heavily focused on damage and a little bit of durability with Power Pills, I sacrificed boots for the three listed below because I feel that she shouldn't get caught out... EVER... BUT if she does then the Power Pills will help you last while your team comes to the rescue.

Time Rift - Nuclear Warhead, Retro Spaceship, 1.21 Gigawatt Battery.

Snipe - Pump Rifle, Iron Rifle, Gryc lubricator.

Proto Blaster - Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Joe Doll, Receding Ponytail

Utility - Power Pills, Piggy Bank, Solar Tree

Pro's -  Heavy poke damage from "Snipe".

         If used correctly, could force people out of lanes.

         High utility from Time Rift with added timer and slow.

         Her sniper rifle is called "Cuddles"

Con's - Easy to catch out of position (No boots so no mobility)

         She is pretty squishy even with three stacks on Power Pills

         You need to get regular hit's with Snipe or it will not strike fear to the enemy's.

Purchase Order[ | ]

 Here's the purchase order I chose for the guide.

Solar Tree 1/1 + Piggy Bank 1/1 + Snipe 1/1 + Pump Rifle 1/3 =

100 + 135 + 175 - 150 = 260

You should have this by the time droid's spawn, if you are missing a small amount of solar then grab a few lying around and let the solar tree kick in.

Pump Rifle 3/3 + Iron Rifle 1/1 =

175 + 175 + 300 = 650

You should rush both these items as soon as possible, it puts your "Snipe" to a 70 damage 9second cooldown destroyer of worlds, getting this early will make your enemy's think twice on buying items that don't help their durability.

- Gryc Lubricator 1/2 / Power Pills 2/3 / Time Rift =

180 + 270 + 135 = 585

After rushing the damage of "Snipe" to max, you need some durability, range and a little slow. Grab each of these in any order. 

I would recommend not maxing Gryc Lubricator as you don't really need that amount of range, sometimes it helps but I find it is better to get other items, I normally leave Power Pills at two stacks unless I feel threatened by someone on the other team, Time Rift is a must have.

 - Nuclear Warhead 3/3 =

175 + 175 + 175 = 525

Max this after the above step, THIS IS A MUST. The damage from this is insane and allows you to be a very big threat towards late game; combined with your "Snipe" they will not want to get in your way.

 - 'Retro Space Ship 2/2 / 1.21 Gigawatt Battery 1/1 / Gryc Lubricator 2/2 / Power Pills 3/3 '=

(185 + 185) + 190 + 180 + 135 = 875

Max these however you want, I prefer to go in the order that is shown above, but this can vary from the situation you are in.

 - Lucky Cat / Joe Doll / Receding Ponytail

These will not be used unless it is VERY late in the game or you are very fed. Dont bother with these, they are hand picked for additional damage but it is highly unlikely you will need it.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

This is how I like to play Raelynn + some tips


During this stage where everyone just spawned in I prefer to play very defensively, sitting behind the minion line and just shoot at anything that moves, just slowly feeding myself till I max out "Snipe's" damage.

-- MID GAME --

Your "Snipe's" damage is maxed and now Raelynn is starting to shine, during this part of the game I will still kill off the minion's to feed myself but now I will always take a shot at the enemy awesomenauts, the full 70 damage is really scary, if you constantly land your "Snipe" you could actually phychologically make them fear you, this is very good as this could force them to build durability earlier which means they sacrifice damage... OR if they still invest in more damage and act like normal then you can punish them. Take advantage of this if it happens.

-- Late Game --

This is where you have the additional range, increased durability and "Time Rift" with "Nuclear Warhead". During this part of the game tower's would obviously be gone and you will not be as safe as you would during earlier the game, I will play aggressively during this part of the game, but also always keeping an eye out on the map from ganks, constantly push with your "Snipe" and "Time Rift" and when an enemy awesomenaut runs at you, throw out your Time Rift to slow and if they continue to follow you "Snipe" and then run, never get in the middle of a fight and just help out your team by throwing your cooldown's. Push for the win, and if that doesn't happen you can still defend very well.

Tip's and Trick's

- When you are in a teamfight throw out your "Time Rift" and "Snipe" as soon as possible as it allows the cooldown of the next "Time Rift" or "Snipe" come faster.

- Snipe can be activated quicker by left clicking, some people dont know this and wait for the "Snipe" to go off automatically, dont make this mistake as it cut's the charge by about a second or two.

- "Time Rift" can be used many different ways, Pushing, Aggressive and Escaping.

When Pushing, throw the "Time Rift" right on top on where both the minions will engage, this will make full use of the DoT (Damage over Time) effect.

When Aggressively using Time Rift try and throw it in the direction of the enemy base, by doing so this protects yourself if the enemy is going to jump at you, the slow effect and DoT will give you some thinking time on what your next actions are, "Snipe" or just straight up run away.

When Escaping you want to throw the "Time Rift" towards your base, you will be able to run through it just fine while the enemy awesomenaut will have the slow and DoT if they chase, this normally stops them from chasing completely OR they will jump over it, to prevent this when running away try to find a small ceiling area you can run to and throw your "Time Rift" in there as it limit's the enemy's jump.

--Holygreil (talk) 20:54, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for putting the time into reading my guide on Raelynn, feedback would be excellent and hope you all have a great day.

- Dezzer