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Raelynn is set up to not necessarily charge at turrets. If you are the type of person who can't help running at a turret then this build is for you.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]


  • Iron Rifle: This is always good to have so that you can finish off any foes scrambling back to their base with low health.
  • Casettedeck Magazine: This makes it so that you can get more shots off at the pesky droids preventing you from attacking the turret.
  • Laserpointer: This allows you to get a small advantage for a quick get away in case that turret takes more health than you feel comfortable with enemies coming towards you. Blind then run!


  • T-800 Dome: This is the key to this build. With it you don't have to wait for your droids to catch up with you because you have your own mobile one.
  • HC-Bomb: This upgrade will give you extra damage boostfor when you are trying to grind that turret down as much as possible.
  • Nuclear Warhead: Enemy droids preventing yours from attacking the turret? This will help to keep them at bay.


  • Unknown Alien Hand: This allows you to attack the enemy while still hitting the turret.
  • Receding Ponytail: Adds more damage to ensure that the turret is going to come down.
  • Skull Bracelet: This combines with the other damage boost to max out damage against the turret


  • Power Pills Turbo: This upgrade will allow you to take more hits and give you a better chance at making it back alive.
  • Denny's Boots: The spped boost really helps getting to and from the turrets without a lot of unwanted attention.
  • Solar Tree: The solar tree is a must have since there are no other upgrades in this build that could give you the solar necessary to upgrade

Purchase Order[ | ]

This is the recommended order although it depends on how the game is playing out for what would be the best option.

  1. Solar tree
  2. Timerift
  3. T-800 1/2
  4. Power Pills Turbo 1/3
  5. Denny's Boots
  6. Snipe
  7. Nuclear Warhead 1/3
  8. Power Pills Turbo 2/3
  9. T-800 2/2
  10. Laserpointer
  11. Unknown Alien Hand
  12. Power Pills Turbo 3/3
  13. Casettedeck Magazine 1/2
  14. Nuclear Warhead 2/3
  15. Iron Rifle
  16. Skull bracelet 1/2
  17. Receding Ponytail
  18. Nuclaer Warhead 3/3
  19. Skull Bracelet 2/2

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

  • Use your teammates. If there is an enemy, lay down your timerift so that your teammates can all get together to attack.
  • When an enemy is in your timerift be patient to snipe. This will knock them out of your timerift.
  • If an enemy gets in front of your timerift try using the snipe's knockback to knock them into the timerift again.
  • Running away is always an option. Ignore the enemy taunts and get out of there if you health is low!
  • If an enemy is within your turret's range, trap them in a timerift to do massive damage.
  • When attacking a turret always make sure to leave before the enemy has a chance to get over and block your escape.