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This loadout is designed to obtain all of the upgrades as quickly as possible. This is usable from very early levels

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Snipe: Either Damage Upgrade, 10% Solar on Hit, and either Cooldown or Range Upgrade

Timerift: Any three upgrades of your choice, preferrable including the Duration upgrade

Protoblaster: Piercing Upgrade, either Damage Upgrade, and Range Upgrade or Bonus Solar on Kill Upgrade

Utility: Movement Upgrade, First Health Upgrade, and Piggy Bank

Purchase Order[ | ]

Immediately purchase the movement upgrade and the Snipe ability, using the Piggy Bank. Then, rush over and collect some of the solar around the map until you have 100 solar to purchase Flashy Glasses. Next, upgrade the damage and cooldown of the Snipe ability, purchasing Timerift after maxing the upgrades on Snipe. Then, buy the Protoblaster upgrades and the health upgrades, finishing Timerift after acquiring several upgrades in your blaster.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

After obtaining Flashy Glasses, make sure to use your Snipe ability whenever off cooldown and use it on as many droids as possible to maximize the solar gains, preferrably while hitting enemy Awesomenauts at the same time. Early game, focus on blasting down droid waves, last hitting when possible, and engaging the enemy using your Snipe, closing in if a kill is possible. Once the Snipe ability has maximum upgrades, it will be able to easily clear waves and counter-push, allowing you to accumulate even more gold for the remaining upgrades. Remember that with the cooldown upgrades on Snipe, you can afford to spam the skill on droids and enemy Awesomenauts, even if it does not result in a kill.

--Jetstorm395 (talk) 07:47, November 21, 2012 (UTC)